Ultimate CBD Oil Guide: 5 Ways to Take CBD and Pros and Cons of Each Way 

Cannabidiol or CBD has been gaining traction in most cities and states in the United States. This is because the substance holds so many therapeutic properties that it’s unbelievable. But yet, all of these properties actually work and help people with a number of issues.

From anxiety to chronic pain, and from insomnia to acne, cannabidiol can provide relief in situations that otherwise seem hopeless. That is why, more and more people are turning towards this substance.

But as popular as the substance has become, it is not clear to many how best to take it. Do they just straight up take a drop of CBD oil in their mouth? Or do they vape it to mimic the style of smoking?

This brief guide will let you know of 5 ways to take CBD, along with the pros and cons of each way.

1. Take CBD in Snacks

One popular way to take CBD is to take it in ready-to-eat snacks. These edibles could come in the form of perishables such as brownies. They could also come in the kind of snacks that have a longer shelf-life such as almond bites.

Pros: They are as easy to consume as opening a pack of your favorite chips.

Cons: The quantity and potency of CBD is not easily present in each snack. Calorie count also increases with each dosage since they are usually high in sugar content.

2. Take CBD Through Vaping

CBD comes in the form of vape juice as well. Through this, one can simply attach vape juice to the vape pen, and enjoy it just like you would with any other flavor.

Pros: It is a fun way to consume CBD. It is also a throwback to how people consume marijuana in its natural form.

Cons: Vaping is not smoking, but it is still not the healthiest way to consume CBD. Various studies suggest that vaping could be harmful to health.

3. Take CBD in Oil

This is one of the most popular methods to consume CBD. CBD oil can be taken just as it is or mixed in your own edibles or drinks. All you need is a small bottle of oil with you, and you can turn any food into a CBD treat.

Pros: You can control the dosage yourself. It can be taken with any food.

Cons: You need to make sure that the CBD you are using doesn’t have any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in it.

4. Take CBD Through Transdermal Patches

This method of taking CBD is not used often. But it is still utilized by those who are too wary of consuming CBD orally. Similar to a nicotine patch, these transdermal patches release gradual amounts of CBD into your system until a set period of hours has passed.

Pros: As long as you remember to replace the patch, don’t fret about taking CBD. It simply releases into your system.

Cons: The patches are often expensive. They are also a routine that is easier to forget.

5. Take CBD in Drinks

Another way to consume CBD is through canned, ready to go drinks. From floats to carbonated water, you can find these drinks at many dispensaries. Just pop one open, and you can enjoy your dose of CBD.

Pros: They are available in various flavors. The ones available in carbonated water do not have much calories to add.

Cons: The CBD in these drinks is also not a specified amount. Check how much CBD you are taking in each drink, and if it is meeting your dosage quota.

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