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How do your define happiness? There are number of explanations that researchers have come up with in the past century. It has all got to do with feeling positive emotions. But it is not the definition that worries us, for many of us the question is “How do I get happy?”

Strangely enough even when everything seems to be going fine, a little cloud descends on our minds and happiness evades us. So is it possible to blow away this gray cloud? Of course it is!

The Worldwide Database of Happiness collated by researchers in Rotterdam shows that everyone can be happy. Just follow the below tips and see for yourself:

  1. Live in the moment: Having too many goals and ideals can seem like a way to make yourself happy in the short term but it will only lead to unhappiness and resentment on a long term basis. The way to go is to have fluid goals and focus on your journey rather than the results. Have a positive mindset towards your future but do not let it overtake your ability to appreciate what you have today.
  2. Stay active: This does not refer to participating in stern physical activities everyday, though you can always do them if they make you happy. Being active means being involved in your everyday life actively instead of being a passive spectator. Make things happen and do the things you enjoy- whether it is playing bingo with promotions or reading a book.
  3. Remember that money isn’t everything: Having a ton of money will not automatically bring all the happiness. Research suggests that earning enough money to fully satisfy our needs brings happiness but running after excessive money can only cause stress.

Happiness is a broad concept and it is difficult to measure it accurately as it is widely subjective. But whatever happiness means to you, it is always a relief to know that you can attain it whenever you set your mind to it.

A colossal monument, a wonder of the modern world, a feat of engineering – no matter how you choose to describe the Great Wall of China, it fires imagination and awe inspired wonder at how a wall of this size and scale was built at a time when heavy machinery was not in existence.

Constructed over two millennia, the population of Leeds working on its construction at one time and an overall weight equivalent to 8m elephants, you cannot help but admire the ingenuity, science and technology behind the Great Wall of China.

What Was the Real Cost?

Admired the world over, its construction came at a cost both in term of finances over the 2,000-year construction period, and in the lives of the military and civilians who built it.

In the modern day, it begs the question what is the true financial cost building the wall? Would it still be needed or has the world changed beyond recognition from the times that the wall was built 770BC to the 17th century?

Why Build Walls?

The wall was built for two reasons: to protect valuable trade routes from invasion, and to protect land and provinces of tribes and lords.

These reasons, in the 21st century, may not be as defunct as we thought they would be. But at what cost?

NCC Home Learning’s infographic on the true cost of the Great Wall of China highlights little known facts about the great wonder of the world, that is today a tourist attraction that once kept invaders out and protected valuable trade routes.

Known for being the eighth state to ratify the U.S. Constitution, South Carolina has a rich history and an even richer scenery to view. There’s many things to love and adore about South Carolina; for example, a chain of tidal and barrier islands border its shores to create a beautiful landscape to take pictures of, and it has major lakes which cover over six hundred square miles.

That’s why South Carolina makes the list for one of the best states to go kayaking and paddle boarding. Below, you can find some of the best locations within South Carolina to enjoy the outdoors.

Charleston Outdoor Adventures

Perhaps one of the most fantastic things about this location is that Charleston Outdoor Activities provides both rental and guiding services to show visitors eco-tours that are absolutely to-die-for. The resort is equipped with naturalists who will provide you with the absolute best experience possible.

Not only this, but you’ll have the opportunity to experience the saltwater estuaries of South Carolina. For those of you who don’t know what an estuary is, it’s the area in a large river where the tide meets the stream.

If you’re going alone, or with a partner, then you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise on the water. With a two-hour full-moon kayak tour, there’s no way you can go wrong. If your into fishing, there are some excellent guided tours. Kayaks and paddles are provided and they even include fish finders so you are sure to have a good day of fishing.

Nature Adventures Outfitters

The very purpose of Nature Adventures Outfitters is to provide you with the best experience possible; in fact, it says so right on the home page. Here you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including, overnight camping expeditions, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing!

You can spend your time exploring Shem Creek and Crab Bank Island. Not only this, but you have a high chance of running into some dolphins and shorebirds while you’re out on your adventure.

Adventure Carolina

In the winter, you can visit for some of the best winter activities in the region. In the summer, you can enjoy kayaking, camping, paddling, fishing, and much more. You can even plan birthday parties here; so, if you have a friend you prefers outdoor activities to staying in and eating cake, then feel free to bring them so that they can have the most memorable birthday possible. In the summer, you can also book a trip to have a tour of the spider lilies, which are known to bloom in the area.

South Carolina is an ideal location for anything to do with kayaking and paddle boating. This is, perhaps, because of the both large number of lakes to be found in the state and the amazing scenery to be observed while you’re out on the water. The above three locations will no doubt provide you with a great day on the water. So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip to South Carolina and enjoy kayaking and paddle boarding.

The Easter holidays are one of the longer breaks in the school year and often the weather isn’t always at its best.  This means that the children quickly get bored of their toys and games and restlessness sets in.  A great way to keep them occupied is to make things together with them and My Voucher Codes have created a great pack to help you enjoy the fun and easy crafts and activities that don’t break the bank.

Decorating the house for Easter

Decorating the house for Easter has become very popular in the way that Halloween and Christmas see our homes transformed.  Easter is about pastel colours, rabbits, chicks and, of course, Easter eggs.  Making your own colourful Easter eggs with the kids is one of the easier tasks to undertake and lets the children bring out their artistic side.

Prick two holes in an egg and use tape to stop them cracking.  Put a small straw into one hold and gently blow out the egg yolk and white through the bottom hole.  Give then a gentle rinse and they are ready for decoration.  The children can then paint them as they want and put them in a bowl to decorate the dining room table.

Easy games

Another set of great ideas in the Easter Hack Pack surrounds easy games you can play with the kids over the Easter weekend, especially the younger ones.

Treasure hunts are always popular and there’s no reason that you can’t hold your own around the house and garden.  Hide a set of little treats and make a map or a series of clues for the kids to follow to track down each treat.  Remember to include the same number of treats in each spot as children to avoid any arguments.

The egg and spoon race is a mainstay of Easter games and there’s no reason why you can’t hold your own.  Hard boil an egg for each child (and you can use them for salads afterwards if they survive in one piece).  Everyone gets an egg and a spoon and the idea is to run as quickly as possible to the finish line without dropping the egg.

Make your cash go further

Because Easter can be a costly time of the year, it also helps to remember those little tips that make your cash go further.  While the children will want an Easter egg for Easter Sunday, limit them to one each.  Then pop to the stores on Monday as you know there will be lots of discounts and multi-buy offers.  Then you can dish out eggs during the holidays to avoid chocolate overload or as part of your games.

Use websites to check out the best deals on Easter egg prices before you buy any.  Web sites such as MySupermarket and MyVoucherCodes will tell you what prices eggs are at the different shops and often offer vouchers for stores that helps with the cost.  You might even spot one for a luxury chocolate store to treat the adults as well as the kids!