Guide to Protecting Your Home from Burglars Whilst on Vacation

The summer is just around the corner and for most families, that means flying away somewhere south to enjoy the sun, sand and sea. With the entire family gone, however, your home is at increased risk of burglary as burglars almost always target empty properties. Before going on vacation, you are therefore highly recommended to secure your home and take measures to deter burglars.

Here are the top to-dos before going on vacation:

Have a full audit of your locks and latches. Don’t assume that your locks and latches are fine just because you don’t have any issues with locking the door or closing the windows. According to Livingston locksmiths, many homeowners are completely unaware that they have a malfunction and as a result, they are unknowingly putting their property at increased risk of burglary. They recommend to periodically have a professional audit of locks and latches to make sure they are working properly.

Have your home security system tested. Again, don’t assume your home security system is working but test it instead. If you notice any irregularities or aren’t sure whether everything is working as it should, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals to check it out for you and do the necessary repairs if any are needed. Be sure, however, not to wait with the testing to the last day before the departure in order to have enough time to deal with any issues detected.

Don’t forget about the obvious – cancelling the mail and deliveries. You don’t want a full mailbox and large boxes sitting in front of the entrance while you’re away. Remember that burglars almost always go after non-occupied homes and uncollected mail and deliveries mean just that – there is no one home. So don’t forget to cancel your deliveries (e.g. newspapers, milk) and contact the post to hold your mail until you return. Alternatively, ask your neighbour to pick your mail and have the deliveries – if expecting any – redirected to a friend.

Make your home appear occupied. One way to do that is to put the lights and radio on timer. You are also highly recommended not to reveal your vacation plans to potential burglars by posting your itinerary – and above all the time of your vacation – on social media because many burglars utilise Twitter, Facebook and the likes to find their targets. It’s also a good idea to ask a neighbour or a friend to keep an eye of your property and take care of anything that may give away your absence, e.g. piles of leaves at the entrance.

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