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A newborn baby entering the world is a beautiful thing, and always a cause for celebration. But for loved ones, it can also raise an often stressful question: what on earth should I buy as a present? If you’re here, you’ve most likely asked yourself this very question repeatedly over the last few days or weeks.

But don’t fear, for I have you covered with this handy list of gift ideas for newborn babies, covering all the bases with a wide range of helpful presents for both baby and parents.

So without further ado, let’s dive straight into my top five gifts for newborn babies!

1.  Clothing

If there’s one thing any baby can’t have enough of, it’s clothes. Without going into too much detail, we all know that as much comes out of a baby as goes in (and sometimes it seems like a lot more!) Constantly washing clothes can be exhausting, so the more they have to wear, the better. What’s great about baby clothes is that they don’t take up much storage space!

Onesies and pajamas are always a good choice, as are socks, hats and mittens. More extravagant options include a nice warm winter jacket, or maybe even a snowsuit! Shoes and booties are also a safe bet.

2.  Books

Research suggests that the sooner you start reading to your child, the more positive an impact it will have on their overall life. For this reason, many experts take an “It’s never too soon” approach, and recommend reading to your baby as soon as he or she is born!

Personalized books featuring popular characters like Peter Rabbit and others like the ones found here are great because they feature the child’s name on the cover and inside, making them a thoughtful gift to cherish for years to come as well as being educational.

3.  Toys

The other obvious gift for anyone under the age of ten (or in some cases, forty-five – mentioning no names!) is toys. The possibilities are endless here, from cuddly teddy bears and balls to rattles and teething rings. Use your common sense, and stay away with anything with potential choking hazards or sharp edges.

Depending on your budget, you can really level up in this category with a play mat or even a foldable playpen, which can often accommodate more than one infant – perfect for playdates!

4.  Necessities

In the excitement of bringing a child into the world and getting everything ready for their welcome into the family home, some small but very crucial items can often slip the mind. These things, while somewhat unglamorous, can often become the most appreciated gifts of all.

On the larger end of the scale, you have things such as a safety seat for the car, baby monitors and an infant bath tub. Smaller items include a night light, medicine spoons, nasal aspirator, nail clippers, thermometer, a sun shade for a car window and a soft-bristled hair brush.

Baby-proofing gear is something important that can easily be forgotten as it won’t be needed until around the four-month mark, but having it in advance will mean one less job that needs doing later.

5.  Something Creative

You know the old saying: it’s the thought that counts. You don’t always have to spend big bucks to give a great present to someone, and a lot of the time the most cherished gifts are the most unique, with the greatest amount of consideration behind them.

Personalized artwork or prints to hang on the wall will be a welcome addition to any nursery. If you’re a particularly creative person, you could create your own artwork, write a poem or song, or even knit your own clothes for the baby! The possibilities here are limited only by your own imagination, so follow your heart and go wild!

Whether they’re a first-time rider or have loads of experience, having fun on two or three wheels is a big deal for many kids. Getting your child a scooter is a great way for them to build confidence and get used to riding around before upgrading to a bicycle. Choosing a sturdy, well-designed scooter that’s suitable for your child’s age group will help to set them up for a lifetime of healthy activity. In fact, riding a scooter can have a wide range of health benefits for kids – not only is it great exercise, but they’ll also improve their balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. So, which scooter is the best choice for your child? Let’s take a look at some of the options.

#1. Classic Scooters:

The classic design is what most people will think of when they imagine a child’s scooter. They’re usually on two wheels, and many have additional features such as a rear brake for safer riding, and foldable handlebars that allow your little one to take it with them almost anywhere. The classic design is perfect for longer journeys, such as riding the scooter to school or for family weekend trips to the park. However, it may not be the best choice for younger children and toddlers, since the two-wheel design can make it difficult for younger riders to balance and steer at the same time.

