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Five Bright, Fresh Cocktails for Springtime

When springtime is upon us, the attention of adults oftentimes turns to bright, refreshing cocktails. As the world starts coming alive through the warmth of the spring, people from all walks of life look to tasty eats and drinks to celebrate the season. There are five perfect springtime cocktails that you should try this season. Keep in mind that these suggested libations for the springtime are perfect the year around.

Strawberry Basil Margaritas

This recipe for a lively take on beloved Margaritas fills a pitcher. It is a perfect choice for gatherings with friends and families. The recipe is easy.

Here’s what you need for Strawberry Basil Margaritas:

One 12-ounce can of frozen limeade concentrate

10 to 12 strawberries (before too long you will be able to get these from your own backyard of the local farmer’s market)

Eight fresh basil leaves

2 to 2 1/2 cups tequila (you can use gold or silver, depending on your preference)

And here’s how you make a delicious pitcher of these springtime Margaritas:

Empty limeade concentrate into the pitcher. Add 2 1/2 cans of water. Add 1 1/2 (18 ounces) of tequila (you can cut back the tequila if you want your drinks to be not quite as strong.

Hull the strawberries and then cut lengthwise slices. Add the fresh berries to the pitcher.

Crumple the basil moderately in your hands. The process of crumpling the leaves helps to release the basil flavor into the drink. Drop the leaves into the pitcher.

Cover the pitcher and place it into the refrigerator. It is best to place it in the fridge overnight, however four hours will suffice in a pinch.

When you take the pitcher out of the fridge, your Margaritas will have an attractive pale pink hue. The libation is ready to serve.

Pimm’s Cup

This recipe for Pimm’s Cup makes one cocktail. If you’ve spent any time in England, you know Pimm’s Cup is a favorite.

The ingredients you need for this tasty beverage are:

1 1/2 ounces Pimm’s No. 1 Cup

lemonade (in the alternative, depending on your preference, you can also use ginger ale, or lemon-lime soda)

lemon slices

cucumber slices

You can vary the theme of your Pimm’s Cup and consider: orange slice, fresh borage, mint leaves, apple slices, or a strawberry.

As any British pub owner or inn keeper will tell you, the Pimm’s Cup is easy to make:

Fill a Collins glass halfway with ice and two or three slices of cucumber. Add borage leaves or other garnishes as you desire.

Add one measure of Pimm’s.

Top glass with lemonade, ginger ale, or lemon-lime soda.

Stir gently. If necessary, you can add additional ice.

Finally, garnish with slices of lemon and cucumber.

A note: No, Pimm’s Cup is not a “lady’s drink.” The gender barriers associated with adult libations truly are a thing of the past.

Lady Mary

Lady Mary is a homage to Downton Abbey, this recipe making one cocktail. The drink is inspired by the character on the hit British television show that viewers love to hate.

The ingredients for this springtime drink are:

1.5 oz of Lillet Blanc

.75 oz fresh-squeezed lemon juice

4 to 5 basil leaves

Champagne, chilled (if your not interested in complete authenticity, sparkling California wine works just as well)

Add lemon juice and basil leaves to a shaker and muddle.

Add Lillet Blanc and ice.

Shake, and then strain into a flute.

Top with Champagne or sparkling wine.

Watermelon & Cucumber Refresher

Watermelon and cucumber really are the combination coming to the forefront for the springtime. Tis recipe makes a single cocktail. The ingredients for this delectable libation are:

3 parts vodka 1 1/2 ounces and tequila is a great recipe variation, if that is your preference]

1 part (1/2 ounce) triple sec

1 part (1/2 ounce) watermelon-cucumber-mint juice

1 part (1/2 ounce) fresh lime juice

This refreshing selection is easy to blend:

Combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and then strain into a cocktail glass.

Garnish with a watermelon or cucumber slice, or a sprig of mint.

The Original Hurricane

The Original Hurricane is not just for Bourbon Street, not just for Mardi Gras. You can make this iconic libation with the following ingredients to make one cocktail:

2 ounces dark rum

1 ounce passion fruit syrup

1 ounce fresh-squeezed lemon juice

With these ingredients, prepare your cocktail:

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice.

Shake and strain into an ice-filled glass. The traditional recipe does recommend crushed ice.

Bring it home with an orange slice and cherry garnish.


Jessica Kane writes for TIPS Alcohol Training, offering TIPS responsible alcohol service training online for both on and off premise needs.

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