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Choosing the Perfect Scooter for Your Child

Whether they’re a first-time rider or have loads of experience, having fun on two or three wheels is a big deal for many kids. Getting your child a scooter is a great way for them to build confidence and get used to riding around before upgrading to a bicycle. Choosing a sturdy, well-designed scooter that’s suitable for your child’s age group will help to set them up for a lifetime of healthy activity. In fact, riding a scooter can have a wide range of health benefits for kids – not only is it great exercise, but they’ll also improve their balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. So, which scooter is the best choice for your child? Let’s take a look at some of the options.

#1. Classic Scooters:

The classic design is what most people will think of when they imagine a child’s scooter. They’re usually on two wheels, and many have additional features such as a rear brake for safer riding, and foldable handlebars that allow your little one to take it with them almost anywhere. The classic design is perfect for longer journeys, such as riding the scooter to school or for family weekend trips to the park. However, it may not be the best choice for younger children and toddlers, since the two-wheel design can make it difficult for younger riders to balance and steer at the same time.

#2. Fliker Scooters:

Suitable for older and more experienced kids, Fliker scooters are heaps of fun. Instead of using their foot to push off from the ground, the rider propels themselves forward by shifting their weight from one side to the other. These scooters also allow riders to ‘flick’ up onto two wheels, making them great for confident kids who enjoy doing stunts and tricks on their ride. It’s also great exercise but bear in mind that a Fliker scooter isn’t the best idea for longer journeys – they’re better for fun riding and shorter trips.

#3. Glider Scooters:

Glider scooters typically come with three wheels and are designed to help younger kids learn to balance whilst riding. They are suitable for kids of all ages, but most commonly designed for toddlers and very young children who are just starting out. There’s usually two wheels to the front of the scooter similar to a stabilizer on a bicycle, although these can also be located at the back. With a wider deck, they’re safer for smaller kids or beginners. They’re great for longer journeys, but not ideal for tricks or stunts. Check out these Scooters For Kids reviews to find the perfect glider for your little one.

#4. Age Requirements:

Now you know more about the different types of child’s scooters available, you’ll need to determine which one is best for your child’s age. Typically, gliders are the perfect choice for children aged 1-3, since they offer all the support needed for balance and co-ordination at this age. As your child gets older and improves their balance, you might want to move them to a classic design. Finally, Fliker scooters are the best choice for older kids with more riding experience.

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