Giving Cigars as Gift

Do you have intention to give a friend some cigars as gift? If yes, then this guide will put you through on what to give that will represent your class and please the person you’re sending the gift to. You know it’s not every cigar you should present as a gift that will give you and your person the right image and impression.

Does the Appearance Strike a Cord

When it comes to gifts appearance matter a lot. People are moved by what they see. The outer wrapper of a cigar is a good sign of it general quality.

To give a presentable cigar gift go for those that have smooth and shiny wrappers. If you can find any tear or cracks on it, then it may be bad. Give the cigar pack a charming appearance. An appearance that is appealing and inviting.

Does the Color Match?

You will find cigars in many different colors. Colors like black, brown, red, green and yellow. Colors are powerful and charming and have meanings attached to them. Depending on the occasion and favourite color of the person choose a color that will perfectly match. Don’t just go for what color you like. Put the person in question and the occasion in mind as you select the color.

As you settle the color issue. You should know that cigars with spots, smudges, or dark spots on the wrappers are not good to present as a gift especially if you want to make a good impression with the gift.

Cigars that are like that are poorly stored or poorly constructed. This kind will give a bad impression about your person. Depending on the persons and occasion it’s sometimes better to pick those with even and uniform color.

Does it Feel Good?

The feeling a cigar has is great and impactful. The color, wraps and texture of the cigar should emit a nice feeling. To have this get a cigar that is firm when squeezed and springs back to shape. Those kinds that a so soft and mushy and a turn off to those who really know cigar and smoke well. You can’t afford to give a less quality cigar to one who is an experienced cigar smoker. It won’t strike the right cord.

Does it Smell Good?

We all know that taste and smell are closely related. You need to consider the smell the cigar emits and be satisfied with it before considering it as a gift.

The flavors people smokers associate with cigars are not tasted with the tongue but the nose. Go for those filtered cigars that smell good. There are a lot if them these days. If it smells well it’ll sure be great to smoke.

Before all this you need to be sure the person you’re gifting the cigar smokes. It won’t hurt to try to find out from third parties what he enjoys smoking. His wife, girl friend, friends or close associates will come handy here – ask them.

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