Let’s take stock of what we have achieved and look at the new and exciting ways to stay entertained during the lockdown.

Give it a go! Check out our list of fun and exciting new ways to have fun in your free time.

Learn How to Code

It’s not the first thing your mind probably jumps to when someone says “fun”, but coding creates all the computer software in the world and the way you learn coding can be applied to any other language in the world and any kind of site review.

So, whether it’s HTML or Malbolge, learning just one coding language is sure to occupy plenty of your time and leave you navigating your way around the internet in a whole new way.

Once you’ve mastered this addictive skill you could move on to an online game with coding in mind: Minecraft.

Minecraft played on Xbox or PS4 has had an upgrade – this 2009 game encourages the player to learn to code, to build the game as they go along: this can be multiplayer. In 2020 Minecraft is a cult game that looks the same in its old-school style layout but updated with lots more cool gameplay features.

Join The Pub Quiz

That sort of gaming not for you? Then let’s try an online pub quiz; some of these are actually held in pubs and run by pub landlords. Facebook is usually the place to find a quiz: most are free to join and some have prizes.

You can start your own pub quiz and here are a few questions and answers to get you started,

How many colours are there on the South African flag? Answer 6; or who wrote The Colour Purple? This famously iconic book was written by Alice Walker.

What about, how many countries are there in the world? The answer is 195. I didn’t know that! But this one is my all-time favourite – What is the most common colour of toilet paper in France? The answer is pink, who knew?

You get the idea, and if you’re super-clever, you could make up your own questions and become a pub quiz sensation.

Take up photography

So much of the world is changing every single day. Thinking about where we all were a year ago and now – it’s like we’re living on a different planet.

Capture the moments that mean something to you with your new hobby – photography! You don’t need a professional camera as the one on your iPhone will work perfectly.

Then go outside and find what interests you. It might be trees, animals or the urban jungle that makes up the city around you. With fewer people walking around, the world really is your oyster to go and explore with your photography. Upload the shots to Instagram or Pinterest and share your creativity.

Edit video professionally

Whether you already know how to edit video on a professional programme or not, diving into the world of graphics and film is one of the most distracting hobbies you could do right now. And who doesn’t need a little distraction every now and then?

Remember all those childhood movies you mum and dad took on their large video camera? All those shots of you with ice cream all over your face; or when you fell in the river with your clothes on? All these precious memories need not go to waste with an online course.

Enrolling onto an online course is the easiest it’s ever been as well if you haven’t tried to edit video professionally before. Just by logging onto your laptop, there are hundreds of courses available for you to find – everything from creating special effects from home to editing video for a film.

Don’t fancy all that why not do something relaxing?

Jigsaw like a demon

The rise of the popularity of the jigsaw has surprised many. No longer the sole domain of the older person. Jigsaws are hot property, with some unusual designs selling well on auction sites, and well-known retailers unable to re-stock fast enough. So why exactly has this happened?

Put the blame on the jigsaw clubs on Instagram and Facebook who have made this pastime cool and, in turn, the appeal has trickled down the generations.

Sharing photos of your completed or even incomplete puzzle has created a stir no-one would have expected. But that’s not the only reason.

Therapists say focusing on detail helps relaxation. The no-pressure environment with a creative payoff counters the effect of anxiety, giving a sense of control in an unpredictable world. Of course, this is only true if all the pieces are there! If you’re not into jigsaws, I have some other suggestions.

Take up painting

There are hours of fun tutorials on YouTube Everyone from Grayson Perry to David Hockney has taken turns on YouTube to try to teach one how to paint. Real painting with real paints is messy, I prefer the digital kind.

So, add some flair to those lines and angles with digital painting. By using a computer programme, you’ll be able to choose whatever colour and brush style you like. You can work your way through loads of scenes and portraits, either from your own imagination or from life.

Whatever you decide to do, tell people about it. Go online and show your talents, you never know where it may lead you.

