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Do you have stellar content you want to get out on the web? The best way to track this and plan future ideas is with a content calendar. Many options, but Google Sheets never seem to fail.

Spreadsheets are used to collect data, track, and plan. And now you can learn how to use it to make an efficient and functional calendar.

Especially if you have several clients, help to keep them separate and organized.

Here are some tips to help you get started and master content calendars in Google Sheets!

Formatting Your Calendar

The first thing to do is to open a new spreadsheet and delete columns H through Z. Next, choose the month you want to create. Type this into the first cell of your spreadsheet.


To begin formatting, select column A, row 1. This should be where you entered in the month. Then, highlight columns A through G and merge (button is just right of the fill tool) so that the cell spans across the entire column.

You can personalize the calendar a little more by adjusting the alignment, font size, and style. I typically like to bold the month.

Use Formulas

Next up is to use formulas to create the days of the weeks. I use column A through G to do this. If you don’t feel like using a formula, you can always enter this manually.

Choose the cell where you want to play the first weekday. Use formula: =TEXT(1, DDDD”).

This tells your Google Sheet to replace the number with a date while using the format weekdays.

Then, highlight the “1” that is the formula and type: (COLUMN(), DDDD”). Press enter and select the day you want to place in the first row. Dragging this through columns A through G and pressing enter should fill in the rest of the week with help from the formula.

Now you will use a formula to fill in the numerical values. The formula: =IF WEEKDAY($A1)=COLUMN(),1, “”.

This means that you are telling Google Sheets that if the first day of the month falls on a weekday and is equal to the column that you are in, to display the number one.

Then you will select the enter row and paste. The number one should appear in the desired column. Again, this can always be done manually.

For example, if the first day of the month starts on Thursday, you would use the following function to fill in the rest of the days of the month: =DAY(A1=A5). Copy and drag selector to the rest of the row and simply paste.

Remember, sometimes it is just easier to do this manually.

Finalize Your Calendar

This is the time you can reformat or add design elements to personalize your calendar.

If things aren’t looking the way you want, like a real calendar, you can clean it up a bit by highlighting the days of the week. Or you can add a border or change the font. Don’t be afraid to mess around with formatting tools to get the look you really want for your content calendar.

Creating a content calendar with Google Sheets is easy to share among your team. Any team member can have access and can easily edit them to stay on top of things.

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Cannabidiol or CBD has been gaining traction in most cities and states in the United States. This is because the substance holds so many therapeutic properties that it’s unbelievable. But yet, all of these properties actually work and help people with a number of issues.

From anxiety to chronic pain, and from insomnia to acne, cannabidiol can provide relief in situations that otherwise seem hopeless. That is why, more and more people are turning towards this substance.

But as popular as the substance has become, it is not clear to many how best to take it. Do they just straight up take a drop of CBD oil in their mouth? Or do they vape it to mimic the style of smoking?

This brief guide will let you know of 5 ways to take CBD, along with the pros and cons of each way.

1. Take CBD in Snacks

One popular way to take CBD is to take it in ready-to-eat snacks. These edibles could come in the form of perishables such as brownies. They could also come in the kind of snacks that have a longer shelf-life such as almond bites.

Pros: They are as easy to consume as opening a pack of your favorite chips.

Cons: The quantity and potency of CBD is not easily present in each snack. Calorie count also increases with each dosage since they are usually high in sugar content.

2. Take CBD Through Vaping

CBD comes in the form of vape juice as well. Through this, one can simply attach vape juice to the vape pen, and enjoy it just like you would with any other flavor.

Pros: It is a fun way to consume CBD. It is also a throwback to how people consume marijuana in its natural form.

Cons: Vaping is not smoking, but it is still not the healthiest way to consume CBD. Various studies suggest that vaping could be harmful to health.

3. Take CBD in Oil

This is one of the most popular methods to consume CBD. CBD oil can be taken just as it is or mixed in your own edibles or drinks. All you need is a small bottle of oil with you, and you can turn any food into a CBD treat.

Pros: You can control the dosage yourself. It can be taken with any food.

Cons: You need to make sure that the CBD you are using doesn’t have any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in it.

4. Take CBD Through Transdermal Patches

This method of taking CBD is not used often. But it is still utilized by those who are too wary of consuming CBD orally. Similar to a nicotine patch, these transdermal patches release gradual amounts of CBD into your system until a set period of hours has passed.

