It is a parent’s worst nightmare. Your child runs outside to play and ends up injured, bruised at best, suffering from debilitating injuries at worst. The question for many is how to prevent these injuries from occurring in the first place. The question for a tragic few is what to do if your child is a victim. Surprisingly, the two answers overlap, so let’s address both here.

How to Prevent Playground Injuries

Slips and falls are the number one cause of playground injuries for young children. The first thing you should do is check the surface of the playground before you let your child play on it. Try to have children play on safe surfaces rather than dirt or grass. Avoid playing on equipment on asphalt or cement unless there is a softer “safety surface” on top of it.

The next step is ensuring that the equipment itself is properly maintained. Make certain that railings are properly attached and there aren’t openings large enough to trap a limb or head.

Check for open areas at the top of slides that could catch strings and strangle a child, or equally bad, allow them to fall from a great height. Loose and exposed bolts are a major warning sign. Also, check out the cargo nets since openings that are too large could let a child fall through.

In the summer, check the temperature of the playground equipment. Metal surfaces can become dangerously hot if they aren’t in the shade. This could burn the skin if they’ve been exposed to the sun for a long time, even when the air is just 74°F. Water can make playgrounds more pleasant, but you should try to make the surface as slip-free as possible.

On top of everything, parents need to supervise their children. This is especially true for young children. They don’t appreciate the risks that come with climbing too high or pushing their limits. Parents who don’t take reasonable steps to protect a child or fail to supervise a child will be held responsible if the child is injured.

What to Do If Your Child Is a Victim

First and foremost, render first aid where you can. Seek medical attention as soon as possible, especially for severe injuries or matters not resolved by first aid. Seek legal advice if you’re dealing with a severe injury or major medical bills. A lawyer can help you determine who is liable for the dangerous conditions and get compensation for your child’s injuries.

Who Is Liable?

Liability is a complicated matter. The daycare or school that owns the playground probably didn’t design it or construct it. The company that installed it may not have designed it, and a third-party may have supplied materials like the shock absorbent foam under the jungle gym. Maintaining the equipment is another issue altogether. Depending on the cause of a child’s injury, the actions of any one of these parties or several of them may be liable. If you aren’t sure who is responsible, we suggest you consult a personal injury law firm like David R. Heil Law to find out how and who should be prosecuted in that case. This firm works on a no win no fee basis, so no payment is required until it’s won in your favor.


Around half of all playground-related injuries include severe injuries like fractures and concussions, so do everything you can to prevent injuries. However, accidents do happen, and it helps to know what to do next.

Every year there many seniors suffer from trips and falls. What’s even worse is that, of those who fall, less than 50% of them will talk about it. This is very sad as falls and resulting hip fractures cause different injuries in seniors and many of those injuries can prove fatal.

It’s not just hip injuries, but there are cuts, fractures and traumatic brain injuries that may cause permanently damaging mental conditions like dementia. Some seniors get so afraid of certain activities because they may develop a fear of falling.

Trip Hazards in the House for the Elderly

There are many trip hazards in the house. They could be anything from a slippery floor, a shaky flight of stairs, naked or protected electrical wires, cords and cables. It’s no surprise that many of these hazards can be found in the home where you think you are safe.

This is why you have to be very careful of falls and start creating a home you can call safe. It all starts with the small things. You don’t have to aim for a complete tear down and then remodel. There are some small things that you can do to make your home safer for seniors living there.

Removing Any Trip Hazards

There are some household fixtures, commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms that can be the reason for a fall. One can suffer from back pain and injuries that lead to back pain if they fall. It can be even worse if that someone is a senior.

Carry out a brief examination of the bathrooms, hallways, kitchen and other areas of the house. Keep an eye out for slippery rugs, floorboards and loose carpets. Repair these things and tape them up. can help you out with that, too. Prevent your beloved seniors from falling by doing your part.

