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Let’s take stock of what we have achieved and look at the new and exciting ways to stay entertained during the lockdown.

Give it a go! Check out our list of fun and exciting new ways to have fun in your free time.

Learn How to Code

It’s not the first thing your mind probably jumps to when someone says “fun”, but coding creates all the computer software in the world and the way you learn coding can be applied to any other language in the world and any kind of site review.

So, whether it’s HTML or Malbolge, learning just one coding language is sure to occupy plenty of your time and leave you navigating your way around the internet in a whole new way.

Once you’ve mastered this addictive skill you could move on to an online game with coding in mind: Minecraft.

Minecraft played on Xbox or PS4 has had an upgrade – this 2009 game encourages the player to learn to code, to build the game as they go along: this can be multiplayer. In 2020 Minecraft is a cult game that looks the same in its old-school style layout but updated with lots more cool gameplay features.

Join The Pub Quiz

That sort of gaming not for you? Then let’s try an online pub quiz; some of these are actually held in pubs and run by pub landlords. Facebook is usually the place to find a quiz: most are free to join and some have prizes.

You can start your own pub quiz and here are a few questions and answers to get you started,

How many colours are there on the South African flag? Answer 6; or who wrote The Colour Purple? This famously iconic book was written by Alice Walker.

What about, how many countries are there in the world? The answer is 195. I didn’t know that! But this one is my all-time favourite – What is the most common colour of toilet paper in France? The answer is pink, who knew?

You get the idea, and if you’re super-clever, you could make up your own questions and become a pub quiz sensation.

Take up photography

So much of the world is changing every single day. Thinking about where we all were a year ago and now – it’s like we’re living on a different planet.

Capture the moments that mean something to you with your new hobby – photography! You don’t need a professional camera as the one on your iPhone will work perfectly.

Then go outside and find what interests you. It might be trees, animals or the urban jungle that makes up the city around you. With fewer people walking around, the world really is your oyster to go and explore with your photography. Upload the shots to Instagram or Pinterest and share your creativity.

Edit video professionally

Whether you already know how to edit video on a professional programme or not, diving into the world of graphics and film is one of the most distracting hobbies you could do right now. And who doesn’t need a little distraction every now and then?

Remember all those childhood movies you mum and dad took on their large video camera? All those shots of you with ice cream all over your face; or when you fell in the river with your clothes on? All these precious memories need not go to waste with an online course.

Enrolling onto an online course is the easiest it’s ever been as well if you haven’t tried to edit video professionally before. Just by logging onto your laptop, there are hundreds of courses available for you to find – everything from creating special effects from home to editing video for a film.

Don’t fancy all that why not do something relaxing?

Jigsaw like a demon

The rise of the popularity of the jigsaw has surprised many. No longer the sole domain of the older person. Jigsaws are hot property, with some unusual designs selling well on auction sites, and well-known retailers unable to re-stock fast enough. So why exactly has this happened?

Put the blame on the jigsaw clubs on Instagram and Facebook who have made this pastime cool and, in turn, the appeal has trickled down the generations.

Sharing photos of your completed or even incomplete puzzle has created a stir no-one would have expected. But that’s not the only reason.

Therapists say focusing on detail helps relaxation. The no-pressure environment with a creative payoff counters the effect of anxiety, giving a sense of control in an unpredictable world. Of course, this is only true if all the pieces are there! If you’re not into jigsaws, I have some other suggestions.

Take up painting

There are hours of fun tutorials on YouTube Everyone from Grayson Perry to David Hockney has taken turns on YouTube to try to teach one how to paint. Real painting with real paints is messy, I prefer the digital kind.

So, add some flair to those lines and angles with digital painting. By using a computer programme, you’ll be able to choose whatever colour and brush style you like. You can work your way through loads of scenes and portraits, either from your own imagination or from life.

Whatever you decide to do, tell people about it. Go online and show your talents, you never know where it may lead you.

Starting to feel like you can’t be fashionable and be a quarantine mom? Feel like every day is laundry day, and you’re still always out of options? There’s an easy way to fix it — treating yourself to the ultimate #momlife capsule wardrobe.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

You’ve probably seen capsule wardrobes all over YouTube, Pinterest, or Instagram. Capsule wardrobes have been all the rage for several years, even though the term was first used in the 1970s by London Boutique owner Susie Faux. Shoppers, designers, fashion outlets, and yes, even moms have swung the pendulum more toward minimalism and intentional buying in the last decade. The idea is to buy a limited number of high quality pieces that won’t wear out easily and won’t go out of style. The idea is to buy for your size, your style, and your body right now, so that things don’t hide in your closet. Don’t you wish you could do the same thing for your kids?

