The benefits of growing a small family garden in your backyard cannot be underestimated. Apart from it providing fresh and healthy food for the family, it also serves a means to teach children moral lessons of hard work and the miracle of growth.

Instead of just being a project, the garden becomes a family affair, creating unity and togetherness. Children are assigned various responsibilities to improve the garden which builds their morality and accountability.

As the family takes responsibility to weed, water, feed and tend the garden, the plants grow and bear good forth fruits. If you already have a garden or planning to have one, here are some tips to help you make the most of a small family garden:

  1. Planting

It all starts with planning. You have to plan the location, spacing, soil structure, fertilizer, irrigation and plant type for the garden. You need to examine the climatic, space and soil structure to determine the kind of fruits and vegetables to grow.

The best soil structure is a mixture of sandy and clay soil with an amount of compost. Once this is all set, you can go ahead and plant your soybeans, lentils, peas, nuts, leafy vegetables, root vegetables and much more.

  1. Watering

The soil type will determine the amount of water needed. You might want to purchase a pump and create a small irrigation system to water your garden so that the plants will remain fresh, vibrant and strong. Assign accountability for watering and ensure that the plants have been provided adequate water to grow.

  1. Feeding

Fertilizer is to plants what food is to humans. Applying fertilizer to plants is a two-way stage. Base on your soil condition, you can evenly spread fertilizer across to prepare the soil for planting. When the plants are growing, they might use up the nutrients provided initially. This might require additional fertilizer at the sides of the plant. Ensure that you don’t over-fertilize.

  1. Weeding

Weeding is crucial if you want to keep the garden neat, organized and attractive. Using a small hoe, you can get rid of small weeds that are competing with the plants for water and nutrients. It can be done periodically to ensure the entire garden is clean and devoid of weeds.

  1. Pest Control

Pest control is critical to preserve your hard work. Identify insects quickly when they try to breed in the garden to ruin your crops. You might want to apply an insecticide to kill them. As your family takes care of the garden, eventually the plants will grow and produce food. If you looking for a bit of expert advice to manage  and grow your garden, contact our team at Grasslands.



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