Pros: As long as you remember to replace the patch, don’t fret about taking CBD. It simply releases into your system.

Cons: The patches are often expensive. They are also a routine that is easier to forget.

5. Take CBD in Drinks

Another way to consume CBD is through canned, ready to go drinks. From floats to carbonated water, you can find these drinks at many dispensaries. Just pop one open, and you can enjoy your dose of CBD.

Pros: They are available in various flavors. The ones available in carbonated water do not have much calories to add.

Cons: The CBD in these drinks is also not a specified amount. Check how much CBD you are taking in each drink, and if it is meeting your dosage quota.

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In the beginning, betting was mainly associated with sports like horse racing and boxing. The betting was done before the match, at the venue of the events. At the end of the day, people left the arenas knowing whether they had lost or won. The 21st century brought an overly influential medium called the internet. Thanks to the invention, almost everything was transformed, and in most cases for the better.

Betting was not spared either. The internet first made more sports available to people all over the world via virtual technology, increasing the exposure. Second, it enabled people to bet from the comfort of their homes, while working, walking or just doing anything. As long as one is connected to the internet, they can take part in betting. In this post, we delve deeper into football betting. Specifically topics like how to predict draws.

What it is

In the simplest terms, football betting occurs when a person places some money and predicts the outcome of a match. If they are correct, they win some cash. If they lose, they have to part with the stake they had placed. The predictions are made pre-match although some betting sites allow people to place predictions during live matches. There is a system called BetonDraws. BetonDraws uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) aided computer system to predict draw games.

How it works

Now, if you visit a gambling site, you will find the future matches listed. Two teams are placed side by side and “Odds” provided for each. The Odds are shallow guides regarding the expected outcomes of the matches. If a team is likely to win, it is offered lower Odds. The one that is likely to lose is offered more Odds. These Odds determine how much you can make from the online betting and draws.

If Team A is thought to be better than Team B, it might be offered Odds like 1.2. The “weaker” team might be offered Odds of 3. To calculate how much you can win, multiply your stake, that is, the money you place for the bet, with the Odds. If you had placed £68 on Team A, you win £82, meaning you gain £14. If you go with Team B, and you predict correctly, then you win a total of £206, having gained $136!

A system such as this makes draw prediction less risky as you only have to select 1 of 3 options. Its virtually impossible not to profit from the betting system.


Football betting is everywhere there is an internet-enabled device. Online betting means you can bet on any football event on the planet regardless of your location. Some sites, however, restrict membership to some geographical locations. The practice is spread all over the globe and is continually gaining popularity.

As at January 2018, the online betting industry was estimated to be worth about £600 billion. Of this sum about 70 percent is earned from football betting.

The US, UK and Asia are the regions that practice this type of gambling the most. There are hundreds of thousands of online football betting sites dedicated to it. In the UK, betting sites support not only football but also other sports as well as casino, poker, financial and virtual betting. One of the popular sites to visit and experience all the above is William Hill Betting Online.

5-Day Week Quick and Easy Meal Plan

Healthy, good value and tasty – this five-day meal plan ticks all the boxes. The quantities can all be adapted to the number of mouths you’re feeding, and if you make a little extra that will be lunches sorted, too.

Meat-free monday: 15-minute dahl

Lentils are a veggie staple – and with good reason. Packed with protein, fibre, and iron, they’re also low in calories.

Dahl has a reputation for taking ages to cook, and if you use dried lentils that’s certainly true.

So, skip the soaking and speed up the process by using tinned lentils. They also hold their shape a bit better so you avoid lentil mush!

For this simple dahl, you’ll need an onion, four garlic cloves, ginger, garam masala, coconut milk and a tin of chopped tomatoes, as well as some spinach.

Start by dicing the onion and add it to a deep saucepan. Finely chop the garlic and a thumb-sized piece of grated ginger then add them to the pan.

This is the perfect time to get your rice on. To shave off a few extra minutes, use microwave rice pouches.

Garam masala is a blend of spices including coriander seeds, cumin, cinnamon and cardamom, so it’s a great way of adding flavour without needing a huge spice rack.

Sprinkle two tablespoons of garam masala over the onion mix and cook for a minute. Add the lentils, coconut milk and chopped tomatoes, then let the mixture cook for 10 minutes.

Stir in some spinach leaves and your easy-peasy spinach-and-coconut dahl is ready to go.