How to break a losing streak – khelo365

“Failure is the pillar of success”, is the most common saying which is applicable in every aspects of our life. Likewise, in poker, you don’t always have to win to be successful. In fact, it’s not always about winning but losing at some point to realize the advantages and the disadvantages of the sport. 

This article will exactly tell you why you need to “take a break” if you are on a losing streak and how you should act when you are not at your best hands. 

Get some air:

A poker player should know when to take breaks in between because our brain will not be able to cope with the stress and hence end up making silly mistakes and taking wrong decisions. At a certain point of time we need to walk away from the table or shut down our computer and mobile phones and try to calm our mind by taking a walk or getting some sound sleep. That way, our mind will be at ease and we’ll be able to make the right decisions and to play poker you have to have a stable mind to win.

Learn the lesson:

One of the most significant thing you can do during your poker breaks would be, to reflect back on how you played during your losing streak. This will enable you to correct your wrong moves and also help you change your game strategy and not stay fixated. Maybe you’ve just been too laser-focused on a particular style of play and it isn’t working out for you, or maybe one or two of your opponents seem to have a good read on you and are correctly predicting your moves more often than not – either way, you’ve got to break the patterns to break the jinx.

Walk away:

“The only winning move is not to play.” That’s the central concept behind the famous 1983 movie War Games, but it can apply to poker too. Sometimes, you’re just too mentally exhausted or burnt out to turn things around, and it’s up to you to realize when you’ve crossed this point of no return. When you do, it’s in your best interests to just call it a day. Look, you can come back in an hour or two, or the next day – poker isn’t going anywhere, you’ll have your chance to play!

In the sport of poker, sometimes you have to lose to win and this is exactly why taking a break is as equally important as investing in poker. Losing a game or two is natural, and in the game of poker, an individual should be able to turn their loss in a profitable way. 

In a game of poker, never play with the concept of trying to win back what you lost because it will only turn the other way round, and in the end you might even lose your entire bankroll. Therefore, taking breaks in between is one of the most efficient ways to stay be able to stay in the game in the long-run. 


“Disappointment is the mainstay of progress”, is the most widely recognized saying which is appropriate in each part of our life. In like manner, in poker, you don’t generally need to win to be fruitful. Actually, it’s not constantly about winning but rather losing sooner or later to understand the favorable circumstances and the weaknesses of the game. 

This article will precisely reveal to you why you have to “enjoy a reprieve” in the event that you are on a losing streak and how you should act when you are not at your best hands. 

Get some air: 

A poker player should realize when to take breaks in the middle of in light of the fact that our mind won’t have the option to adapt to the pressure and subsequently wind up settling on senseless slip-ups and taking incorrectly choices. At one point of time we have to leave the table or close down our PC and cell phones and attempt to quiet our brain by going for a stroll or getting some solid rest. That way, our mind will be calm and we’ll have the option to settle on the correct choices and to play poker you must have a steady personality to win. 

Learn the exercise: 

One of the most noteworthy thing you can do during your poker breaks would be, to consider back how you played during your losing streak. This will empower you to address your off-base moves and furthermore assist you with changing your game procedure and not remain focused. Perhaps you’ve quite recently been too laser-centered around a specific style of play and it isn’t working out for you, or possibly a couple of your adversaries appear to have a decent perused on you and are effectively foreseeing your moves as a rule – in any case, you must break the examples to break the curse. 

Walk away: 

“The main winning move isn’t to play.” That’s the focal idea driving the well known 1983 motion picture War Games, however it can apply to poker as well. At times, you’re simply excessively intellectually depleted or wore out to make something happen, and it’s dependent upon you to acknowledge when you’ve crossed this final turning point. At the point when you destroy, it’s your eventual benefits to simply consider it daily. See, you can return an hour or two, or the following day – poker isn’t going anyplace, you’ll get your opportunity to play! 