#2. Fliker Scooters:

Suitable for older and more experienced kids, Fliker scooters are heaps of fun. Instead of using their foot to push off from the ground, the rider propels themselves forward by shifting their weight from one side to the other. These scooters also allow riders to ‘flick’ up onto two wheels, making them great for confident kids who enjoy doing stunts and tricks on their ride. It’s also great exercise but bear in mind that a Fliker scooter isn’t the best idea for longer journeys – they’re better for fun riding and shorter trips.

#3. Glider Scooters:

Glider scooters typically come with three wheels and are designed to help younger kids learn to balance whilst riding. They are suitable for kids of all ages, but most commonly designed for toddlers and very young children who are just starting out. There’s usually two wheels to the front of the scooter similar to a stabilizer on a bicycle, although these can also be located at the back. With a wider deck, they’re safer for smaller kids or beginners. They’re great for longer journeys, but not ideal for tricks or stunts. Check out these Scooters For Kids reviews to find the perfect glider for your little one.

#4. Age Requirements:

Now you know more about the different types of child’s scooters available, you’ll need to determine which one is best for your child’s age. Typically, gliders are the perfect choice for children aged 1-3, since they offer all the support needed for balance and co-ordination at this age. As your child gets older and improves their balance, you might want to move them to a classic design. Finally, Fliker scooters are the best choice for older kids with more riding experience.

Did you find this information helpful? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Egypt’s history has always been the major attraction to people visiting the capital – Cairo. The pyramids, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, are a sight to reckon and the multiple tombs are another attraction every student and expat wants to see at least once in their lifetime. Put together, these sites give us a brief history of early man and shed some light on the origins of civilization.

So, if you’re traveling to Egypt, these destinations would most likely be at the top of your list, which is by all mean a great idea.

However, did you know that there are dozens of other great spots and exhilarating sceneries to consider in the capital? Below, we look at three reasons to visit Cairo aside from the historical spots.

  1. Wildlife

Like most of the African countries, Egypt is home to a wide range of wildlife. One study says that the capital Cairo has approximately 100 mammal species. Some of the mammals you can expect to see include camels, Nubian ibex, giraffes, gazelles, ostriches, sand cats, and hedgehogs. Depending on the season, you might even be lucky to see a Fennec, the world’s smallest fox.

Besides these mammals, the capital is also home to dozens of marine animals including whales, dolphins, dugongs, seals, and manatees. Then, there is a range of reptiles also including cobras, horned vipers, and the Nile crocodiles.

Owing to the extreme weather conditions, some of these animals’ lives are in constant danger. Therefore, most of them can only be found in zoos and parks.

  1. Dip into the Arab culture

A visit to Cairo would put you in the heart of the Arab culture. It means you can explore everything about the culture from cuisines to arts and hospitality to lifestyles. What’s better, many tourists who’ve been there only have good things to say about the capital. Just about everyone in Cairo is excited to see tourists.

If you’re a music lover, you can also use the trip to learn about the local styles. Cairo is home to many different types of music, some of which aren’t globally heard. For instance, their traditional harps and flutes are rarely heard beyond the borders but are some of the most soothing musical instruments.

To complement the music, the locals are known to dance in bright colored, sequined designed bras and long flowing skirts. It’s majestic!

  1. The Nile River in all its glory

Being the longest river in the world at over 4,000 meters, the Nile is a must-see if you’re visiting Cairo. This north-flowing river runs right through the city and offers breathtaking views of the city’s skyline during the early mornings and late evenings.

You can also get the chance to tour the river if you’re staying at one of the nearby luxurious hotels like Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel. It takes approximately three days to cruise from Aswan to Luxor, and you’ll be more than amazed by the ever-changing scenery; from lush green bushes to forests and then camel-filled deserts. From the deck of the ship, you’ll also be able to see Egyptian women washing along the river and men plowing their fields.

By the end of your visit, rest assured that you’ll have seen enough to convince you to come back.

There are plenty of reasons to go to Minnesota, and if you’re planning a trip to the Midwestern state, it may be hard to narrow them all down.

It’s a diverse state with attractions ranging from world-class shopping to outdoor adventures.