Tuesday: slow-cooked Sriracha chicken

A slow cooker takes the effort out of this dish, but if you don’t have one it can also be made on the hob by frying the chicken.

This recipe is for four chicken breasts, but scale up or down as needed. Allow some spare – you’re going to need it for tomorrow night’s recipe.

You’ll also need an onion, Sriracha sauce, honey, soy sauce, and a lime. If you’re feeling fancy, a handful of coriander really makes it sing.

Sear the chicken breasts with the chopped onion then add them to the slow cooker.

Add six tablespoons of Sriracha, two tablespoons of honey, and just a sprinkle of soy sauce. Cut the lime in half and squeeze it to get all of the juice.

Give it a good stir, pop the lid on, then cook on slow for 6-8 hours.

Hump-day comfort food: pasta bake

Instead of a creamy white sauce, this is a Mexican-inspired pasta bake with a kick. To save time, it uses several tinned ingredients.

You’ll need some leftover Sriracha chicken from yesterday, a red pepper, an onion, a tin of kidney beans, a tin of sweetcorn, a tin of chopped tomatoes, and half a block of cheese – Red Leicester works best.

You’ll also need chilli powder and paprika, or a store-bought chilli packet mix.

Cook the pasta while you dice the red pepper and onion. Rinse the kidney beans and grate the cheese while you’re waiting.

In a small pan, fry the pepper and onion to soften them.

Once the pasta’s done, mix the ingredients, saving one handful of cheese for the topping. Pour into an ovenproof dish and sprinkle evenly with the remaining cheese.

Bake for 20 minutes and your warming, cheesy bake is ready to eat.

Thursday: carb-free wraps

Quick, carb free and ridiculously tasty, this is one of those meals you’ll keep coming back to.

You’ll need turkey mince, two chillis (adjust according to your spice tolerance!), honey, spring onions, a carrot and a jar of teriyaki sauce.

For the wraps, you’ll need an Iceberg lettuce. Gently take off the leaves, trying to keep them whole whenever possible. Rinse and set aside.

Finely chop the chillis and spring onions and grate the carrot.

Fry the mince and when it starts to brown, add the chillis, spring onions, and carrot. Cook for two more minutes.

Finally, add the teriyaki sauce and a tablespoon of honey and cook for another three minutes.

Serve in a big dish in the centre of the table so people can help themselves. Take a lettuce leaf, add a big spoonful of the meat mixture, and wrap up — like you would with duck and pancakes!

Friday: modern fish and chips

Skip the takeaway for this new twist on a traditional Friday favourite: pesto cod and sweet-potato fries with roast broccoli.

Start by getting your chips in the oven. The McCain Shake Shake Sweet Potato Fries are perfect for this. They come with a sea salt and three-pepper flavour sachet that you shake over the chips before cooking.

Once your chips are in, it’s time to upgrade those mushy peas. Cut a head of broccoli into small florets. Drizzle with olive oil, lemon juice, and sprinkle with a few chilli flakes.

Add the broccoli to the oven to roast — it’s so much better than boiled, and also tastes great cold in a salad.

Mix two tablespoons of breadcrumbs with a spoonful of crème fraîche and two tablespoons of pesto – any kind works, but red pesto is ideal.

Put the cod fillets into a baking dish, then cover with the pesto mixture and bake for 15 minutes, depending on the size of the fillets.

The perfect Friday evening supper.

When it comes to skiing and snowboarding resorts in the US, you will truly find something for everyone.  With an abundance of exhilarating slopes and varied terrains, skiers and snowboarders will find an array of hills to keep their adrenaline pumping for days on end.

Off the slopes, the ski and snowboarding resorts in the US offer a multitude of accommodations and activities that are sure to keep guests entertained the whole year round.

Breckenridge Ski Resort

Colorado’s Breckenridge Ski Resort is one of North America’s most popular ski resorts for a reason.  The vast terrain spans 4 mountain peaks, ensuring that skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels have plenty of runs to enjoy.

Aside from the amazing skiing and snowboarding, Breckenridge offers many activities to keep you busy the whole year round.  From zip lines to climbing walls to a roller coaster ride down the mountain, you are sure to find loads to do no matter when you visit.