In the game of poker, at times you need to lose to win and this is actually why taking a break is as similarly significant as putting resources into poker. Losing a game or two is common, and in the round of poker, an individual ought to have the option to turn their misfortune in a productive manner. 

In a round of poker, never play with the idea of attempting to win back what you lost since it will just turn the other path round, and at last you may even lose your whole bankroll. In this way, taking breaks in the middle of is one of the most productive approaches to remain have the option to remain in the game over the long haul.

The casino is more like an amusement park for adults where gaming activities are being carried out. However, gambling is the major activity in many of the casinos today.

It involves investing a certain amount of money on a certain prediction. A successful prediction indicates wins with more profit while an unsuccessful prediction indicated loss of invested money.

Many casino players have failed for reasons unknown to them. They believe it is just about predicting. Casino involves an interplay of numerous factors. Schmitts Online Casino has helped in compiling 4 reasons why casino players fail, they include the following:

  • Lack of Understanding of The Rules

This is the major reason why casino players fail. This is because they believe rules are general. It should be known however that each game varies in rules. In fact, rules vary from country to country or even between different casinos. For example, using the same rule for Blackjack and Blackjack Switch leads to failure. One way to curb this is to familiarise oneself with the rules guiding the game.

  • Playing The Wrong Game

Some casino players fail because they play games they are not comfortable with. Failure follows when the game is tedious or hard to appreciate. It is difficult not to know the rules and play the right game. For instance, some players opt-in for the American version of Roulette with its double zero pockets. This implies failure as they increase the house edge by 3% as compared to opting for the European or French version.

  • Intoxicated, Yet Gambling

Research has shown that excessive consumption of alcohol reduces the thinking capacity of the consumer. Some players are fond of drinking while playing. This makes them place the wrong bet, thereby losing. In addition, drinking alcohol is a form of distraction in a game. For example, slowing down in the croupier denotes total failure. Croupiers are known for their fast dealings. Therefore, stay away from alcohol in order to increase your winning chances in casino games.

  • Falling For Gambler’s Fallacy

Gambler’s fallacy believes that an outcome is more likely to occur in the future because the opposite has been occurring frequently. Some players fall into this fallacy thereby losing them chances. The truth is that the other way round is also possible; an outcome might occur soon if it hasn’t happened for a while. Players should know that each spin is independent of the spin before or after it. Gambling is a game of mathematics and not in any way related to previous outcomes

There are many reasons why casino players fail. Some of them also include playing outside your bankroll, ignoring optimum strategies, trusting betting systems, playing with real money without trial, playing at unlicensed casinos, etc. It is important for players to be extra cautious while playing.

This will help increase their winning chances. Not everyone makes mistake in casino games,  those that know the way and put it into action don’t. Don’t fall for any of the above tricks and you will be on top of the game.

You should never break this rule: Buy your cigars only from a trusted professional local retailer or a reputable online tobacconist store where you can get good pipe tobacco online. This rule can never be over emphasized. You don’t want to buy something that you’ll regret.

The shopping convenience of buying cigars online anytime, from anywhere that the internet has brought us is actually enjoyable and safe if we arm ourselves with the right guidelines and tips:

Can they Guarantee Fresh Cigars

Be sure what you’re buying are fresh cigars. For it to be really fresh it means the store have a good humidor and keep their cigars at ideally around 70% humidity and 70 degrees F preferably. This will ensure the cigars are kept at high quality. You may need to contact the online store to find out.

Can they Guarantee Fast Delivery

The store should be able to arrange for fast shipping. You cannot afford to wait forever for your cigar to arrive. If they have a shipping option of 2 – 4 days that will be great. This will go a long way to reduce the time that your cigars will be on the road and outside of a humidor. If it stays too much on transit, what you’ll get will be different from what you paid for. It’s risky to compromise on this.

Read Reviews about the Sore Products and Services

You can find reviews from other cigar buyers about the store. Ask friends around about the online store. Chances are that if the online store is around for some time then one or two others have been served by them who are willing to relay their experience.