Be Clutter-Free

Speaking of doing your part, you can start with spring cleaning and some tidying up, as well. It requires relatively little effort and makes your house free of any potential trip hazards. The stacks of old newspapers, antiques, out of place rugs, books, broken furniture and wood blocks lying around can become a serious hazard if you don’t clean it up.

So, do your part in cleaning up the house to make it safer for seniors as well as yourself.

Handrails and Grab Bars

If you know that your spirited seniors are free spirited, but don’t have the energy for it, it may prove to be a problem. If they can’t walk without support, then that’s what you need. Luckily, grab bars and hand rails, that are sturdily built, will solve this problem. Whether it’s a flight of stairs, a slippery bathroom or kitchen or even a hallway, installing this type of safety equipment can allow seniors the safety they need.

They can come down the stairs slowly and with support, get in and out of the bathtub, or even catch themselves if no one’s around when they’re about to fall. This is something really positive.

Very few women leave the house without a handbag. Being natural planners, we tend to have a running checklist of things we might need during the course of the day. The staples, purse, phone, keys and so on. And then the other essentials: medicine, buy good beauty products on, notebook, diary, bottle of water, children’s snacks.

Quite frankly how men cope with just a pocket in their jeans is quite a mystery. A handbag is such an important part of the everyday, choosing a new one can be quite a challenge, especially finding one that suits all your criteria. But here are some general rules that should ease the process.

Choose a neutral colour

This might seem simple, but it comes from experience. Yes that turquoise/yellow/pink bag is beautiful and you are in love with it – but will it go with everything you own? Or will it be destined to live most of its life in a cupboard because it only goes with one outfit you wear once every 18 months.

Stick to muted or plain tones, black, grey, brown and so on. Paler colours are not really recommended unless you want it to look old and dirty pretty quickly.

You don’t have to curb your sense of style, just because you have a plain bag. There are plenty of clip on accessories available these days for handbags to give it a bit of live and creativity. But the important part of this is that they are removable if needed – in UK you can find all you need to suit your very own style.

It doesn’t all have to be plain. A really vibrant and decorative inside looks great, especially when you get that fabulous flash of colour every time you open it.

Leather really is the best material out there

This is a tough one. Leather is fantastic for bags. It is durable, ages well, is flexible, smells lovely and can cope with the elements. It really is the best option.

However, with sustainable and responsible fashion being top of the list this year for fashion must haves, leather material bags don’t always sit well with this. You have a couple of choices. Look for companies that pride themselves on animal welfare and ethical production.

Or you look to companies who specialise in leather replacement products, for example vegan friendly producers. These specialists work extra hard to make their products have all the benefits of leather, without a single animal harmed along the way, so you can be sure of decent quality.

Opt for something with a little structure

While big squishy tote bags are great, you can almost guarantee you will never find anything in the bag again. Who wants to be stood emptying out their handbag in the rain while desperately trying to locate the car keys? Not many people I know.

Something with structure, and ideally a few specialised compartments, will make all the difference. They also just look smarter and more sophisticated, which makes them a little more versatile because they go equally well with jeans and flats as they do with smart office wear.

Remember what you are using it for

Falling in love with a completely impractical handbag is perfectly normal. But save yourself some aggravation and try to remember that the bag also has a purpose.

If you need to use the bag for work, and need to shove A4 folders in there, along with a laptop, charger, squished banana and a reusable bamboo coffee cup, then a pretty clutch just isn’t going to cut it.

So try and apply a little common sense in that regard. Or just buy two bags, one with your heart, and one with your head.

Days Past

We take on more obligations as we get older. This may not have been the case when we were much younger. When growing up, all we might have had to deal with were chores from our parents and may have even gotten an allowance too. We may have been told to wash the dishes, do the laundry and mow the lawn and our homework too. Most of us dealt with a defined set of responsibilities and then we were able to go and play, we didn’t have any other care in the world. We took care of our chores as quickly as we possibly could and then went to go find some diversions or make up our own. Those days go by so fast.