You may be planning to rent an RV in St. Paul just as an example, and travel around the state, and if so below are some of the top things you should try to incorporate into your itinerary.

Mall of America

Located in Bloomington, there’s no way to mention a trip to Minnesota without talking about the Massive Mall of America.

This enormous mall in the suburbs of the Twin Cities is the largest mall in the U.S and the 12th largest in the world. It’s one of the most visited shopping destinations in the world, and in addition to the stores, there’s no lack of entertainment for the entire family here.

Kids will love Nickelodeon Universe, the Crayola Experience + Store, Rock Ages Blacklight Minigolf, and the Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium, just to name a few of the attractions outside of shopping.

Brainerd Lakes

The entire state of Minnesota is known for its lakes, and Brainerd Lakes is one of the favorite areas. This area is perfect if you love the outdoors because it’s known for fishing, adventure sports, golf, hunting, and biking.

In the summer there are plenty of opportunities for water sports, and in the winter it’s all about the snow sports.

Brainerd is only about 125 miles north of the Twin Cities, and there’s also shopping and dining in the area.

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

There is an area near Duluth that’s known as the North Shore of Lake Superior, and along this shore are amazing parks.

One of the favorites is Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.

There are hiking trails along the lake, you can fish for trout and salmon, and the rocky shoreline is picturesque.

There are also plenty of RV parks in the area.


Lanesboro is a small town in Southeastern Minnesota, and many people opt to visit it because of the Root River State Bike Trail. This is widely considered one of the best biking trails in Minnesota.

Also in this riverside town are opportunities for fishing, shopping and eating at the small town local restaurants the area is known for.

Winter Sports

There are so many areas throughout Minnesota where your family can enjoy a variety of winter sports.

Buck Hill is known for being where Lindsey Vonn first started her career, and they feature a freestyle airbag jump, as well as three chairlifts, night skiing, and private lessons.

Hyland Hill is in the Highland Lake Park Reserve in Bloomington, so you don’t even have to leave the urban area to enjoy it. It features a progressive terrain park and a newly constructed chalet.

Finally, there’s also Lutsen Mountain on the North Shore with high peaks and great views along with rental equipment for both children and adults.

When it comes to skiing and snowboarding resorts in the US, you will truly find something for everyone.  With an abundance of exhilarating slopes and varied terrains, skiers and snowboarders will find an array of hills to keep their adrenaline pumping for days on end.

Off the slopes, the ski and snowboarding resorts in the US offer a multitude of accommodations and activities that are sure to keep guests entertained the whole year round.

Breckenridge Ski Resort

Colorado’s Breckenridge Ski Resort is one of North America’s most popular ski resorts for a reason.  The vast terrain spans 4 mountain peaks, ensuring that skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels have plenty of runs to enjoy.

Aside from the amazing skiing and snowboarding, Breckenridge offers many activities to keep you busy the whole year round.  From zip lines to climbing walls to a roller coaster ride down the mountain, you are sure to find loads to do no matter when you visit.

Vail Ski Resort

The legendary Vail Ski Resort in Colorado is truly enormous and offers something for everyone. Boasting a staggering 5,289 acres, Vale’s skiing area is one of the largest in the entire world and it dusted with the perfect, powdery snow that skiers and snowboards love.  If you are new to skiing or snowboarding or just want to polish up some of your skills, you are in luck because the Vail Ski School is world-renowned as one of the best and largest. The pro shop is second to none, if you’re looking for a warm snowboarding  jacket and pants, you will find a large selection.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Located in Wyoming in the Teton Range of the Rocky Mountains, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is an absolute dream for skilled skiers and snowboarders who are thirsty for extreme terrain.  However, extreme skiing is not all Jackson Hole has to offer.  A true 4 seasons resort, Jackson Hole has horseback riding, disc golf, hiking, and its very own wildlife film festival.  If you are interested in the arts, the lively Grand Teton Music Festival celebrates music and the Jackson Hole community.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area

In California along the beautiful Sierra Mountains is the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, a massive, family-friendly resort sitting on over 3,500 acres.  Beginners, intermediates, and experts alike will enjoy skiing and snowboard on its vastly varied terrain.  As diverse as the slopes, the abundance of accommodations at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area spans from rustic and low-key to lavish and 5-star so that people of a wide range of tastes and budgets can enjoy themselves.