Imagine how great it might feel to declutter your wardrobe, pack up all those aspirational clothes, and have a fresh start in your closet of about 12 pieces that get some work done. More logical laundry, an easier time picking out outfits…I can see it now and it is a beautiful sight.


Ideally, your capsule wardrobe only needs one or two pairs of pants. We all know that #momlife is all about the leggings but don’t forget about joggers too. A good pair will be soft, durable, and have elastic in the right places. Joggers are fine for a grocery store trip or just a quick iced coffee run. Add in a favorite pair of jeans and the pants in your capsule wardrobe are covered!

Skirts & dresses

Putting on your favorite skirt or dress can really change your whole mood. A simple cotton or skirt, no matter the length, can be a great versatile addition to your capsule wardrobe. And a simple dress, like a sweet retro 90s slipdress that can be layered over or under anything? Yes, please!


Tops are where you get the most versatility out of your capsule wardrobe. Basic camisoles come highly recommended, especially in black or white. A button up, for those Zoom calls where you have to look the professional part, is essential too. The most fun part of a proper #momlife capsule wardrobe, though? Yes, it’s the t-shirts. Are you really a millennial mom if you don’t have several hilarious t-shirts? Pick out one, two, or even three t-shirts that let your personality shine. If you always wear your favorite mom shirt to your favorite take-out place? Then it becomes a signature.


The most important clothes you wear these days are around the house. So why not be exceptionally comfortable? Loungewear is so often forgotten when putting together a capsule wardrobe, but great clothes that you can also nap in should never be overlooked. Sure, no one new will see your sweet maxed out relaxin’ clothes unless you post selfies, but don’t you want to relax while looking and feeling great? Investing in some loungewear is a decision you won’t regret.

Still not sold on the capsule wardrobe concept? Check out these moms who are killing the game with their capsule wardrobes here and here. You’ve been homeschooling and working and basically being super mom, so you deserve to treat yourself. Happy shopping!


Raising a family is an extremely difficult task to undertake. Not only do you need to work enough to support your family, but you also need to set aside time to spend time with your children, cook them meals, and aid in any school work they may have. With all this going on, you don’t want any distractions making your job as a parent even harder. Things like long commutes to work, high cost of living, and poor city infrastructure can really make your life as a parent difficult, so location plays a huge role in your ability to be an effective parent. That being said, there are a few cities where raising a family is as easy as possible. What are these amazing family-friendly cities? Here are the five best cities for families to move to.

Ann Arbor

Michigan probably isn’t the first state that comes to mind when thinking of desirable destinations for relocation, and even if it was Ann Arbor probably isn’t the first Michigan city you would think about relocating to. That being said, Ann Arbor actually has some amazing qualities that make the city the perfect location to raise a family in. First, Ann Arbor has some amazing school districts, a key element in raising children. Education is extremely important as it sets your children up for future success, so you want to ensure that your children are getting the best education available to them. In addition, the city has an extremely low crime rate, meaning that the possibility that your children will be victims of crime is extremely low. If you want your children to be safe and smart, Ann Arbor is the perfect city to reside in.


Another great Mid-Western location to raise a family in is Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minneapolis meshes the best of both worlds when it comes to city life and rural life. Minneapolis has some great amenities and entertainment options, just like you would find in other major cities. However, Minneapolis doesn’t have the high cost of living associated with housing, food, and entertainment that other big cities have, making raising your children much easier. In addition, Minneapolis residents are extremely nice and polite. Many studies have shown that Minneapolis is among one of the friendliest and politest places in the entire country, making it a great place to raise children.

Fort Myers

One location that your kids will surely enjoy growing up in is Fort Myers, Florida. First, Fort Myers is extremely close to the beach, a fact that your children will surely enjoy. Your children will love going to the beach and enjoying Florida’s lovely weather, increasing their overall enjoyment and happiness. Fort Myers also has a rapidly growing economy, meaning that it is becoming a hot spot for young professionals looking to start their career. If you’re a young parent and are looking for a location that can both advance your career and allow you to effectively raise your child, then you should definitely consider looking for Fort Myers houses for sale.

