Tips for Buying Cigars Online

You should never break this rule: Buy your cigars only from a trusted professional local retailer or a reputable online tobacconist store where you can get good pipe tobacco online. This rule can never be over emphasized. You don’t want to buy something that you’ll regret.

The shopping convenience of buying cigars online anytime, from anywhere that the internet has brought us is actually enjoyable and safe if we arm ourselves with the right guidelines and tips:

Can they Guarantee Fresh Cigars

Be sure what you’re buying are fresh cigars. For it to be really fresh it means the store have a good humidor and keep their cigars at ideally around 70% humidity and 70 degrees F preferably. This will ensure the cigars are kept at high quality. You may need to contact the online store to find out.

Can they Guarantee Fast Delivery

The store should be able to arrange for fast shipping. You cannot afford to wait forever for your cigar to arrive. If they have a shipping option of 2 – 4 days that will be great. This will go a long way to reduce the time that your cigars will be on the road and outside of a humidor. If it stays too much on transit, what you’ll get will be different from what you paid for. It’s risky to compromise on this.

Read Reviews about the Sore Products and Services

You can find reviews from other cigar buyers about the store. Ask friends around about the online store. Chances are that if the online store is around for some time then one or two others have been served by them who are willing to relay their experience.

Do They Offer Cigar Singles

Find out if the online store offers cigar singles. If you find a shop that offers cigar singles it means you will be allowed to taste any cigar to see if you want to really buy the whole box. With this you can feel what you want to buy before bring out your credit card.

It’s ideal that before making a decision you test like 2 different cigars of one brand. This is a great tip especially for new cigar smokers.

Is the Online Store Secure?

To keep your financial details safe only buy from online stores that use data encryption technology or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This helps keep whatever financial information you’re exposing on the website safe and secure and cannot be seen or decoded  by a third party.

Do a little check to confirm they have a privacy policy and terms of use clearly stated. Ensure you register with a secure password. Combine your password with numbers, letters and symbols.

How About their Customer Service

How is the online store customer service like? Do they have various means to contact them? Is it easy to contact them? You may need to contact them from time to time for one reason or the other especially if you’re a beginner or not to experienced and need clarification on some stuff.

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