Cigar Buying Tips for Beginners

Most newbies have daunting task buying their first cigar. It need not be so with the right tips in your hand.

One of the challenging issue they face is choosing from sin many varieties. And also entering into a new world of different vocabularies. Sometimes you don’t even know what is been said. You don’t know how to communicate with other cigar lovers or sellers. Everyone can just tell you’re a newbie.

If you’re a newbie I’m the cigar world then you’re in the right place you need not fear. This is a straight to the point guide to help you find your foot and blend with the others seamlessly.

This guide will hopefully help you in your first cigar buying go smoothly as expected.

Try to Stick to Tobacconists

As a beginner there is so much you don’t know so you shouldn’t fall into the hands of sellers who are not professionals. There are several advantages why you should buy from a tobacconist.

Buying from a tobacconist means you’ll large selection of quality cigars you can choose from. If you have any questions they can give you the perfect answer and put you through. You’ll be guided professionally. Their staff are usually very knowledgeable and we’ll experienced so they know all that a newbie can start with. You’ll also receive valuable tips to help you stay safe.And you’re sure anything you buy with them is topnotch. If what you want is a safe start then a tobacconist is the right classroom for you.

Start Small

This happens to almost all cigar beginners. They usually don’t know what to start with or what they really like to take. So your preferences will change frequently. To help settle this issue it’s best to buy a few and see how it goes. Experiment with the few you have and you’ll sooner than later find what best suits your style and taste.

Start with Mild Cigars

Don’t rush things. Don’t try to act a pro. Don’t try to be someone else. Just take it easy and gradual with yourself. For a beginner like you, full-bodied smokes can be overwhelming and potentially even unpleasant. It’s not a good start at all for you. Go for mild cigars, there are lots of little cigars in this category. And if you feel comfortable you can then move from there. They will help ease you into the other stronger cigars if you want to proceed into the cigar smoking adventure. This will keep you interested and not turned off at the very beginning.

Don’t Spend a Fortune

Don’t start spending heavily from the beginning. You need not spend a fortune. Grow into the life don’t drag yourself forcefully into it. You may get burnt early and have yourself to blame.  For a newcomer you can easily get a quality cigar for under $10. You need not go for expensive and fanciful cigars now. Stay with the mild and moderate cost cigars. Get your palate developed and then you can scale up to the extravagant smoke.

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