Growing Older

But as we grow older we find that there is more to be done. We find that there is more expectations, expectations that bring with it more obligations. We get past high school and head off toward college, the second tier of academia. We find that there are more costs involved in our decisions, tuitions have to be paid for and the expectation is that we will succeed in school. We will make great grades because of costs incurred as well the fact that our future is on the line. Some of us may find that we have to go to work at a local food joint or mall to help stave off costs and earn our way through college, a process which helps us to understand the need for work and why it matters in our lives. While in college we enter into many different relationships. There are those that are social, school clubs, fraternities and other. Then those relationships which are more personal and intimate and others that are professional as well.

In each of the relationships that we enter into and each of the activities that we take on, we realize that there are expectations and responsibilities that are attached. We learn that we have to go to class on time or the professor may close the door and deduct points from our final grades, we learn that we have to go to work on time or we let down our co-workers and the end customer and that we have to work hard in school to make our parents proud. We might also realize that we have our own individual expectations. We expect to be at one destination or other in life and we know that we will only get there by taking on certain responsibilities and making certain decisions. Life may throw different stressors at us, different obstacles to overcome and yet we press on while learning more about how the world turns each day. We then graduate college and seek to start our careers and potentially get married.


We graduate college, polish up our resumes and land a job. Ideally, we have found a job in our intended careers but this may not always be the case for a variety of reasons. At times we may start with an entry-level role that is way off from where we started but we realize that everyone has to start somewhere. We take the setbacks with stride, vape a little, take a couple of deep breaths and keep hacking away. We progress on in life, we think to ourselves that we want a family life, so we go on a couple of dates, experience some squabbles, de-stress by vaping with our e-cigarettes, work out our issues and then get married.

We begin our family life, a life that comes with different expectations of its own. We have to tend our significant others, do our chores (while not getting paid for it) and make sure that we’re tending to our kids and doing what we can to create the best possible future for them. We might find that we rarely get time for breaks, that there is always something that needs to be done.

If we don’t pay attention we can take a significant amount of stress and burnout. To avoid falling into this state of lethargy and overall tiredness due to a lack of regular breaks time to de-stress make sure to figure out how to pace yourself.

The Pomodoro technique helps in time management as well as being able to catch yourself if you’ve gone down the rabbit hole of endless work. Take short breaks each day to de-stress how you see fit, whether that means taking a few short strolls while vaping each day or getting out of work mode and relaxing at a park nearby, take the time out.

You’ll be glad you did.


Raising a family is an extremely difficult task to undertake. Not only do you need to work enough to support your family, but you also need to set aside time to spend time with your children, cook them meals, and aid in any school work they may have. With all this going on, you don’t want any distractions making your job as a parent even harder. Things like long commutes to work, high cost of living, and poor city infrastructure can really make your life as a parent difficult, so location plays a huge role in your ability to be an effective parent. That being said, there are a few cities where raising a family is as easy as possible. What are these amazing family-friendly cities? Here are the five best cities for families to move to.

Ann Arbor

Michigan probably isn’t the first state that comes to mind when thinking of desirable destinations for relocation, and even if it was Ann Arbor probably isn’t the first Michigan city you would think about relocating to. That being said, Ann Arbor actually has some amazing qualities that make the city the perfect location to raise a family in. First, Ann Arbor has some amazing school districts, a key element in raising children. Education is extremely important as it sets your children up for future success, so you want to ensure that your children are getting the best education available to them. In addition, the city has an extremely low crime rate, meaning that the possibility that your children will be victims of crime is extremely low. If you want your children to be safe and smart, Ann Arbor is the perfect city to reside in.


Another great Mid-Western location to raise a family in is Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minneapolis meshes the best of both worlds when it comes to city life and rural life. Minneapolis has some great amenities and entertainment options, just like you would find in other major cities. However, Minneapolis doesn’t have the high cost of living associated with housing, food, and entertainment that other big cities have, making raising your children much easier. In addition, Minneapolis residents are extremely nice and polite. Many studies have shown that Minneapolis is among one of the friendliest and politest places in the entire country, making it a great place to raise children.