Do They Offer Cigar Singles

Find out if the online store offers cigar singles. If you find a shop that offers cigar singles it means you will be allowed to taste any cigar to see if you want to really buy the whole box. With this you can feel what you want to buy before bring out your credit card.

It’s ideal that before making a decision you test like 2 different cigars of one brand. This is a great tip especially for new cigar smokers.

Is the Online Store Secure?

To keep your financial details safe only buy from online stores that use data encryption technology or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This helps keep whatever financial information you’re exposing on the website safe and secure and cannot be seen or decoded  by a third party.

Do a little check to confirm they have a privacy policy and terms of use clearly stated. Ensure you register with a secure password. Combine your password with numbers, letters and symbols.

How About their Customer Service

How is the online store customer service like? Do they have various means to contact them? Is it easy to contact them? You may need to contact them from time to time for one reason or the other especially if you’re a beginner or not to experienced and need clarification on some stuff.

Here are vital tips to help you with cutting, lighting and smoking your cigar like the pros.

To have a perfect and easy cut using a double bladed guillotine cutter it is best to lay the cutter on a table, place your cigar straight in the cutter and snip.

Using this method makes it possible to have a straight and perfect cut. It picks just the right piece to chop off the cigar.

To keep your cigar burning evenly and nicely like the pro do you need to regularly rotate it. Rotate the slow burning part to the bottom. This works well because the bottom burns faster. The oxygen that feeds the flame has not been displaced by the smoke so it allows that bottom art to burn on and on faster than the top part of the cigar.

If your cigar seems to be a little tight simply squeeze and massage it gently. This could loosen the bunch and the problem may be fixed. If this seems not to work then poke a hole through it length by using a skewer or ice pick. Do this carefully and only before you light your cigar.

Your cigar off just too often? You should do this. Before you take that draw of smoke to savour against your palate try to draw and exhale a quickly a couple of times. This keeps your cigar burning even the difficult burning ones.

You must have heard some self acclaimed gurus say that 70% is the ideal relative humidity for cigar storage. The truth of the matter is that most cigars (not all though) will actually be too wet at that point and drawing it will be a task and the real taste will be affected. For the best experience keep your stuff around 65% RH preferably.

If you want to quickly and easily check how effective your humidor seal is working. Simply empty it and place an energized flashlight in it. Then properly close the lid and take a close observant look at it in a dark room. If the light shines right through then there are leaks or gaps in the humidor so you shouldn’t expect it to give you the best.

Whenever your butane lighter is beginning to misbehave and not serving you as it used to. The answer here is to purge it. Have it emptied and depress the fill system. Allow all the shut-in air in the empty gas reservoir to totally go out. When you no longer hear those hissing sounds then your lighter is perfectly purged.

Only remove your cigar band after it has been lit for around five minutes. The heat on the cigar would have loosen the glue on it from the wrapper. This will help prevent you tearing the leaf.

If you have to relight a cigar you’ve left sitting for some time. Pick it tap off gently all the remaining ash and blow gently to clear any stake air that may alter the taste. When satisfied light it and blow again gently through the cigar for about 5 seconds before taking in your first draw. This helps reduce the sour taste that comes with relit pipe tobacco cigars.

The first thing to note is that a cigar is not inhaled but sipped gently , and then blown out gently (exhaled). Absorbing the flavor on your palate.

I’ll be giving you some salient tips to help you smoke like a pro. Some folks have been smoking for a while but they still lack some basic smoking skills that will help them maximize the fun.

In order not to unravel the outermost cigar wrapper you should be careful not to cut too far into the cigar. Newcomers especially should take note of this. If you buy tobacco online as a newbie you may not kn

Cardboard matches should not be used. You could ruin the cigar if you do because they are tainted with chemicals.

You don’t have to knock off the ash. Allow it go off by itself. One key quality of a good cigar is a long ash. It won’t hurt to show off with it.

