5 Best Cities for Families to Move to


Raising a family is an extremely difficult task to undertake. Not only do you need to work enough to support your family, but you also need to set aside time to spend time with your children, cook them meals, and aid in any school work they may have. With all this going on, you don’t want any distractions making your job as a parent even harder. Things like long commutes to work, high cost of living, and poor city infrastructure can really make your life as a parent difficult, so location plays a huge role in your ability to be an effective parent. That being said, there are a few cities where raising a family is as easy as possible. What are these amazing family-friendly cities? Here are the five best cities for families to move to.

Ann Arbor

Michigan probably isn’t the first state that comes to mind when thinking of desirable destinations for relocation, and even if it was Ann Arbor probably isn’t the first Michigan city you would think about relocating to. That being said, Ann Arbor actually has some amazing qualities that make the city the perfect location to raise a family in. First, Ann Arbor has some amazing school districts, a key element in raising children. Education is extremely important as it sets your children up for future success, so you want to ensure that your children are getting the best education available to them. In addition, the city has an extremely low crime rate, meaning that the possibility that your children will be victims of crime is extremely low. If you want your children to be safe and smart, Ann Arbor is the perfect city to reside in.


Another great Mid-Western location to raise a family in is Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minneapolis meshes the best of both worlds when it comes to city life and rural life. Minneapolis has some great amenities and entertainment options, just like you would find in other major cities. However, Minneapolis doesn’t have the high cost of living associated with housing, food, and entertainment that other big cities have, making raising your children much easier. In addition, Minneapolis residents are extremely nice and polite. Many studies have shown that Minneapolis is among one of the friendliest and politest places in the entire country, making it a great place to raise children.

Fort Myers

One location that your kids will surely enjoy growing up in is Fort Myers, Florida. First, Fort Myers is extremely close to the beach, a fact that your children will surely enjoy. Your children will love going to the beach and enjoying Florida’s lovely weather, increasing their overall enjoyment and happiness. Fort Myers also has a rapidly growing economy, meaning that it is becoming a hot spot for young professionals looking to start their career. If you’re a young parent and are looking for a location that can both advance your career and allow you to effectively raise your child, then you should definitely consider looking for Fort Myers houses for sale.

San Jose

San Jose is often overshadowed by its close counterpart San Francisco, but San Jose has a lot to offer families that are raising children. The city’s biggest claim to fame is that its school districts prepare its students for high school among the nation’s best, setting their students up for great success as they prepare to go off to college. In addition, San Jose is located in California, a state who has gorgeous weather year-round. Having warm weather all year can make it much easier for you to get your kids outside and active, something that is extremely important when the nation is facing a childhood obesity crisis.

Washington D.C

You might think that raising a family in a major city Washington D.C will be hectic and volatile, but that isn’t always the case. Sure, the cost of living in Washington can be relatively high, and things like traffic can be an absolute back-breaker when you’re trying to balance work and childcare. That being said, D.C also offers a lot of positives to raising a family that offset these negatives. First, the job market is extremely large due to the size of the metropolitan area, meaning that your ability to find well-paying jobs won’t be limited like it might be in some smaller cities. In addition, you are raising your children around the nation’s capital, allowing them to be fully engrossed in America’s history and politics. There are so many educational advantages to growing up in the nation’s capital, which alone makes the idea of raising kids in the D.C area extremely promising.

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