Fort Myers

One location that your kids will surely enjoy growing up in is Fort Myers, Florida. First, Fort Myers is extremely close to the beach, a fact that your children will surely enjoy. Your children will love going to the beach and enjoying Florida’s lovely weather, increasing their overall enjoyment and happiness. Fort Myers also has a rapidly growing economy, meaning that it is becoming a hot spot for young professionals looking to start their career. If you’re a young parent and are looking for a location that can both advance your career and allow you to effectively raise your child, then you should definitely consider looking for Fort Myers houses for sale.

San Jose

San Jose is often overshadowed by its close counterpart San Francisco, but San Jose has a lot to offer families that are raising children. The city’s biggest claim to fame is that its school districts prepare its students for high school among the nation’s best, setting their students up for great success as they prepare to go off to college. In addition, San Jose is located in California, a state who has gorgeous weather year-round. Having warm weather all year can make it much easier for you to get your kids outside and active, something that is extremely important when the nation is facing a childhood obesity crisis.

Washington D.C

You might think that raising a family in a major city Washington D.C will be hectic and volatile, but that isn’t always the case. Sure, the cost of living in Washington can be relatively high, and things like traffic can be an absolute back-breaker when you’re trying to balance work and childcare. That being said, D.C also offers a lot of positives to raising a family that offset these negatives. First, the job market is extremely large due to the size of the metropolitan area, meaning that your ability to find well-paying jobs won’t be limited like it might be in some smaller cities. In addition, you are raising your children around the nation’s capital, allowing them to be fully engrossed in America’s history and politics. There are so many educational advantages to growing up in the nation’s capital, which alone makes the idea of raising kids in the D.C area extremely promising.

A tough decision in today’s time is choosing if you are going to buy or rent your house. There are many pros and cons for both sides, but below are the reasons why you should go for it and choose the buy option.

Mortgage Costs Don’t Fluctuate

When buying a home, you make the same payments over and over again until you pay off the house. Renting costs can increase and decrease at their own rates depending on the day. It is much more reassuring to know exactly how much you are going to owe instead of hoping you picked a good day to rent.

Freedom with Property

When you buy a house, you own the property with it, so you don’t have to worry about having to make sure whatever changes you want to make are ok with your landlord. You can paint, renovate, redecorate, and add on anything you want to your house when you buy it, instead of having little to no freedom when you rent.

You Can Make Money Off of Your Home

Condo renting versus owning can be a tough choice but think about it this way. You can rent out your condo to people commuting, vacationing, or touring through where your condo is located. It is the perfect way to make money, and you have total control over what you charge and who you let stay because it is ultimately your property.

You Can’t Get Kicked Out

Landlords can evict their renters if they decide to end the lease, sell their property, or rent out the property to someone else, leaving renters with unexpected homelessness. When you buy a house, the only person that can kick you out is yourself, if you choose to stop paying your mortgage randomly.

No More Having to Look for a New Place to Stay

When renting, once your lease is up, you have to either find a new place to live or try to renew your lease. With owning your house, you will not have to look for a new home every year, or however often, your rental is up. This also provides stability and being able to get used to your surroundings. Stronger friendships and connections can come from rooting yourself in one place for a more extended period of time

Proud Accomplishment

Being able to own a house is a massive step in the real adulting world. Owning a home is a big purchase, and can possibly be your biggest purchase. The sense of accomplishment can make you feel even more attached to and in love with your house, creating an everlasting bond. 

Benefit from Taxes

While it is true that owning a home can make taxes a little more difficult due to the itemizing process, you also get the tax perks of homeowning. You can possibly deduct all of your home mortgage interest, property taxes, or private mortgage insurance payments, all making your taxes a little bit cheaper than you would expect. 

The benefits of growing a small family garden in your backyard cannot be underestimated. Apart from it providing fresh and healthy food for the family, it also serves a means to teach children moral lessons of hard work and the miracle of growth.

Instead of just being a project, the garden becomes a family affair, creating unity and togetherness. Children are assigned various responsibilities to improve the garden which builds their morality and accountability.