Snowbird Ski Resort

The Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah is probably best known for having some of the best natural snow powder that, along with its challenging terrain, attracts advanced, experienced skiers from all around.  Summertime at the resort can be just as extreme with offerings such as mountain biking, an impressive ropes course, and the Mountain Flyer – a ride that takes you up 1,000 feet off the ground and sends you right back down, letting gravity do all the work.

Being a gamer while travelling is for many people the best of both worlds. It’s definitely two big luxuries rolled into one great lifestyle. However, it’s not easy to do this for several reasons. Let’s look at some of the potential hurdles the travelling gamer is probably going to face in the course of going all over the earth, and possible solutions for them.

Gear Considerations:

This is the easiest thing to worry about in a way, because you can plan for it 100% ahead of time. There are many options here but there are some abiding principles that will guide the savvy travelling gamer.

You want a good laptop, preferably one that was designed with gaming in mind. You may be doing other activities like browsing the internet or sport betting at , but the critical activity will be the gaming, obviously. Make sure you have the CPU and graphics capability for the games you are going to be playing.

Make sure especially that the keyboard on said laptop is absolutely and completely comfortable, and works for you on your favorite games. Some people may want to go as far as bringing along a separate USB keyboard, because these are always going to be superior, and they are much more customizable than any laptop keyboard. At any rate, put lots of thought into the keyboard situation. Obviously you will be bringing along a good quality gaming mouse, and an ergonomic mouse pad is highly recommended as well.

Internet Considerations:

This is really the toughest part of gaming while travelling. But don’t fear; there are many ways you can mitigate this.

The biggest hack is perhaps surprising: try to avoid hotels, especially the cheaper ones. Hotel wi-fi is notoriously poor quality, even in some of the more high end hotels. You can break this rule if you have been to a hotel before and had a positive experience, or if someone you trust can vouch for that hotel’s internet.

This is where sites like couchsurfing and airbnb rule, because you will usually get much better internet quality in someone’s own palace than in a hotel. You may or may not also have the option of simply staying with friends, which is the best, because you know exactly what you are getting beforehand in terms of internet, and if you are staying with your fellow gamers, they will probably have done everything possible to get a good internet connection.

Be Realistic In Your Expectations:

You have to also be honest with yourself on this one. Most countries these days have good enough quality broadband internet for gaming, but some really exotic destinations may fall short. Sometimes it’s better to know when to pack your gaming gear up for a few days and just enjoy your destination.

Happy gaming!

A survey has revealed that most parents in the US are having a difficult time balancing their careers with family life. In the poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, 56% of working parentsfind the balancing act to be challenging. However, it is crucial to spend some quality time with your children to help them grow up happier and healthier, and one way to do this by getting them to participate in outdoor activities in your garden.

Benefits of spending time with your children

As working parents become preoccupied with their careers and the various responsibilities in raising a child, it’s easy to feel disconnected from your kids. It’s even truer for those with school age children as they spend more time doing schoolwork and extra-curricular activities, and most of them would rather be with their friends during their free time.

But experts have found thatspending just 20 minutes a day with your child can help them build their self-confidence, lowers risk of drug use, and encourages healthy habits. While bonding in front of the TV is better than nothing, it is advisable to spend time with your children outdoors. Even just a few minutes doing fun activities in your garden will help engage all their senses as it fosters family bonding. Here are a few fun activities to get your kids out in the garden.

Give your garden a makeover

If your garden is starting to look like it needs a change, you can have your children help you to give it a makeover. Decide on a theme—do your kids prefer a Zen garden, an English garden, or an eco-friendly one? Once you’ve decided, choose your plants and have everyone map out where to plant them. You can also add a few accessories such as outdoor furniture, atraditional or modern water fountain, some solar lights, and the like. This is a great outdoor activity as giving a garden a makeover can teach your kids to have patience, to cooperate, and to know the value of teamwork.