San Jose

San Jose is often overshadowed by its close counterpart San Francisco, but San Jose has a lot to offer families that are raising children. The city’s biggest claim to fame is that its school districts prepare its students for high school among the nation’s best, setting their students up for great success as they prepare to go off to college. In addition, San Jose is located in California, a state who has gorgeous weather year-round. Having warm weather all year can make it much easier for you to get your kids outside and active, something that is extremely important when the nation is facing a childhood obesity crisis.

Washington D.C

You might think that raising a family in a major city Washington D.C will be hectic and volatile, but that isn’t always the case. Sure, the cost of living in Washington can be relatively high, and things like traffic can be an absolute back-breaker when you’re trying to balance work and childcare. That being said, D.C also offers a lot of positives to raising a family that offset these negatives. First, the job market is extremely large due to the size of the metropolitan area, meaning that your ability to find well-paying jobs won’t be limited like it might be in some smaller cities. In addition, you are raising your children around the nation’s capital, allowing them to be fully engrossed in America’s history and politics. There are so many educational advantages to growing up in the nation’s capital, which alone makes the idea of raising kids in the D.C area extremely promising.

A tough decision in today’s time is choosing if you are going to buy or rent your house. There are many pros and cons for both sides, but below are the reasons why you should go for it and choose the buy option.

Mortgage Costs Don’t Fluctuate

When buying a home, you make the same payments over and over again until you pay off the house. Renting costs can increase and decrease at their own rates depending on the day. It is much more reassuring to know exactly how much you are going to owe instead of hoping you picked a good day to rent.

Freedom with Property

When you buy a house, you own the property with it, so you don’t have to worry about having to make sure whatever changes you want to make are ok with your landlord. You can paint, renovate, redecorate, and add on anything you want to your house when you buy it, instead of having little to no freedom when you rent.

You Can Make Money Off of Your Home

Condo renting versus owning can be a tough choice but think about it this way. You can rent out your condo to people commuting, vacationing, or touring through where your condo is located. It is the perfect way to make money, and you have total control over what you charge and who you let stay because it is ultimately your property.

You Can’t Get Kicked Out

Landlords can evict their renters if they decide to end the lease, sell their property, or rent out the property to someone else, leaving renters with unexpected homelessness. When you buy a house, the only person that can kick you out is yourself, if you choose to stop paying your mortgage randomly.

No More Having to Look for a New Place to Stay

When renting, once your lease is up, you have to either find a new place to live or try to renew your lease. With owning your house, you will not have to look for a new home every year, or however often, your rental is up. This also provides stability and being able to get used to your surroundings. Stronger friendships and connections can come from rooting yourself in one place for a more extended period of time

Proud Accomplishment

Being able to own a house is a massive step in the real adulting world. Owning a home is a big purchase, and can possibly be your biggest purchase. The sense of accomplishment can make you feel even more attached to and in love with your house, creating an everlasting bond. 

Benefit from Taxes

While it is true that owning a home can make taxes a little more difficult due to the itemizing process, you also get the tax perks of homeowning. You can possibly deduct all of your home mortgage interest, property taxes, or private mortgage insurance payments, all making your taxes a little bit cheaper than you would expect. 

If you’re an avid traveler, Hong Kong is definitely a destination that has caught your attention. It’s a beautiful place with tons of attractions that are sure to keep you entertained throughout your whole stay. Apart from having a host of sites to visit, it also has a truckload of hotels to choose from. When it comes to flights, the city has numerous connections that make it convenient to jet in. You can fly direct or make your connection from Manchester to Hong Kong, a flight that normally takes 11 hours 35 minutes. With such a duration, you’ll surely need an airline that guarantees comfortable flights at pocket-friendly prices such as Cathay Pacific. 

Here’s a breakdown of accommodation options to help you find your home away from home.

For the Shoestring Traveler

Although Hong Kong is known for its expensive nature, there are a number of affordable hotels that offer amazing amenities for its visitors. For the backpackers, a trip to this city can still be a fantastic one. They prove that top-notch services and limited funds can still work harmoniously. 

Hotel 108

This is the perfect embodiment of affordable accommodation that isn’t cramped or outdated. It is located on Soy Street in Mong Kok and offers 61 exquisite urban rooms. The finishings of these rooms are updated with a modern touch besides offering astounding menus of dishes.