Vail Ski Resort

The legendary Vail Ski Resort in Colorado is truly enormous and offers something for everyone. Boasting a staggering 5,289 acres, Vale’s skiing area is one of the largest in the entire world and it dusted with the perfect, powdery snow that skiers and snowboards love.  If you are new to skiing or snowboarding or just want to polish up some of your skills, you are in luck because the Vail Ski School is world-renowned as one of the best and largest. The pro shop is second to none, if you’re looking for a warm snowboarding  jacket and pants, you will find a large selection.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Located in Wyoming in the Teton Range of the Rocky Mountains, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is an absolute dream for skilled skiers and snowboarders who are thirsty for extreme terrain.  However, extreme skiing is not all Jackson Hole has to offer.  A true 4 seasons resort, Jackson Hole has horseback riding, disc golf, hiking, and its very own wildlife film festival.  If you are interested in the arts, the lively Grand Teton Music Festival celebrates music and the Jackson Hole community.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area

In California along the beautiful Sierra Mountains is the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, a massive, family-friendly resort sitting on over 3,500 acres.  Beginners, intermediates, and experts alike will enjoy skiing and snowboard on its vastly varied terrain.  As diverse as the slopes, the abundance of accommodations at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area spans from rustic and low-key to lavish and 5-star so that people of a wide range of tastes and budgets can enjoy themselves.

Snowbird Ski Resort

The Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah is probably best known for having some of the best natural snow powder that, along with its challenging terrain, attracts advanced, experienced skiers from all around.  Summertime at the resort can be just as extreme with offerings such as mountain biking, an impressive ropes course, and the Mountain Flyer – a ride that takes you up 1,000 feet off the ground and sends you right back down, letting gravity do all the work.

Three multi-purpose commuter cars that are also great for road trips, with plenty of room for the family and all the gear they bring along.

Owning a car can be an expensive investment and not just the initial purchase price, but the continued costs of maintenance and insurance premiums as well. Which is exactly why most people would rather purchase just one that can do it all instead of having to purchase several; each with a different and specific use.

One versatile car is all you really need; a do-it-all vehicle that is easy on fuel, can be driven on a daily basis to and from work, and also has the capacity to champion the entire family on a long weekend trip. Some car manufacturers have heard your need, to purchase just one all-round vehicle, and we have listed our top three choices here.

  1.    2017 Kia Sportage

The 2017 Kia Sportage is a delightful all-around combination of quality, comfort, and great price. This vehicle is loaded with useful cargo and storage space to pack in all the family’s gear or groceries. It also has a hands-free rear hatch so you can access that gear with ease. Its second row seating has ample leg and headroom with armrests, rear air vents, and USB ports. It offers full-around air bags, a rear backup camera, stability control and many more additional options such as Blind Spot Detection, rear cross traffic alerts, lane changing assist, lane departure warning system, independent braking with pedestrian detection warning, and four-sectioned fog lights.

This luxurious and comfortable vehicle is the perfect family automobile, but also it is a wise choice as a commuter car due to its impressive Apple Car Play and Android Auto features paired to its infotainment system’s easy-to-operate touchscreen, which will keep you connected with the office no matter what traffic congestion may be on the road ahead.

Additionally, the Kia Sportage has two engine options: a 2.4 liter, four-cylinder offering 181 horsepower and a 2.0 liter, turbocharged engine which offers 240 horsepower. Each engine is a good choice, depending on your needs, and both power the six-speed automatic transmission with smooth ease.

The Kia Sportage has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price starting at $23,200.00 and boasts a mileage of 23 miles per gallon in the city and 30 miles per gallon on the highway.

  1.    The 2017 Toyota Highlander

The 2017 Highlander is a fabulous combination of comfort, luxury, and function. Its smooth and impressive interior is matched by its stylish exterior design. Its large and inviting cabin area with seating for up to eight is as impressive and quiet as it is comfortable and accommodating for all your family. With its three-zone climate control every passenger’s comfort is considered. This vehicle has plenty of cargo space with large center console area to put all your gear in its place with simplicity. Its impressive second and third row seating can fold flat to create a large cargo bay for hauling most anything or even for an overnight camping space safely secured away from wildlife.

Additionally, this vehicle is a great car for daily commutes as it has several multi-media features including Toyota’s Entune System, a six-inch touchscreen infotainment, twelve quality speakers, rear-seat DVD and Blue-ray entertainment with a full-color, nine-inch monitor, and five USB ports.