As the family takes responsibility to weed, water, feed and tend the garden, the plants grow and bear good forth fruits. If you already have a garden or planning to have one, here are some tips to help you make the most of a small family garden:

  1. Planting

It all starts with planning. You have to plan the location, spacing, soil structure, fertilizer, irrigation and plant type for the garden. You need to examine the climatic, space and soil structure to determine the kind of fruits and vegetables to grow.

The best soil structure is a mixture of sandy and clay soil with an amount of compost. Once this is all set, you can go ahead and plant your soybeans, lentils, peas, nuts, leafy vegetables, root vegetables and much more.

  1. Watering

The soil type will determine the amount of water needed. You might want to purchase a pump and create a small irrigation system to water your garden so that the plants will remain fresh, vibrant and strong. Assign accountability for watering and ensure that the plants have been provided adequate water to grow.

  1. Feeding

Fertilizer is to plants what food is to humans. Applying fertilizer to plants is a two-way stage. Base on your soil condition, you can evenly spread fertilizer across to prepare the soil for planting. When the plants are growing, they might use up the nutrients provided initially. This might require additional fertilizer at the sides of the plant. Ensure that you don’t over-fertilize.

  1. Weeding

Weeding is crucial if you want to keep the garden neat, organized and attractive. Using a small hoe, you can get rid of small weeds that are competing with the plants for water and nutrients. It can be done periodically to ensure the entire garden is clean and devoid of weeds.

  1. Pest Control

Pest control is critical to preserve your hard work. Identify insects quickly when they try to breed in the garden to ruin your crops. You might want to apply an insecticide to kill them. As your family takes care of the garden, eventually the plants will grow and produce food. If you looking for a bit of expert advice to manage  and grow your garden, contact our team at Grasslands.



We would like you to talk about your tips on making the most out of a small family garden. Grasslands have created an eBook for you to refer to should you need some ideas. These include design tips, choosing the right plants to put in your garden and planning children-friendly garden projects!

We would also like you to use the hashtag #FamilyFriendlyGarden to encourage your readers to join the conversation!

It is not difficult to get your kids to take interest in gymnastics exercise, gymnastics program includes jump, roll, balance or coordination or any other difficult movement, this is what they love to do. If your kids participate in gymnastics class in school, the coach or trainer will assure they are safe and perform the news skill in a proper manner. However, if they want to practice at home, what they should to protect their body to keep away from being injured. Undoubtedly, air track mat is an affordable tool to keep you go on practicing gymnastics at home safely without fear of any danger may happen to you.

Airtrack home  is commonly used in gymnastics class, it is not strange to the kids if they have engaged in gym class at school, kids will love the mat if they have an opportunity to get such a cool mat home, they are aware of the mat covered with cushions providing protection to them during gymnastics exercise. Kids will get used to practicing on the airtracks once they got one at home, they will find the mat is not only used for gymnastics, on the other hand, it has multiple functions that can be used for different purposes. They play on it for fun, have a nice sleep on it for a rest, it even can be used in many other special exercises related to the body weight.

Sometimes, one single mat cannot satisfy kids demand anymore, as they need a larger place for their practice, in this case, you can get two or more mats to connect together to make more space to suit their needs and make sure their practice in safety.

Tumbling air track is an ideal equipment for kids to practice at home without trainer or coach’s supervision, which guarantee you to take part in kinds of floor activities safely and comfortably.

Getting air track prices means you can practice at home with safety and assurance, you don’t need to worry about getting hurt during your training. It is worthy of buying such a cool equipment.

If you are a sentimental person who cares deeply for your family keepsakes, it is essential that they are protected at all costs. Even if you have a small living space with limited storage options, it is still possible for you to achieve this goal. Simply work your way through the following five tips. They will help you to take control of your prized possessions and to find a place for them within your home. Why shove your favorite mementos to the back of a cupboard or the bottom of a draw, when they could be displayed in all their glory?

