6 Ways Parents Can Keep Their Home Safe for Their Children

Nobody wants to see a child get injured in the home. Fortunately, you can keep your kids safe in your house by following a few simple strategies.

Child Proof Accessible Areas

Make a child proofing checklist and hit the local hardware store. Start with parts of your home that your children can reach, such as power outlets, cabinet doors, drawers, table corners, and windows. Remove anything that dangles from a wall or other fixture, such as window blind cords or drapery holdbacks, and install doorstops to keep kids from pinching their fingers.

Remove Harmful Substances

Kids are naturally curious, so don’t give them a chance to sample cleaning fluid, medicines, or other products that could cause them harm. Consider storing medicine in a bathroom cabinet that your children cannot reach. For cleaning supplies and other chemicals, the top cabinets in your laundry room or pantry could work. Alternatively, store them in a child-proof box.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can lead to respiratory issues, skin problems, and other negative consequences. Kids and the elderly prove particularly susceptible to IAQ issues, so consider improving ventilation in your home. Focus on the wet areas, such as your kitchen and bathrooms, to start, but consult an HVAC expert to learn about other places that lack proper ventilation. Additionally, change your air filter regularly and use natural products when you can.

Install Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Did you know that you can’t see or smell carbon monoxide? It’s a dangerous gas that can cause serious illness and even death, so don’t settle for a simple smoke detector in your home. Instead, upgrade to units that detect both smoke and carbon monoxide. Install them in your kitchen and living area. You’ll also want one in each bedroom so the alarm will wake you up if the system detects danger. Check the batteries at least twice a year so the units remain operational.

Select Experienced Babysitters

Babysitters can give you a much-deserved night off from the kids, but you don’t want to leave your children with someone who doesn’t know how to properly take care of them. Look for babysitters via a referral from a friend or family member. If that doesn’t work, interview several candidates and ask for several references for each of them. Consider using a babysitter with First Aid and CPR certifications.

Block the Stairs

While a tumble down the stairs doesn’t always result in a serious injury, you still want to avoid it if possible. Baby gates can help keep your kids safe around the stairs. Don’t forget staircases that lead to a basement. Until you can get a baby gate, consider blocking the staircase with heavy boxes or furniture. Additionally, block both the top and the bottom to prevent all types of falls.

Taking care of your children can seem overwhelming, but you’ll keep your kids safe in the home if you follow the above strategies. Each will minimize risks and help you focus on the more rewarding parts of parenting.

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