Homy Hotel

One of the plus features about this hotel is the provision of internet services to its guests. Homy Hotel is located quite close to bars and restaurants around the area. Moreover, given its proximity to SoHo, you are provided with a myriad of sites to visit which are within walking distance. The Macau and Star ferry terminals are also a stone throw from the hotel.


iCloud is a hotel that beckons tech-savvy travelers and enthusiasts alike. It has unique urban styled rooms complete with LCD televisions and multimedia services that are sure to entertain guests during their stay. The hotel is also strategically located close to the Fortress Hill MTR station, which gives you quick access to tons of attractions around the city.

Minimal Hotel Culture

The Minimal Hotel only sits 30-minute away from Hong Kong International Airport. With the numerous amenities it offers, one of the favorite spots among its guests is the communal chill-out area. The hotel has earned itself a reputation for providing clean comfortable rooms.  

For a luxurious stay

Diving into the deep end of money, let’s take a look at splendid five-star hotels for the more ostentatious bunch. Not only do the hotels cost big money, but they also offer extraordinary services such as helipads, Jacuzzis and world-class meals.

Four Seasons Hotel

For those who are used to the finer things in life, the Four Seasons Hotel is a suitable home away from home. The hotel offers impeccable amenities which include a 24-hour fitness center, Michelin-star dining, and spas among others. It is dedicated to providing the perfect travel experience for all its guests. In addition, the hotel has some of the best views of the city.

Conrad Hong Kong

This hotel is conveniently located atop a luxurious mall in the heart of Hong Kong. Thus, you have access to the many premier boutiques, restaurants, and cafes found in Pacific Place. You can expect to get top tier hospitality, high-tech rooms, and a host of other brilliant amenities. It’s located near many local landmarks that are great for touring.

InterContinental Hotel

The InterContinental is one of the city’s most polished venues for prestigious events and high-end meetings. It has over 500 opulent rooms including one of the best presidential suites in Asia; the 7,000 square-foot room that has a Jacuzzi and a private terrace that overlooks the harbor. Guests can expect impeccable room service and out-of-this-world amenities.

Eaton Hong Kong

Your stay in this stylish hotel includes everything from free neighborhood tours to being able to rent a room with a recording studio. Eaton Hong Kong is truly a luxury hotel in a league of its own. All the rooms have natural products, bestselling books, and local artworks just to name a few. If you’re looking to go all out on your trip to Hong Kong, this hotel has a room with your name on it.

Is your market niche becoming too competitive? If yes, how are you planning to stay outwit your competitors and stay in business? A little corporate generosity might work miracles in your business life. Other than providing excellent client service and support, some situations call for going over and beyond the ordinary, for instance, entertaining your customers.

Critics might argue that corporate generosity is only an expense. However, this should be viewed as an investment in the company and the customers. The following are the main advantages of entertaining your clients.

1. To create an exceptional first impression

When meeting new customers for the first time, or trying to woo them, their first encounter and experience with you is among the crucial factors that how they will perceive and regard the quality of your products.

Entertaining your clients demonstrates that you really value them, and you look forward to a lifelong connection with them. On their part, clients will feel treasured and will be more willing to reciprocate the favor by buying services from you.

2. To make clients feel comfortable

In most cases, meetings with clients and signing business agreements occur in offices or official boardrooms. Such environments might be too formal for some clients to give their honest views. However, offering entertainment creates a friendly atmosphere that facilitates the expression of open, honest unrestricted sentiments.

Moving away from the office environment to converse with clients in a more tranquil atmosphere might help the situation in circumstances where you may otherwise not be free. A setting where there are good drinks and food rolling is conducive for deliberating on business issues and looking for shared ground to chat about private lives.

3. To retain and foster connections with clients

It is vital for any organization to build strong connections with clients, especially repeat clients. The tougher the bond, the more your patrons will spend on your products, and the higher the chances of them endorsing your services to their coworkers, friends, and family.

Any generosity shown to customers makes them become your brand ambassadors. According to marketing gurus, potential clients are more likely to trust information coming from their friends and acquaintances than promotional messages from the seller. Thus, if you want clients to spread a positive gospel about your business, then entertain them frequently.

4. To make a distinction of yourself from others

Entertaining your clients is an excellent strategy to show clients that you are better than other service providers are. This sends the right signal to both and potential clients. For would-be clients, any form of entertainment is an opportunity for your company to display its distinctive identity and commitment to lasting relationships.

