The name Helen Bonfils is not one most people recognize, but they should. Helen Bonfils was a pioneering entrepreneur from the 1930s into the 1970s. She accomplished things during her life that remain unmatched even nearly 50 years after her death.

As women continue to progress in the realm of entrepreneurship, it is important to understand how women in the past century worked tirelessly to lay the foundation for what can be done today. The life story of Helen Bonfils is part of the mission to better understand the heritage of female entrepreneurs.

Helen Bonfils: The Early Years

Helen Bonfils was the daughter of Frederick and Belle Bonfils. Frederick did many things in life, including founding the Denver Post. He had the reputation as something of a rapscallion during his life. He was said to own gambling casinos, speakeasies, and even houses of prostitution during his lifetime.

On the other hand, Helen’s mother, Belle, was a pious, devote Catholic. She was essentially the exact opposite of her husband.

Helen had one sister, May. May ended up eloping with a sheet music salesman when she was a younger women. This resulted in a rift between May the rest of the Bonfils family.

Helen Bonfils Takes the Reins of the Denver Post

Upon the death of Frederick Bonfils in the 1930s, Helen made the decision to take over the reigns of the Denver Post herself. Helen really was the first woman to publish a major daily newspaper in the United States.

Helen and her sister May would end up twice involved in lawsuits over the Denver Post. Ultimately, Helen prevailed, including when her mother Belle passed away. When Belle died, Helen received her shares of Denver Post stock. These legal machinations resulted in the two sisters never really communicating with each other again during the remained of their lives.

In addition to overseeing the Denver Post, Helen became a major philanthropist, as did her sister. For example, Helen founded the Belle Bonfils Blood Bank, which ultimately would become the largest blood bank west of the Mississippi. Although operated under a different name, the blood center is still in operation today.

Helping the poor was also a major deal with Helen. For example, when she was in her office at the Denver Post, day in and day out people in need would line up in the hallway next to her office. These people came to Helen for help, and she would.

Helen Bonfils Takes on Broadway

While running the Denver Post, Helen maintained an interest in theatre. In the late 1930s, Helen married Broadway producer George Sommes. They would remain married for about 20 years, when he passed on.

While married to George, Helen would start a production company. She ultimately became a successful Broadway producer.

She would also become a leader in the Denver theatre scene, founding the Bonfils Theatre. Ultimately, after her death, an endowment derived from Helen’s estate would build the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Her endowment keeps the lights on at DCPA even today.

Helen Bonfils and the Making of a Wildcatter

At the age of 69, following George’s death, Helen would marry her 28-year old chauffer. Not comfortable with marrying a chauffer, Helen would set the man who became known as Tiger Mike up with his own oil company.

Tiger Mike Davis, while married to Helen, ended up having an affair with Phyllis McGuire, of the McGuire sisters musical trio. Phyllis herself was having a notorious affair with mobster Sam Giancana.

Helen would end up divorcing her second husband, about a year before she died. Tiger Mike would continue his relationship with Phyllis, remaining in her life long after the mobster fled the country and died.

Tiger Mike passed away in 2017. Phyllis McGuire survives, living in a magnificent house in Las Vegas, built with money that ultimately came from the pocket of Helen Bonfils, through Tiger Mike.

The Bonfils Girl: A Take on the Live of Helen Bonfils

In 2015, the full-length, one-woman show entitled The Bonfils Girl hit stages across the United States. The play stars veteran actor Cathy Washburn, who has been playing the role of Helen Bonfils since the play opened. The Bonfils Girl is the brainchild of Mike Broemmel, who spent nearly a decade researching the life and times of Bonfils.

The Bonfils Girl is a comedy-drama that plays homage to the life of this amazing women. Helen is a true inspiration for both women and men entrepreneurs. Her life story will remain an important tale into the future.


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The coffee shops and internet cafes of Los Angeles have become something of clichés when it comes to being populated by people working on their screenplays. The coffee shops, diners, and internet cafes of the Upper West Side have never fallen victim to being classified as one sort of cliché or another. Rather, the internet cafes and similar venues of the UWS each have their own, individual flare.

If you are a resident of the Upper West Side, or a visitor to this fine neighborhood, you may have the need for an internet café, or similar destination, to spend some time to tend to business — and to enjoy your surroundings at the same time. There are a number of destinations that are well-suited to a person who enjoys taking care of business in a comfortable setting, one that offers a selection of beverages and eats.

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

Many locals consider Irving Farm Coffee Roasters as the location to work and enjoy beverages and eats at the same time. At any given time, if you venture into Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, you will find a multitude of people at work on their laptops, conferencing with one another, and engaged in similar pursuits.

