A Look At Some Of The Best Ways To Stay Entertained During Lockdown

Let’s take stock of what we have achieved and look at the new and exciting ways to stay entertained during the lockdown.

Give it a go! Check out our list of fun and exciting new ways to have fun in your free time.

Learn How to Code

It’s not the first thing your mind probably jumps to when someone says “fun”, but coding creates all the computer software in the world and the way you learn coding can be applied to any other language in the world and any kind of site review.

So, whether it’s HTML or Malbolge, learning just one coding language is sure to occupy plenty of your time and leave you navigating your way around the internet in a whole new way.

Once you’ve mastered this addictive skill you could move on to an online game with coding in mind: Minecraft.

Minecraft played on Xbox or PS4 has had an upgrade – this 2009 game encourages the player to learn to code, to build the game as they go along: this can be multiplayer. In 2020 Minecraft is a cult game that looks the same in its old-school style layout but updated with lots more cool gameplay features.

Join The Pub Quiz

That sort of gaming not for you? Then let’s try an online pub quiz; some of these are actually held in pubs and run by pub landlords. Facebook is usually the place to find a quiz: most are free to join and some have prizes.

You can start your own pub quiz and here are a few questions and answers to get you started,

How many colours are there on the South African flag? Answer 6; or who wrote The Colour Purple? This famously iconic book was written by Alice Walker.

What about, how many countries are there in the world? The answer is 195. I didn’t know that! But this one is my all-time favourite – What is the most common colour of toilet paper in France? The answer is pink, who knew?

You get the idea, and if you’re super-clever, you could make up your own questions and become a pub quiz sensation.

Take up photography

So much of the world is changing every single day. Thinking about where we all were a year ago and now – it’s like we’re living on a different planet.

Capture the moments that mean something to you with your new hobby – photography! You don’t need a professional camera as the one on your iPhone will work perfectly.

Then go outside and find what interests you. It might be trees, animals or the urban jungle that makes up the city around you. With fewer people walking around, the world really is your oyster to go and explore with your photography. Upload the shots to Instagram or Pinterest and share your creativity.

Edit video professionally

Whether you already know how to edit video on a professional programme or not, diving into the world of graphics and film is one of the most distracting hobbies you could do right now. And who doesn’t need a little distraction every now and then?

Remember all those childhood movies you mum and dad took on their large video camera? All those shots of you with ice cream all over your face; or when you fell in the river with your clothes on? All these precious memories need not go to waste with an online course.

Enrolling onto an online course is the easiest it’s ever been as well if you haven’t tried to edit video professionally before. Just by logging onto your laptop, there are hundreds of courses available for you to find – everything from creating special effects from home to editing video for a film.

Don’t fancy all that why not do something relaxing?

Jigsaw like a demon

The rise of the popularity of the jigsaw has surprised many. No longer the sole domain of the older person. Jigsaws are hot property, with some unusual designs selling well on auction sites, and well-known retailers unable to re-stock fast enough. So why exactly has this happened?

Put the blame on the jigsaw clubs on Instagram and Facebook who have made this pastime cool and, in turn, the appeal has trickled down the generations.

Sharing photos of your completed or even incomplete puzzle has created a stir no-one would have expected. But that’s not the only reason.

Therapists say focusing on detail helps relaxation. The no-pressure environment with a creative payoff counters the effect of anxiety, giving a sense of control in an unpredictable world. Of course, this is only true if all the pieces are there! If you’re not into jigsaws, I have some other suggestions.

Take up painting

There are hours of fun tutorials on YouTube Everyone from Grayson Perry to David Hockney has taken turns on YouTube to try to teach one how to paint. Real painting with real paints is messy, I prefer the digital kind.

So, add some flair to those lines and angles with digital painting. By using a computer programme, you’ll be able to choose whatever colour and brush style you like. You can work your way through loads of scenes and portraits, either from your own imagination or from life.

Whatever you decide to do, tell people about it. Go online and show your talents, you never know where it may lead you.

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