For current customers, it demonstrates how well you understand them by holding the ideal occasion that is tailored towards them. However, you need not forget that your clients might have experienced similar offers elsewhere. Thus, you may fail to achieve your objectives if you offer them a mediocre entertainment.

If you want to stand out from your competitors, choose the correct place, facility, time, and date when entertaining clients. Should you go for an advanced level of big-heartedness, and that you aim at organizing a corporate entertainment event, then you will be displaying your company and yourself. You will put your services in a positive position with current and prospective clients. Thus, you will need to offer exceptional services, or at least subcontract the whole thing if your capabilities to hold an event of such magnitude is still wanting. You can visit this Engog to hire an entertainment specialist.

5. To have a chance for Interacting and networking

Organizing a professional entertainment event gives you an opportunity to mingle and exchange ideas with your key customers. This means you have a chance to network with several firms at the same time. They might even connect you to not only their friends but also their affiliate companies and business partners that may give you a chance to exploit new business opportunities.

If your event takes place in a shared activity, you might also meet companies that are there for similar reasons. This enables you to exchange business ideas in addition to having an insight into the strategies employed by other stronger competitors. Furthermore, you can learn how those competitors overcome their challenges. In the end, you may learn from the event more than what you hoped to gain.

6. It is possible ROI

Corporate entertainment events offer businesses opportunities for not only publicizing their services but also reaping the benefits of motivated staff. Customers are able to ask clarification questions, and the one-on-one atmosphere created is good for easy convincing of potential clients who may still be having doubts.

Furthermore, entertaining your clients together with some hardworking is a way of motivating them. Employees are crucial players in the success journey of your business. Using corporate client entertainment as a way of rewarding committed is an excellent way of showing your appreciation towards them, and that they are central to our business success.

Showing your workers that you value them is also a way of maintaining their loyalty. If they are good at what they do, and they have established a large clientele trust and following, losing them to your rival companies will have a devastating effect on your business. In addition, you have a chance to use a corporate entertainment event as an inducement to direct your devoted employees in the direction of goals for the company.

The Bottom Line

Experienced marketers agree that the cost of convincing a new client to buy a product can be as high as six times the cost of selling to a current loyal client. Thus, a small investment in the existing clientele through an entertainment event is advisable because the happy and motivated purchaser has higher chances of remaining loyal.

A simple gesture of generosity towards customers promotes a good first impression and creates a friendly atmosphere that is full of trust, understanding, and freedom to air any view. It also fosters creates and cements a strong bond with clients and makes your company stand out from its completion. To conclude, corporate entertainment is a great networking opportunity, a cheap way of motivating hardworking employees, and a chance to realize a quick return on investment.

It’s that time of year again where you start racking your brain for the perfect Valentine’s gift for your loved one. What better way to say Happy Valentine’s Day than to shower them with goods to show your affection with no holds barred! But let’s face it, they’re probably getting a bit fed up with the usual yearly gifts of chocolates, candles, flowers and an array of other impersonal gifts!

Not to fear, SmartBuyGlasses is here to help you think outside the box to get them a more personalised gift that they ACTUALLY want! Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for him or Valentine’s Day gifts for her, we’ve got you covered with our list of 5 Valentine’s Day ideas!

1) 2 x Tickets for a Vacation Getaway

What better way to treat your partner than to whisk them away somewhere special! Maybe you could go to their favourite place, the first place you went to together as a couple or somewhere they’ve always wanted to go! Whether it’s for a day, a weekend or longer, you can’t go wrong with a sneaky trip away.

2) A Yearly Subscription

The subscription world has recently exploded, giving you a limitless choice to suit every interest! For the film fanatic, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime are perfect and for the Disney obsessed, Disney+ is a must! For the boozer, you can get gin, beer or cocktails delivered to your door and for the beauty addict, there are endless beauty boxes to choose from!

3) A Pair of Sunglasses or Glasses

There’s always something exciting about getting a new pair of sunglasses or glasses, so why not spoil your partner with a new pair from SmartBuyGlasses. With a huge collection of sunglasses including these Gucci pilot sunglasses for men and these Tom Ford Penelope sunglasses for women, you’re bound to find ones that they’ll love! You can even use our 3D Virtual Try-On to make sure that they’re the perfect fit! What’s more, if you buy a pair of sunglasses or glasses that cost $220 or more, you’ll get 50% off any frame in the Arise Collective premium collection!