This vehicle won a five star safety award from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and a Top Safety Pick+ ranking from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. In addition to a backup camera, this vehicle’s other features include automatic pre-collision braking, pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, automatic high beam headlight control, and lane departure assist and alert.

One of our favorite options available on this vehicle is Driver Easy Speak, which gives the driver a microphone to easily speak to passengers in every area of the vehicle. A welcomed relief for every parent’s vocal cords and to children that often claim they didn’t clearly hear your instructions.

The Highlander has a 3.5 liter, 295 horsepower, V6 engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission and has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. With a manufacturer’s suggested retail price at $30,630.00, this large-family vehicle is a nice bargain for your buck. Additionally, its impressive mileage ratings are an added bonus bragging at up to 21 miles per gallon in the city and 27 miles per gallon on the highway.

  1.    Kia Sedona L

The 2017 Kia Sedona L is among the top three contenders of versatile cars; a superb do-it-all vehicle, the Kia Sedona L offers plenty of spacious room with luxurious three-row seating, quiet cabin, and comfortable amounts of head and leg room. In addition, it offers a touchscreen infotainment system with satellite radio and Bluetooth capabilities. Impressive safety features include a backup camera, keyless entry and back seat air conditioning controls. With Slide-N-Stow second row seats and a hefty cargo space behind the third row seats, this vehicle allows you to take full advantage of every inch of space available and accommodate as much of its cargo room as possible for any occasion.

Its powerful 275 horsepower, V6 engine and six-speed automatic transmission is no slacker on the road and will take you to any destination you desire as smooth as a whisper. Championing a Five Star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and gathering 18 miles per gallon in the city and 24 miles per gallon on the highway, the Kia Sedona L gives you plenty in return in space, comfort, safety, and do-it-all abilities.

With many fabulous versatile vehicles available to meet all your commuting, hauling, and vacationing needs, there’s no longer the necessity to fill that two-car garage with two cars that only drain you of your funds and family fun times. Just one of these is sure to meet all your vehicle requirements.

A family road trip has different requirements than a road trip did back before we became parents. Safety matters more than speed, and while we still want something stylish, we’re not willing to pack a car seat into a convertible coupe. Maybe you are, but good luck with that. When it comes to budgeting, we actually have one of those things now.

All that being said, don’t think for one minute that a family road trip can’t be a super fun experience with a stylish ride full of the latest features. Here are 5 vehicles that are perfect for taking on a family road trip and cost under $35,000. The best part about all of them is that after the road trip, they’ll be excellent additions to your family’s garage. Don’t forget to pack the essentials after you pick the perfect car.

Honda Accord

If you’re looking for a spacious, economical, and ultra-reliable sedan that will be perfect for cruising on a family road trip and also be an excellent family investment beyond your vacation, the Honda Accord is a winner. With a back seat that comfortably fits 2 adult passengers, or 3 kids, and about 30 miles per gallon on average, this car is a budget-friendly family favorite. Additional safety features like a collision warning system and automatic emergency braking will make your trip more safe. All that for just above $22,000 brand new means you’ll have enough money left over in your budget for a second family road trip this summer!

Dodge Durango

Take a trailer, boat or other toys along with the Durango’s towing capacity of 7,400 pounds. This is about 1,000 pounds more than other SUVs in its class. While your average mpg will drop when towing, you’ll start off at a more than fair average of about 26 mpg on the highway. Seating capacity can fluctuate between 5 or 7 additional passengers, or put the rear seats up for more cargo space. The 2017 model starts at just under $30,000. Traveling in an SUV means more room, comfort, and safety for your entire family, and the Durango is a top choice for thrifty travelers who don’t want to compromise on space and function.

Kia Sorento

For a smaller SUV, the Sorento is an excellent family road trip choice. You can still tow up to 5,000 pounds depending on the powertrain of the model you choose, and will get an average of 28 mpg on the highway (without towing anything). While seating may be more tight than other SUVs with an optional small third row, the seats that are there are comfortable and roomy, with contouring and padding in all the right places. With a starting cost of only $25,000, this is a smart and economic option for a family road trip SUV and general family vehicle with versatility of space.

