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Find Happiness In Daily Life

How do your define happiness? There are number of explanations that researchers have come up with in the past century. It has all got to do with feeling positive emotions. But it is not the definition that worries us, for many of us the question is “How do I get happy?”

Strangely enough even when everything seems to be going fine, a little cloud descends on our minds and happiness evades us. So is it possible to blow away this gray cloud? Of course it is!

The Worldwide Database of Happiness collated by researchers in Rotterdam shows that everyone can be happy. Just follow the below tips and see for yourself:

  1. Live in the moment: Having too many goals and ideals can seem like a way to make yourself happy in the short term but it will only lead to unhappiness and resentment on a long term basis. The way to go is to have fluid goals and focus on your journey rather than the results. Have a positive mindset towards your future but do not let it overtake your ability to appreciate what you have today.
  2. Stay active: This does not refer to participating in stern physical activities everyday, though you can always do them if they make you happy. Being active means being involved in your everyday life actively instead of being a passive spectator. Make things happen and do the things you enjoy- whether it is playing bingo with promotions or reading a book.
  3. Remember that money isn’t everything: Having a ton of money will not automatically bring all the happiness. Research suggests that earning enough money to fully satisfy our needs brings happiness but running after excessive money can only cause stress.

Happiness is a broad concept and it is difficult to measure it accurately as it is widely subjective. But whatever happiness means to you, it is always a relief to know that you can attain it whenever you set your mind to it.

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