4) Date Experience

Why not mix up your date nights by trying something a bit quirky and original. Escape rooms, immersive experiences and secret cinemas are all the rage these days and they’re all perfect Valentine’s Day gifts! If your partner loves solving puzzles or getting dressed up, take a browse online to find a date experience they’ll never forget!

5) A Personalized Pair of Shoes

With brands such as Nike and Vans offering personalised shoe designs, treat your partner with a pair of shoes they’ll never want to take off! With Dolce and Gabbana, you can even personalize the toe of the sneakers by adding the initial of your partner inside the heart. What a way to say Happy Valentine’s Day!

How to break a losing streak – khelo365

“Failure is the pillar of success”, is the most common saying which is applicable in every aspects of our life. Likewise, in poker, you don’t always have to win to be successful. In fact, it’s not always about winning but losing at some point to realize the advantages and the disadvantages of the sport. 

This article will exactly tell you why you need to “take a break” if you are on a losing streak and how you should act when you are not at your best hands. 

Get some air:

A poker player should know when to take breaks in between because our brain will not be able to cope with the stress and hence end up making silly mistakes and taking wrong decisions. At a certain point of time we need to walk away from the table or shut down our computer and mobile phones and try to calm our mind by taking a walk or getting some sound sleep. That way, our mind will be at ease and we’ll be able to make the right decisions and to play poker you have to have a stable mind to win.

Learn the lesson:

One of the most significant thing you can do during your poker breaks would be, to reflect back on how you played during your losing streak. This will enable you to correct your wrong moves and also help you change your game strategy and not stay fixated. Maybe you’ve just been too laser-focused on a particular style of play and it isn’t working out for you, or maybe one or two of your opponents seem to have a good read on you and are correctly predicting your moves more often than not – either way, you’ve got to break the patterns to break the jinx.

Walk away:

“The only winning move is not to play.” That’s the central concept behind the famous 1983 movie War Games, but it can apply to poker too. Sometimes, you’re just too mentally exhausted or burnt out to turn things around, and it’s up to you to realize when you’ve crossed this point of no return. When you do, it’s in your best interests to just call it a day. Look, you can come back in an hour or two, or the next day – poker isn’t going anywhere, you’ll have your chance to play!

In the sport of poker, sometimes you have to lose to win and this is exactly why taking a break is as equally important as investing in poker. Losing a game or two is natural, and in the game of poker, an individual should be able to turn their loss in a profitable way. 

In a game of poker, never play with the concept of trying to win back what you lost because it will only turn the other way round, and in the end you might even lose your entire bankroll. Therefore, taking breaks in between is one of the most efficient ways to stay be able to stay in the game in the long-run. 


“Disappointment is the mainstay of progress”, is the most widely recognized saying which is appropriate in each part of our life. In like manner, in poker, you don’t generally need to win to be fruitful. Actually, it’s not constantly about winning but rather losing sooner or later to understand the favorable circumstances and the weaknesses of the game. 

This article will precisely reveal to you why you have to “enjoy a reprieve” in the event that you are on a losing streak and how you should act when you are not at your best hands. 

Get some air: 

A poker player should realize when to take breaks in the middle of in light of the fact that our mind won’t have the option to adapt to the pressure and subsequently wind up settling on senseless slip-ups and taking incorrectly choices. At one point of time we have to leave the table or close down our PC and cell phones and attempt to quiet our brain by going for a stroll or getting some solid rest. That way, our mind will be calm and we’ll have the option to settle on the correct choices and to play poker you must have a steady personality to win. 

Learn the exercise: 

One of the most noteworthy thing you can do during your poker breaks would be, to consider back how you played during your losing streak. This will empower you to address your off-base moves and furthermore assist you with changing your game procedure and not remain focused. Perhaps you’ve quite recently been too laser-centered around a specific style of play and it isn’t working out for you, or possibly a couple of your adversaries appear to have a decent perused on you and are effectively foreseeing your moves as a rule – in any case, you must break the examples to break the curse. 

Walk away: 

“The main winning move isn’t to play.” That’s the focal idea driving the well known 1983 motion picture War Games, however it can apply to poker as well. At times, you’re simply excessively intellectually depleted or wore out to make something happen, and it’s dependent upon you to acknowledge when you’ve crossed this final turning point. At the point when you destroy, it’s your eventual benefits to simply consider it daily. See, you can return an hour or two, or the following day – poker isn’t going anyplace, you’ll get your opportunity to play! 

