Cigar Cutting, Lighting and Smoking Tips

Here are vital tips to help you with cutting, lighting and smoking your cigar like the pros.

To have a perfect and easy cut using a double bladed guillotine cutter it is best to lay the cutter on a table, place your cigar straight in the cutter and snip.

Using this method makes it possible to have a straight and perfect cut. It picks just the right piece to chop off the cigar.

To keep your cigar burning evenly and nicely like the pro do you need to regularly rotate it. Rotate the slow burning part to the bottom. This works well because the bottom burns faster. The oxygen that feeds the flame has not been displaced by the smoke so it allows that bottom art to burn on and on faster than the top part of the cigar.

If your cigar seems to be a little tight simply squeeze and massage it gently. This could loosen the bunch and the problem may be fixed. If this seems not to work then poke a hole through it length by using a skewer or ice pick. Do this carefully and only before you light your cigar.

Your cigar off just too often? You should do this. Before you take that draw of smoke to savour against your palate try to draw and exhale a quickly a couple of times. This keeps your cigar burning even the difficult burning ones.

You must have heard some self acclaimed gurus say that 70% is the ideal relative humidity for cigar storage. The truth of the matter is that most cigars (not all though) will actually be too wet at that point and drawing it will be a task and the real taste will be affected. For the best experience keep your stuff around 65% RH preferably.

If you want to quickly and easily check how effective your humidor seal is working. Simply empty it and place an energized flashlight in it. Then properly close the lid and take a close observant look at it in a dark room. If the light shines right through then there are leaks or gaps in the humidor so you shouldn’t expect it to give you the best.

Whenever your butane lighter is beginning to misbehave and not serving you as it used to. The answer here is to purge it. Have it emptied and depress the fill system. Allow all the shut-in air in the empty gas reservoir to totally go out. When you no longer hear those hissing sounds then your lighter is perfectly purged.

Only remove your cigar band after it has been lit for around five minutes. The heat on the cigar would have loosen the glue on it from the wrapper. This will help prevent you tearing the leaf.

If you have to relight a cigar you’ve left sitting for some time. Pick it tap off gently all the remaining ash and blow gently to clear any stake air that may alter the taste. When satisfied light it and blow again gently through the cigar for about 5 seconds before taking in your first draw. This helps reduce the sour taste that comes with relit pipe tobacco cigars.

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