Before smelling a cigar it’s best to remove the cellophane. Leaving the cellophane on means you won’t be able to really smell the vital essence of your cigar. If not you’ll end up with other scents.

Use Cedar Spills

Using Cedar is very important. It is known to help retain a needed degree of moisture. It fine smell blends so we’ll with tobacco like no other.

Ever wondered why most manufacturers put sheets of cedar in cigar boxes? It’s because of its fine blend with tobacco.

Deal with the Cigar Band

You don’t have to tear the brand name on the cigar. Doing that could tear up the Wrapper. There is nothing wrong letting others see the brand you smoke especially when the brand is topnotch.

Handle the Ash with Care

While it’s fun to leave the ash trailing, it could fall off where you don’t want it to so it’s advisable to let it go at some point to avoid any emergency.

Don’t worry if you have no ashtray around, you can ash it on the lawn. These premium cigars are natural so have no fear of harming the soil or grass.

Put Out a Cigar

You shouldn’t snuff out a cigar like you do a cigarette. They aren’t the same. All you need to do with a cigar is place the cigar butt in an ashtray and let it fall off on it own. Cigar have no chemicals in them that cause them to burn so you can allow it go off on it own.

Relighting A Cigar That Has Gone Out

You have to keep your hand rolled cigar burning by puffing and positioned where are can reach it. This is because it has no chemical elements in it that allows it to burn on its own.

It’s best to relight a cigar when warm. If it cold before you decide relighting it the taste is tainted. Even when you cut it and remove the ash there will still be remnants in it. It is best to keep it lit but just in case it goes off just light another one.

Do you have intention to give a friend some cigars as gift? If yes, then this guide will put you through on what to give that will represent your class and please the person you’re sending the gift to. You know it’s not every cigar you should present as a gift that will give you and your person the right image and impression.

Does the Appearance Strike a Cord

When it comes to gifts appearance matter a lot. People are moved by what they see. The outer wrapper of a cigar is a good sign of it general quality.

To give a presentable cigar gift go for those that have smooth and shiny wrappers. If you can find any tear or cracks on it, then it may be bad. Give the cigar pack a charming appearance. An appearance that is appealing and inviting.

Does the Color Match?

You will find cigars in many different colors. Colors like black, brown, red, green and yellow. Colors are powerful and charming and have meanings attached to them. Depending on the occasion and favourite color of the person choose a color that will perfectly match. Don’t just go for what color you like. Put the person in question and the occasion in mind as you select the color.

As you settle the color issue. You should know that cigars with spots, smudges, or dark spots on the wrappers are not good to present as a gift especially if you want to make a good impression with the gift.

Cigars that are like that are poorly stored or poorly constructed. This kind will give a bad impression about your person. Depending on the persons and occasion it’s sometimes better to pick those with even and uniform color.

Does it Feel Good?

The feeling a cigar has is great and impactful. The color, wraps and texture of the cigar should emit a nice feeling. To have this get a cigar that is firm when squeezed and springs back to shape. Those kinds that a so soft and mushy and a turn off to those who really know cigar and smoke well. You can’t afford to give a less quality cigar to one who is an experienced cigar smoker. It won’t strike the right cord.

Does it Smell Good?

We all know that taste and smell are closely related. You need to consider the smell the cigar emits and be satisfied with it before considering it as a gift.

The flavors people smokers associate with cigars are not tasted with the tongue but the nose. Go for those filtered cigars that smell good. There are a lot if them these days. If it smells well it’ll sure be great to smoke.

Before all this you need to be sure the person you’re gifting the cigar smokes. It won’t hurt to try to find out from third parties what he enjoys smoking. His wife, girl friend, friends or close associates will come handy here – ask them.

Most newbies have daunting task buying their first cigar. It need not be so with the right tips in your hand.

One of the challenging issue they face is choosing from sin many varieties. And also entering into a new world of different vocabularies. Sometimes you don’t even know what is been said. You don’t know how to communicate with other cigar lovers or sellers. Everyone can just tell you’re a newbie.