In the game of poker, at times you need to lose to win and this is actually why taking a break is as similarly significant as putting resources into poker. Losing a game or two is common, and in the round of poker, an individual ought to have the option to turn their misfortune in a productive manner. 

In a round of poker, never play with the idea of attempting to win back what you lost since it will just turn the other path round, and at last you may even lose your whole bankroll. In this way, taking breaks in the middle of is one of the most productive approaches to remain have the option to remain in the game over the long haul.

Nursing is a profession that often defines a family and indeed generations of family. Not just a noble profession, but a job that really means something.  As human beings, we have the propensity to be cruel, funny, caring and much more as our personalities are complex. The people that care and really make a difference when family members are ill, hold a special place in our hearts and in our societies in general. 

Nursing seems to me, to be more a vocation than simply a job.  Indeed, it is typically the nurse that helped our loved ones recover from illness or help smooth the way to a dignified and comfortable end which is so appreciated by all of us. 

There are many different specialisms in the nursing word, everything from mental health nurses through to operating theatre nurse practitioners, but all these positions have one thing in common – no day is the same.

Of course, in any walk of life there are similarities, but the life of a nurse can be exciting, exhausting, exhilarating and many other feelings which make the job so rewarding and interesting.  There are a number of companies that specialise in health care jobs and nursing recruitment, but Healthcarejobs4u have been helping healthcare specialists for many years.  If you are placing jobs, on to nursing job boards, or applying for a new exciting role, it’s all there for people to move on with their career and move forward with the care of others within this rewarding environment. 

Creating a budget is a simple way to make sure you stay on track with your finances. It’s a helpful tool to make sure you are making all payments necessary every month, including fixed expenses such as payments for rent/mortgage, car loans, title loans, credit cards, and insurance, as well as more variable expenses such as transportation, electricity and phone bills. Here are some very basic steps to budget for yourself and your family.

Step One: Add Up All Sources of Income

This step is usually very simple, as most people only have one source of income, but if you get income from more than one source, such as form a student stipend or investment income, include it in this area of the spreadsheet. Here is an example:

It is important to put your net income here, as that is what is important to your budget. Net income that you can’t spend can’t go towards expenses, so it shouldn’t be added to your budget. Income portion of budget including salary, stipend and dividends

Step Two: Calculate and Track All of Your Monthly and Quarterly Expenses

The first step to creating a successful budget is knowing all of your bills, expenses and costs, and whether they are the same each month, or they fluctuate.

Fixed expenses, or expenses that are the same each month, are things like your rent, where the amount due each month is the same.

Variable expenses are costs that aren’t fixed and can change month to month, like the amount you spend on gas for your car or food for yourself and your family.

Fixed expenses are the easy part, so get those down first. Add all of your expenses liny by line to a spreadsheet and add them up. It should look something like this: example of expenses such as rent, utilities, transportation and loan repayment.

These are all things that you must pay every month, but it is a good idea to include expenses such as “discretionary spending” where you take a variable expense and allocate a specific amount for it every month that you don’t exceed. This can also be done with transportation as long as you spend about the same every month. Car insurance is fixed, but gas isn’t, however if you drive the same route to work every day and have very set routines, you’ll probably use about the same amount every month. This is a way of treating a variable expense as a fixed expense.

Once fixed expenses are accounted for, it is time to add in variable expenses. If you go out to eat often, or even just a few times a month, you need to budget for how much you are spending on that every month. This can be difficult, as it changes every month, but you can budget for this by either averaging out what you’ve spent in previous months. You can also inflate the estimated costs as well a bit to give a little breathing room in case you go over budget.

Step Three: Budget for Savings

You’ve already included debt repayment in your fixed expenses, as well as all the money that you pay everyone else, but it is important to pay yourself too, or future you in the case of savings. Some recommend saving 20% of total net income for savings, but this isn’t attainable for many. However, you should always designate a set amount every month to go towards savings. You’ve worked hard for your money, so why not keep some of it. To do this, simply subtract all of your expenses from your income and whatever is left is money that can be put towards savings!

It’s That Easy

These three easy steps have set you up for a strong financial foundation. There are more complex methods out there, but if you don’t have a budget at all, start with this to make it a great, helpful habit and develop your savings skills. Track your expenses and spending every month and make sure you’re not going over budget, and if you are going over budget every month, either adjust your spending or adjust your budget.