For quite some time now, people have been escaping to the online realm whenever they feel like the reality that surrounds them is too much to handle. While spending time online – and especially enjoying various online video games – is a great way to blow off some steam, you should definitely do it in moderation. Too much of a good thing is still not good, no matter how much you enjoy it in the given moment.

This tendency to escape reality has led us to some serious problems, such as video game addiction, that can have severe consequences on both our physical and mental well-being, as well as on the people surrounding us and the relationships we tend to form with them. Here, we’ll take a closer look at why it is important not to give in to the temptation but fight your gaming addiction.

Let’s start at the beginning

To set the grounds for future points, we should first divide the online games into free and paid games. This division is important as there are varying factors that can lead to different consequences. However, this is not to say that some of those consequences are true for both types of games; au contraire – most of them apply on both, actually. Furthermore, when talking about online games, we’ll be focusing on all genres and types, not just the most commonly-mentioned RPGs. So, let’s dive deeper into the matter, shall we?

Paid games

When talking about paid games, the first and the most obvious problem is spending money. If you’re completely submerged in the world of online fantasy RPG, for example, that requires a monthly subscription, paid in-game transactions and other similar expenses, getting too carried away will put a significant strain on your real-life budget. Alternatively, online gambling – and especially slots – can easily get you carried away and before you know it, you can end up in some serious debt.

That’s why it’s important to stay conscious of your situation and keep a close eye on your speeding at all times. Allocate a gaming budget and treat it like you would any other monthly expense to make sure you don’t fall off the wagon and end up in the red without even realizing it. It’s of the utmost importance to approach gaming cautiously and stay responsible and aware of the situation at any given moment.

Free games

While paid games may present an obvious financial threat, free games bring so-called hidden dangers. You may think “Oh, it’s free to play, which means I won’t be spending any money on it, so I should be ok” and that’s true to a point. However, like any game, they can be quite captivating. Spending too much time playing games – be it paid or free – will negatively affect all aspects of your life. For starters, scientists and doctors nowadays call sitting the next smoking, and some even consider it to be even more dangerous. Additionally, spending all of your free time behind a computer screen – no matter how much fun you have while doing it – is really bad for your digestive system, back, posture, eyes and the entire body really.

Next, your relationships with real-life people are bound to suffer because of your gaming addiction as well. For example, if you “absolutely must finish this quest” instead of taking your son to play catch at the park, even though you’ve promised it, it will leave a huge dent in your relationship and may even lead to trust issues. Yes, this example may not be a true case for you, but you get the gist of it.

Useful tips

In order to take full control over your gaming addiction, you first need to acknowledge that you have a problem. Next, don’t quit gaming out of the blue. Gaming takes a lot of time, so quitting it cold turkey may lead to having too much free time on your hands. Additionally, limit the budget you are willing to spend on gaming and whenever possible, choose the games as much physical activity as possible.

Finally, as they say, the best way to combat your current addiction is to find a new one that won’t have any negative side effects. What this means is that you should try your best to switch your gaming addiction for a new hobby. Anything in which you can include your friends and family and anything that can be useful for either you yourself or the people around you will be an excellent starting point.

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