Subaru Outback

If your family plans on hitting the trails and exploring off the main roads, you’re going to want something with all-wheel drive. The Subaru Outback is a safe and fun family vehicle for the outdoorsy family. A higher ground clearance will let you get over rocky terrain easily, while the AWD will keep you moving and able to explore further into the great wide open. Thoughtful safety features like anti-whiplash headrests and overhead airbags will keep your precious cargo safe. Speaking of cargo, you’ll get over 35 square feet of cargo space. For well under $35,000 you can get into an Outback and have plenty of gas money to drive it off into the outback. With an average 32 mpgs on the highway, you won’t even need that much!

Toyota Sienna

If a family road trip means to you that you and up to 8 of your family members, you’re going to need something big. The Sienna is a minivan with maximum perks for a family road trip vehicle. You’ll have an option to tow up to 3,500 pounds if you want to bring along some fun family toys. The just under 300 hp under the hood,will keep you moving and an average of 26 mpg’s on the highway will keep you saving money every mile. An available dual-view entertainment system with Blu-Ray will keep your kids and adults alike entertained while you travel along in comfort and space. Have room enough for everyone and never feel cramped for under $30,000 in the Sienna.

Haven’t we all been subject to frowns, disdain and general skepticism on our increased use of the internet – well, the generation Y to a huge extent. Since our elders belong to a simpler, and perhaps in their own words, a more profound, natural lifestyle. And maybe they’re right, too. It’s completely wrong to assume that more than a certain amount of time spent browsing the internet, and especially misuse of the internet has made a lot of lives dysfunctional. However, since it’s a wonderful source of a million things we find useful and necessary for our growth and lifestyle – and since everyone these days has access to internet plans for home and family – let’s discuss the most productive ways to use the internet, not just for the sake of it, but to actually learn, grow and prosper.

Shop smart

When you go shopping for something, how many areas can you check out in pursuit of the perfect purchase, and in the interest of making an educated decision? Not many. It also wastes time, effort, fuel and is usually unpleasant – for some people. Thank the gods of technology for online shopping. You have every top brand online today, and you can compare international brands before buying something online, which will be delivered to your doorstep in some time, considering where you buy from. A recent innovation in the world of online shopping is the concept of online coupons. Most of them are actually helpful in getting you some good deals and price-offs on products across certain websites. Try CupoNation for such privileges. Isn’t it amazing, sitting home and buying your essentials from the best, that too, at a discount using these coupons, instead of going out in the traffic and pollution and settling for mediocre. Who said internet can’t be beneficial and productive?

Start blogging

Like a digital “dear diary” concept, blogging for personal or professional use is another common and extremely productive way to spend time over the internet, and gain recognition. By regularly blogging about what you feel is important and by highlighting your opinion, you’re telling the world who you are. By enlightening the world with your personal views, concepts and thinking, owing to all the experiences that make you who you are, are surprisingly good for personal growth. With the recognition and confidence it brings to your personality, it is also extremely therapeutic and helpful in organizing your thoughts and lifestyle. It will also prompt you to read blog material by other inspiring writers on several different subjects, which will also contribute to your learning process. Well, write away for as many hours as you want, there’s nothing vain about that; on the contrary, it’s quite educational.

Start an E-commerce business

Since getting internet plans for home is nothing out of ordinary, there are tons of ways to make the most out of this facility – all productive and inspiring. One of the most significant would be starting your business online, also known as E-commerce. Since it’s virtual and takes up no space, it requires minimal investment as compared to a full-fledged outlet, for example. Make use of the internet to reach the LARGE target audience that’s looking for what you wish to manufacture, and become a hit by studying the online market, and establishing your online presence. When you start earning big bucks through the internet, no one will comment on its unproductivity.

Educate yourself

Last, and my absolute favorite. Some of us are not privileged enough to have a huge libraries we can live in. Since now every book ever written along with all information you could ever try to look for is online, book stores that hold a limited edition ALWAYS – which is usually an anticlimax – why not read online? Whether its leisure time for you or for learning any particular art, skill or subject, even to learn about the life history of your favorite public figure, it’s all there! From history to philosophy, to anything you could ever think of, search for it on your favorite browser and download soft copies. This I believe is a blessing, and truly what we call the abundance of knowledge. And it really isn’t a waste of time. As long as you’re learning something and getting something positive out of all the new facilities.

To be able to enjoy all this fun yet essential things offered on the internet, you must have credible internet plans for home that provide consistent and fast internet at reasonable prices without any glitches and issues, and brings to you one of the best internet plans. Purchase from Charter Spectrum and get the most amazing and beneficial packages through charter cable TV and internet.