Have a tea party

What’s more fun than having a tea party in your garden? You can use your child’s play set, but it’s even better to serve real food and drinks. All you need is a table, a few chairs, a tea set, some sandwiches, tea, or other beverages that your children will like. Go all out and have everyone dress up in gloves and hats. This activity is a good opportunity to teach the little ones a few basic table manners.


Let your children paint to their heart’s content without fearing for your couch. Get out the paint, brushes, and other art supplies and head to the garden with your kids for an hour of painting. To make it even more fun, you can let them have asquirt gun painting session. Afterward, you can have everyone wash off any paint spatters before going inside the house.

Have a garden movie night

Setting up a backyard or garden theater is not as hard as some might think it is—all you’ll need is a projector, an outdoor projection screen or even a plain white bed sheet, speakers, and some snacks. Lay down a few blankets for your kids to sit on and place some lawn chairs in the garden for the adults. Make sure to show kid-friendly movies and that the volume is not too loud that it will disturb your neighbors.

Go camping

On the weekend, you canpitch a tent in your gardenand sleep there for the night with your kids. You can tell stories, look at the stars, and even roast marshmallows if you have an outdoor fire pit.

Try any of these activities that you can do with your children in your garden. Not only do you get to spend quality time with the little ones, but everyone is guaranteed to have a fun time which will be part of your kids’ memories for a long time.

Orlando is definitely a top tourist destination, and there are many reasons why. Let’s have a look at the positives and negatives from a tourist’s standpoint:


1) Best theme parks, period.

No other city tops it. Orlando exists almost for this reason and few others, at least in the eyes of any tourist. It can get a little expensive, but there are ways to mitigate this. Discount theme park tickets can be had by the savvy shopper, for example.

2) Family oriented.

Orlando has it clear that they are trying to attract families of tourists as their number one class of customers. This is not nightlife and party crazy Miami, or Vegas with all its casinos, this is really for the family in every way.

3) Best airport, period.

Flying into and out of MCO is almost a joy. OK, all airports can be a bit of a drag but as far as airports go, MCO is a class act. It’s about as efficient an American airport post 9/11 can get.


1) Don’t go out of the theme parks.

This may surprise people, but outside of the tourist bubble, Orlando is actually not interesting, and it can get in some areas it can get more than a little dangerous. Just stick with the original plan.

2) Climate hell.

Unless you and the whole family really REALLY love the heat, don’t take your vacation here after the 1st of May or before the 1st of October. Really December to March is the best season here, with cooler temperatures prevailing allowing you to walk comfortably. Central Florida weather can actually be quite variable in the winter, so bring sweaters/jackets even just in case.

As you can see, the positives pretty much destroy the negatives, so don’t hesitate to pick Orlando as the destination for that next great big vacation.

Many people still consider Vegas to be an adult-oriented gambling-oriented tourist destination only. This probably was never one hundred percent true, and is less true than ever these days. Let’s take a quick look at some pros and cons of modern-day Vegas:


1) Entertainment

Hand’s down, Vegas is the entertainment capital of the country, and perhaps the world. This is where you will see some of the best shows you could possibly imagine. And they don’t have to be expensive either. Discount Vegas shows are there for those of us who know where to look.

2) Bang for the Buck

Vegas still remains one of the best deals out there. All year long you can get deals on hotels, rental cars, etc. The casinos help subsidize this, to be sure, but the trip doesn’t even have to include the casinos, to be honest. As a matter of fact, this brings us to #3 which is

3) Surrounding Area

This is the most underrated part of going to Vegas. It’s actually surrounded by incredible nature and several world-class national parks, all of which are definitely worth visiting. I would even say you should definitely put at least one day trip out of the city on your itinerary or you’re really missing out.


1) Lines

Unfortunately Vegas is more crowded than ever, and that means lines everywhere. Be prepared to add an hour onto many things like getting your rental car, and even dinner at the buffet is going to be slow just because of the sheer volume of people.