Put together personalized treasure boxes

The first tip is to put together personalized treasure boxes for each and every member of your family. Although it might seem like the perfect gift for your little ones, it could also be a great present for the older members of your brood. This is especially likely if you put a lot of effort into your decorations. You could even get your loved ones involved in the process. Then, you could all have fun filling up your treasure boxes with family keepsakes.

Take excellent care of your photographs

The next tip is to take excellent care of your photographs. You can do this by investing in high-quality photo albums and taking your images into a professional printers. If you are storing a lot of your images on your digital devices, you should also reach out to Secure Data Recovery for ways to secure your data; they will help you to safeguard your technology. They will also be able to recover your lost images, if you experience any unexpected data loss.

Display your favorite keepsakes around your home

Another great tip is to display your favorite keepsakes around your home. Not only is this a brilliant way for you to protect your possessions, it is also a fantastic opportunity for you to create sentimental talking points. Just think, whenever you have guests round to your home you will be able to direct them towards a montage of your birthday photos, a shadow box from your last vacation, or handmade coasters created by one of your children.

Create a detailed archive of everything you own

As the years go by, it is understandable that your number of family keepsakes will increase. In order to take control of your possessions, you will need to start a detailed archive. This is a brilliant way for you to take stock of everything you own. You will also be able to make a note of the location of each item and the history behind it.

Share any important stories with your family

Once you have created your archive, you should think about sharing it with your loved ones. While your youngest children will remember some of your family keepsakes, they might not understand the significance of your older items. This could result in them breaking an old keepsake or throwing it out on a whim. If you are going to prevent this from happening, you will need to pass on your stories immediately. Hopefully, this will encourage all of your loved ones to treat your family treasures with respect.

Children spend an incredible amount of time in their bedroom, so surely it makes sense to develop a space that channels their unique personality and shows off their individual style. Getting your child involved in the design process will nurture their creativity and ensure they know their opinion is valued.  So read on to discover the stylish ways you can update our kid’s bedroom and character to this well-used space.


The Scandinavian style has never been more popular and this simple yet modern theme is incredibly easy to achieve. It’s all about a cosy and comfy space contrasted with clean and calm colours. Think white walls with neutral textured rugs and light airy spaces with large floating light fixtures. Why not turn the bed into a tent and add lots of pillow and cushions for a snug sleeping experience whilst allowing a smooth transition from cot to big-kid’s bed. This minimalistic-inspired bedroom is perfect for adding some “lagom” into your children’s life.     

Very Vintage

This theme is great for adding a bit of a quirky yet traditional feeling to your kid’s space. This is where upcycling can come in really handy, especially when you are working to a budget. Old cabinets and drawers can be repurposed cheaply, all you need is some sandpaper and paints. The job doesn’t need to be perfect as it all adds to the vintage charm. You can pick up an old glass chandelier from a local charity shop or look online for a plastic one; there are so many styles to choose from. Fairy lights are not just for Christmas, hang them around the headboard or fix them higher up on the wall if your child is still at a young age for safety.

Nautically Naughty

A nautically-themed room can be a visual masterpiece if done correctly. If you have the time to invest, pull this off with crisp linens sheets in white and textured throws in a royal navy blue. Adding ropes gives an earthy contrast to the charcoal walls but be careful not to widen the colour palette too much as this can leave the room feeling cluttered. Instead, focus on having a couple of high-quality pieces of wall art to get the kid’s in the boating mood. The online marketplace is the perfect place to go for canvas and framed prints as well as a diverse range of posters and throw pillows including a great range of ocean-inspired artwork.


Having a gender-neutral bedroom can avoid many of the usual stereotypes, particularly when you have brothers and sisters sharing a room together. The focus here should be on functionality but that doesn’t mean that the room cannot be unique, showcasing both of their personalities. Grey is a great colour for walls and it doesn’t have to be drab, team it with black and white patterned curtains and throws for a monochrome twist and add a pop of colour with a textured rug in lemon yellow, perfect for playing on.