If you’re a newbie I’m the cigar world then you’re in the right place you need not fear. This is a straight to the point guide to help you find your foot and blend with the others seamlessly.

This guide will hopefully help you in your first cigar buying go smoothly as expected.

Try to Stick to Tobacconists

As a beginner there is so much you don’t know so you shouldn’t fall into the hands of sellers who are not professionals. There are several advantages why you should buy from a tobacconist.

Buying from a tobacconist means you’ll large selection of quality cigars you can choose from. If you have any questions they can give you the perfect answer and put you through. You’ll be guided professionally. Their staff are usually very knowledgeable and we’ll experienced so they know all that a newbie can start with. You’ll also receive valuable tips to help you stay safe.And you’re sure anything you buy with them is topnotch. If what you want is a safe start then a tobacconist is the right classroom for you.

Start Small

This happens to almost all cigar beginners. They usually don’t know what to start with or what they really like to take. So your preferences will change frequently. To help settle this issue it’s best to buy a few and see how it goes. Experiment with the few you have and you’ll sooner than later find what best suits your style and taste.

Start with Mild Cigars

Don’t rush things. Don’t try to act a pro. Don’t try to be someone else. Just take it easy and gradual with yourself. For a beginner like you, full-bodied smokes can be overwhelming and potentially even unpleasant. It’s not a good start at all for you. Go for mild cigars, there are lots of little cigars in this category. And if you feel comfortable you can then move from there. They will help ease you into the other stronger cigars if you want to proceed into the cigar smoking adventure. This will keep you interested and not turned off at the very beginning.

Don’t Spend a Fortune

Don’t start spending heavily from the beginning. You need not spend a fortune. Grow into the life don’t drag yourself forcefully into it. You may get burnt early and have yourself to blame.  For a newcomer you can easily get a quality cigar for under $10. You need not go for expensive and fanciful cigars now. Stay with the mild and moderate cost cigars. Get your palate developed and then you can scale up to the extravagant smoke.

For quite some time now, people have been escaping to the online realm whenever they feel like the reality that surrounds them is too much to handle. While spending time online – and especially enjoying various online video games – is a great way to blow off some steam, you should definitely do it in moderation. Too much of a good thing is still not good, no matter how much you enjoy it in the given moment.

This tendency to escape reality has led us to some serious problems, such as video game addiction, that can have severe consequences on both our physical and mental well-being, as well as on the people surrounding us and the relationships we tend to form with them. Here, we’ll take a closer look at why it is important not to give in to the temptation but fight your gaming addiction.

Let’s start at the beginning

To set the grounds for future points, we should first divide the online games into free and paid games. This division is important as there are varying factors that can lead to different consequences. However, this is not to say that some of those consequences are true for both types of games; au contraire – most of them apply on both, actually. Furthermore, when talking about online games, we’ll be focusing on all genres and types, not just the most commonly-mentioned RPGs. So, let’s dive deeper into the matter, shall we?

Paid games

When talking about paid games, the first and the most obvious problem is spending money. If you’re completely submerged in the world of online fantasy RPG, for example, that requires a monthly subscription, paid in-game transactions and other similar expenses, getting too carried away will put a significant strain on your real-life budget. Alternatively, online gambling – and especially slots – can easily get you carried away and before you know it, you can end up in some serious debt.

That’s why it’s important to stay conscious of your situation and keep a close eye on your speeding at all times. Allocate a gaming budget and treat it like you would any other monthly expense to make sure you don’t fall off the wagon and end up in the red without even realizing it. It’s of the utmost importance to approach gaming cautiously and stay responsible and aware of the situation at any given moment.