2) Smoke

This could be looked upon as another pro by those of you who still like to light up, but most of us are disgusted by it. Hopefully city officials will get on board and start limiting the smokers so the rest of us can breathe a little better.

3) Climate

Vegas is best done in the spring or fall. Because this is the desert, in the summer temperatures will soar often way above 110 degrees f even. In winter they can go down well below freezing at night, which comes as a surprise to most non-residents. Also the air is dry and dusty, which means if you have any breathing problems, make sure you bring your medications!

It looks like the Pros beat the Cons hands down for this place. Vegas has a lot more to offer than many people realize, and should be seriously considered for your next family trip.

A family road trip has different requirements than a road trip did back before we became parents. Safety matters more than speed, and while we still want something stylish, we’re not willing to pack a car seat into a convertible coupe. Maybe you are, but good luck with that. When it comes to budgeting, we actually have one of those things now.

All that being said, don’t think for one minute that a family road trip can’t be a super fun experience with a stylish ride full of the latest features. Here are 5 vehicles that are perfect for taking on a family road trip and cost under $35,000. The best part about all of them is that after the road trip, they’ll be excellent additions to your family’s garage. Don’t forget to pack the essentials after you pick the perfect car.

Honda Accord

If you’re looking for a spacious, economical, and ultra-reliable sedan that will be perfect for cruising on a family road trip and also be an excellent family investment beyond your vacation, the Honda Accord is a winner. With a back seat that comfortably fits 2 adult passengers, or 3 kids, and about 30 miles per gallon on average, this car is a budget-friendly family favorite. Additional safety features like a collision warning system and automatic emergency braking will make your trip more safe. All that for just above $22,000 brand new means you’ll have enough money left over in your budget for a second family road trip this summer!

Dodge Durango

Take a trailer, boat or other toys along with the Durango’s towing capacity of 7,400 pounds. This is about 1,000 pounds more than other SUVs in its class. While your average mpg will drop when towing, you’ll start off at a more than fair average of about 26 mpg on the highway. Seating capacity can fluctuate between 5 or 7 additional passengers, or put the rear seats up for more cargo space. The 2017 model starts at just under $30,000. Traveling in an SUV means more room, comfort, and safety for your entire family, and the Durango is a top choice for thrifty travelers who don’t want to compromise on space and function.

Kia Sorento

For a smaller SUV, the Sorento is an excellent family road trip choice. You can still tow up to 5,000 pounds depending on the powertrain of the model you choose, and will get an average of 28 mpg on the highway (without towing anything). While seating may be more tight than other SUVs with an optional small third row, the seats that are there are comfortable and roomy, with contouring and padding in all the right places. With a starting cost of only $25,000, this is a smart and economic option for a family road trip SUV and general family vehicle with versatility of space.

Subaru Outback

If your family plans on hitting the trails and exploring off the main roads, you’re going to want something with all-wheel drive. The Subaru Outback is a safe and fun family vehicle for the outdoorsy family. A higher ground clearance will let you get over rocky terrain easily, while the AWD will keep you moving and able to explore further into the great wide open. Thoughtful safety features like anti-whiplash headrests and overhead airbags will keep your precious cargo safe. Speaking of cargo, you’ll get over 35 square feet of cargo space. For well under $35,000 you can get into an Outback and have plenty of gas money to drive it off into the outback. With an average 32 mpgs on the highway, you won’t even need that much!

Toyota Sienna

If a family road trip means to you that you and up to 8 of your family members, you’re going to need something big. The Sienna is a minivan with maximum perks for a family road trip vehicle. You’ll have an option to tow up to 3,500 pounds if you want to bring along some fun family toys. The just under 300 hp under the hood,will keep you moving and an average of 26 mpg’s on the highway will keep you saving money every mile. An available dual-view entertainment system with Blu-Ray will keep your kids and adults alike entertained while you travel along in comfort and space. Have room enough for everyone and never feel cramped for under $30,000 in the Sienna.