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How to Live the Smart Gamer Lifestyle while Traveling the World

Being a gamer while travelling is for many people the best of both worlds. It’s definitely two big luxuries rolled into one great lifestyle. However, it’s not easy to do this for several reasons. Let’s look at some of the potential hurdles the travelling gamer is probably going to face in the course of going all over the earth, and possible solutions for them.

Gear Considerations:

This is the easiest thing to worry about in a way, because you can plan for it 100% ahead of time. There are many options here but there are some abiding principles that will guide the savvy travelling gamer.

You want a good laptop, preferably one that was designed with gaming in mind. You may be doing other activities like browsing the internet or sport betting at , but the critical activity will be the gaming, obviously. Make sure you have the CPU and graphics capability for the games you are going to be playing.

Make sure especially that the keyboard on said laptop is absolutely and completely comfortable, and works for you on your favorite games. Some people may want to go as far as bringing along a separate USB keyboard, because these are always going to be superior, and they are much more customizable than any laptop keyboard. At any rate, put lots of thought into the keyboard situation. Obviously you will be bringing along a good quality gaming mouse, and an ergonomic mouse pad is highly recommended as well.

Internet Considerations:

This is really the toughest part of gaming while travelling. But don’t fear; there are many ways you can mitigate this.

The biggest hack is perhaps surprising: try to avoid hotels, especially the cheaper ones. Hotel wi-fi is notoriously poor quality, even in some of the more high end hotels. You can break this rule if you have been to a hotel before and had a positive experience, or if someone you trust can vouch for that hotel’s internet.

This is where sites like couchsurfing and airbnb rule, because you will usually get much better internet quality in someone’s own palace than in a hotel. You may or may not also have the option of simply staying with friends, which is the best, because you know exactly what you are getting beforehand in terms of internet, and if you are staying with your fellow gamers, they will probably have done everything possible to get a good internet connection.

Be Realistic In Your Expectations:

You have to also be honest with yourself on this one. Most countries these days have good enough quality broadband internet for gaming, but some really exotic destinations may fall short. Sometimes it’s better to know when to pack your gaming gear up for a few days and just enjoy your destination.

Happy gaming!

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