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How You Can Reduce Food Wastage

Food wastage is perhaps one of the most overlooked crimes in society. With millions of people suffering around the world and in our own country – there should be no reason for food wastage.

There are many economic and environmentally-friendly ways of storing and then using old food for your own uses and purpose. If you are trying to reduce food wastage in your home or in your community then in this list we have taken the liberty to compile a list of four ways in which you can start the reduction of food wastage.

# 1 – Food Storage and Planning

When cooking too much food and not having a bit left over instead of throwing it away place it is a container and keep it for leftovers or use the leftovers in a new recipe. Leftover oven-heated pizza may not be as good as the freshly and pizza, but it is still delicious all the same.

# 2 – Compose For Garden

This is a great way to throw away your leftovers. Well not so much throw away the leftover but use the leftover food or food that is getting bit old and rotten for proper use. Let your garden absorb that nutrients for its own use.

# 3 – Shop With A Grocery List

This may sound like a no-brainer but like the old saying goes “never go shopping when you are hungry.” When you go shopping it would be a good idea to create a grocery list to make sure you aren’t getting food that you won’t be eating anytime soon.

Not only is this method a good way of keeping you from getting food that you won’t be eating but you will also be saving a bit more on the money. Reducing food wastage has many benefits.

# 4 – Know Your “Use By” Date

Taking the “Use By” date into consideration, you can get food that you know you will have a specific timeframe for. Scheduling your meals around this is a great way not to have any food becoming spoiled or rotten.

Reduce Food Waste

It is very possible to reduce food wastage in your home as well as your community. With this different ways, it is straightforward to stop food wastage. The less food we throw away, the better our community and the better we will feel about how we deal with the environment.

There is not a package of food but just a massive wastage of food.

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