Art of Cigar Smoking

The first thing to note is that a cigar is not inhaled but sipped gently , and then blown out gently (exhaled). Absorbing the flavor on your palate.

I’ll be giving you some salient tips to help you smoke like a pro. Some folks have been smoking for a while but they still lack some basic smoking skills that will help them maximize the fun.

In order not to unravel the outermost cigar wrapper you should be careful not to cut too far into the cigar. Newcomers especially should take note of this. If you buy tobacco online as a newbie you may not kn

Cardboard matches should not be used. You could ruin the cigar if you do because they are tainted with chemicals.

You don’t have to knock off the ash. Allow it go off by itself. One key quality of a good cigar is a long ash. It won’t hurt to show off with it.

Before smelling a cigar it’s best to remove the cellophane. Leaving the cellophane on means you won’t be able to really smell the vital essence of your cigar. If not you’ll end up with other scents.

Use Cedar Spills

Using Cedar is very important. It is known to help retain a needed degree of moisture. It fine smell blends so we’ll with tobacco like no other.

Ever wondered why most manufacturers put sheets of cedar in cigar boxes? It’s because of its fine blend with tobacco.

Deal with the Cigar Band

You don’t have to tear the brand name on the cigar. Doing that could tear up the Wrapper. There is nothing wrong letting others see the brand you smoke especially when the brand is topnotch.

Handle the Ash with Care

While it’s fun to leave the ash trailing, it could fall off where you don’t want it to so it’s advisable to let it go at some point to avoid any emergency.

Don’t worry if you have no ashtray around, you can ash it on the lawn. These premium cigars are natural so have no fear of harming the soil or grass.

Put Out a Cigar

You shouldn’t snuff out a cigar like you do a cigarette. They aren’t the same. All you need to do with a cigar is place the cigar butt in an ashtray and let it fall off on it own. Cigar have no chemicals in them that cause them to burn so you can allow it go off on it own.

Relighting A Cigar That Has Gone Out

You have to keep your hand rolled cigar burning by puffing and positioned where are can reach it. This is because it has no chemical elements in it that allows it to burn on its own.

It’s best to relight a cigar when warm. If it cold before you decide relighting it the taste is tainted. Even when you cut it and remove the ash there will still be remnants in it. It is best to keep it lit but just in case it goes off just light another one.

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