This underscores one of the realities of Irving Farm Coffee Roasters. It nearly is always busy. There can be times when finding a place to sit can be a challenge. In this regard, more than a few people “stake out a claim” early in the morning to ensure that they have a place to work or tend to their day’s to-do list. As an aside, weekends are even busier, with a wave of people coming to Irving Farm Coffee Roasters to brunch a couple of hours away.

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters is large. Keep in mind that in addition to the seating in the front, there is another large section in the rear of the establishment.

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

224 West 79th

Café Lalo

Perhaps is some ways Café Lalo is the quintessential internet café. Café Lalo was featured some years ago in the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie, “You’ve Got Mail.” Many folks who frequent Café Lalo, and have spent time in the City of Light, compare Café Lalo with a Parisian café.

Café Lalo is in reality a cozy place where you can tend to your affairs (or all types) online. The café offers a solid selections of beverages and eats, which nicely accompany whatever task you might have at hand that necessitates internet access.

You do need to keep in mind that Café Lalo remains fairly widely known as the “You’ve Got Mail” café. As a result, it is a popular destination for visitors to New York. As a result, the café can be quite busy with folks checking out the scene of one of their favorite flicks.

Café Lalo

201 West 83rd


Although technically a bakery, locals flock to Orwashers and hang as if it were intended to be an internet café. Early birds typically can find a seat to claim and tend to business while enjoying the delectable offerings of Orwashers. Keep in mind that Orwashers does draw a later breakfast crowd than is the case with many other eateries on the Upper West Side.

Orwashers actually traces its origins back a century, and to the Upper East Side. In this day and age, it really has become an iconic establishment on the Upper West Side. The spot consistently garners high marks for tremendous eats and great java.


440 Amsterdam Avenue

Peacefood Café

In recent times, there really is something for everyone when it comes to eateries on the Upper West Side. This includes people looking for a spot do a bit of work, and enjoy some tasty food and beverages. Peacefood Café is a completely vegan establishment.

A notable percentage of people who work for themselves follow diets that depart from what might be called the mainstream.Peacefood Café provides a marvelous vegan menu, in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Yes, it is possible to tend to business at Peacefood Café. But, “camping out” for a more extended period of time may not always be possible due to the seating situation at the café, coupled with its popularity.

Peacefood Café

460 Amsterdam Avenue

Federal Express Centers on the Upper West Side

The typical freelancer, or self-employed person, is likely to not only take advantage of internet cafes, but also may require the services of Federal Express. There are two Fed Ex centers on the Upper West Side:

Fed Ex

2233 Broadway


Monday through Friday

7:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.


8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Fed Ex

221 West 72nd

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Faxage a leading company that provides Internet fax service for individuals and businesses.


Getting together with friends, going out with family or your Friday date nights success depend on how well you’ll get serviced. These occasions may warrant you to getting a bite at Chef Kanida Chey restaurant and letting other people take care of you for awhile. Most establishments invest a lot on making sure their staff and ambiance make you want more. Ever wondered how they take the reviews and comments you leave at the end of your stay? This is what is usually supposed to happen.


Taking an example of the food industry, which is bound to deal with people everyday and get a whole lot of reviews. There is no way around this. It is assured that there will be lots of feedback from the customers. About various things including ; the food, the ambiance or even the staff serving them. In the food industry, every aspect deals with hospitality. How the customers are treated, how you get served and how clean the sitting area is.It is inevitable that there will be criticism and complaints. If the restaurant keeps the customers coming, then the compliments are an assurance. They are entitled to whatever opinion they want to have. So at the end of the day, the manager or whoever is in charge sits down and looks through all these reviews.

Accept or ignore the reviews

The managers are trained to know the fluff from the quality reviews. Some people just like to rave and rant and will complain about every little thing. Separating these reviews from those of well meaning gives the owners insight on what they really need to improve on. Sometimes whatever the review might be complaining about may be  complimented in another review. In this case the manager leaves it be for awhile to see what other clients might think then decide on what change to make. They also might consult the people who were working the floor, like waitresses or salespersons, to see why a certain review was given.

Improve or Excuse the Situation

Some improvements or changes to a situation might take awhile to be cleared by the necessary protocols involved. This is where you find the managers or staff excusing whatever situation that might potentially make you uncomfortable. They’ll take a second or two to explain why the situation is still present and how they’re working to improve It in the next week or so. If most people don’t mind, then the excuse will be made a part of the establishments pitch just incase someone does mind. If the reviews were praising the good quality of the service then the establishment will aim to maintain the standards.

Wrap up

So as you go out and get serviced, keep in mind to give an honest review that will be a positive critic. People tend to ignore these reviews thinking that it won’t make a difference when in truth establishment owners take them very serious. If you wish to see something changed or improved don’t be afraid to say so. But also remember to give compliments where they’re due. You might just be the cause of someone getting a raise.