Make the Most of Your Summer With These Home Improvement Tips

What better time to get the home ready for winter than in summer time? The kids are out of school during these sunny months, which makes the weekends ten times more relaxing. You and the family can make the most of the summer by engaging in these DIY home cleaning and repair projects.

Consider Painting the Deck

Your deck goes through a lot during the winter months. Why not take a summer weekend to repair and paint the outside structure? Having a paint day is just what the kids need to get away from the video games and into the center of nature in all of its splendor. You can even turn the chore into a complete day of fun by having a cookout, away from the fumes of course, after everyone has completed the task. Checking for damage while the kids are painting the deck is the best way to make the most of your time.

Clear Out the Garage

Platform shoes were in during your last garage overhaul. It is high time that you got rid of unwanted furniture and clothing that have taken up space in your garage for years. Consider selling items that are not too worn so that the kids can get a lesson on business this summer. You should also check the interior garage for obvious holes in the roof. Hire the best local roofing company if the sunshine radiates in places where darkness should dominate.

Thoroughly Clean the Showerheads

The shower gets brief cleanings throughout the year. Summer is your time, then, to address buildup that could lead to clogs and malfunctions. Remove every showerhead in the house and, with the kids’ help, clean every opening. You will notice the difference between a cluttered showerhead and clean device immediately upon bathing.

Clean the Refrigerator Coils

So many families use spring and summer to thoroughly clean every crevice and crack of the fridge’s interior. Few, however, remember the coils on the back of the appliance. Your refrigerator will thank you and the kids for purifying it through and through by preserving your foods for longer periods after a good coil cleaning.

Your family can take full advantage of the summer months by locating and filling open spaces in which rodents can enter. Making a game out of the chore is usually the best way to get kids interested in the activity. You deserve rejuvenation this summer, and so does your home. Cleaning and caulking for better home care are the way to go during sunny months.

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