Free games

While paid games may present an obvious financial threat, free games bring so-called hidden dangers. You may think “Oh, it’s free to play, which means I won’t be spending any money on it, so I should be ok” and that’s true to a point. However, like any game, they can be quite captivating. Spending too much time playing games – be it paid or free – will negatively affect all aspects of your life. For starters, scientists and doctors nowadays call sitting the next smoking, and some even consider it to be even more dangerous. Additionally, spending all of your free time behind a computer screen – no matter how much fun you have while doing it – is really bad for your digestive system, back, posture, eyes and the entire body really.

Next, your relationships with real-life people are bound to suffer because of your gaming addiction as well. For example, if you “absolutely must finish this quest” instead of taking your son to play catch at the park, even though you’ve promised it, it will leave a huge dent in your relationship and may even lead to trust issues. Yes, this example may not be a true case for you, but you get the gist of it.

Useful tips

In order to take full control over your gaming addiction, you first need to acknowledge that you have a problem. Next, don’t quit gaming out of the blue. Gaming takes a lot of time, so quitting it cold turkey may lead to having too much free time on your hands. Additionally, limit the budget you are willing to spend on gaming and whenever possible, choose the games as much physical activity as possible.

Finally, as they say, the best way to combat your current addiction is to find a new one that won’t have any negative side effects. What this means is that you should try your best to switch your gaming addiction for a new hobby. Anything in which you can include your friends and family and anything that can be useful for either you yourself or the people around you will be an excellent starting point.

Forget buying ordinary beach balls for the seaside or swimming pool this summer, demonstrate you and your kids’ individuality by getting some of the quirkiest water toys for children in the market today.

  • For the toddlers: Spill and Splash Seaway Water Table

The multi-sensory play table is the perfect addition to kids swimming pool toys. Featuring a dual-tire playing surface, multiple scoops and cups, as well colourful plastic figurines, your little landscapers will have endless hours of fun building a cascading waterfall. To make things even more interesting, the water table also has a miniature catapult, squirting toys and a whirlpool maker. The set comes with an umbrella, which will come in handy during the hot summer months.

  • For the teens: Poolside Rock Climbing Wall

It’s sometimes hard to relate to teenagers. From video games to clothes and even food, they seem to be living in an entirely different world. But trust us on this – installing AquaClimb’s rock climbing wall by your pool will definitely get them involved in family fun. It’s also great for their physical well-being, as rock climbing offers a cardio, strengthening and conditioning workout in a single session. And if they fall, it will be into the pool. You can join in the fun too, but only when they’re at school – you don’t want to embarrass them in front of their friends…!

  • For the couples: Chilli Island

This sturdy mini-boat is ergonomically and aerodynamically designed. Chilli Island can motor smoothly and very quietly across the waterfront for up to six hours using a pair of solar-rechargeable 300AH AGM batteries. And when couples just want to float and relax on the beach, just turn off the Torqeedo electric engine and lie down on the cosy and comfortable interior. It has a fibreglass frame and polyethylene body, measures just 8.2 x 7.4 ft.

  • For the family: Barbecue Dining Boat

Imagine having a barbecue in the middle of the pool with your family or a group of friends. How cool is that? Also, since the dining boat has an in-built 30-watt motor, it has a cruising speed of 2.5 miles per hour. You can literally have a day-long barbecue with your friends (ten people) along a river or beach. Produced by Hammacher Schlemmer, the boat is powered by four rechargeable batteries that can last up to eight hours.

  • For the adventurous adults: Scubster Nemo

Submarine technology has been commercially and militarily available since the 19th century, but very few civilians have actually experienced the joy of subterranean travel. It probably has a lot to do with the elements of risk and cost. However, over the last couple of decades, there have been an increasing number of submarines produced for the leisure market, and the star among them is arguably the Scubster Nemo. Described by the BBC as the “sports car of the submarine”, the first version of the Scubster Nemo is pedal-powered, and users have to be in scuba gear. The latest version comes with a small electric motor on top of the pedals, which allows users to descend nearly 200 feet underwater. And you don’t even need special training to operate the ten-foot, carbon fibre submarine.