What are the Top Wedding Trends for 2018?

Your wedding day is a very personal thing and should be all about the couple.  But trends can be very helpful in making those decisions – what colors will be in the shops?  What kind of venue will be offering great wedding deals?  So even if you don’t follow the trends, it can help you make your decisions by knowing what they are.  Here’s a look at some of the top trends for 2018 weddings.

Marble and copper

One big trend has travelled from home décor into wedding and is a great one to help you choose some finish touches.  From invites to table decoration to the style of dance floor, the trend of marble and copper is an inspiring one.  Marble dance floors are a great look and very classy while using copper cutlery and table accents look amazing next to muted shades and white colors.  You can even combine the two on the table and around the wedding venue.  And don’t forget rose gold – last year’s favorite is still very popular for this year too.

Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes also work very well with the marble and copper trend because these types of materials lend themselves naturally to these shapes.  But there are also lots of other ways to use the trend – patterns on the wedding cake, in your wedding jewelry, email invitations and even for beautiful wedding invitation designs.


Donuts started as a big wedding trend last year and look set to continue this year.  And who doesn’t love a colorful, tasty donut to keep your sugar levels up during all that dancing at the reception?  Of course, donuts can be more than a tasty offering at the evening – you can even get wedding cakes decorated in them!

Wedding websites

Rather than constant updates on Facebook and loads of phone calls, the best way to keep everyone up to date with the wedding is through a wedding website.  And there are lots of new wedding websites out there for you to easy and inexpensively set up and run.  You can add info about a gift list, let people check in that they are coming or can’t make it and much more.  They can become the hub of the wedding organization and are also great fun.

Big colorful flowers

While whites and off-whites remain popular for wedding dresses, more brides are bringing some strong color into their outfit and a popular way to do this is with big colorful bouquets of flowers.  Oversized arrangements are popular for the bride to carry and are using strong, bold colors as well.  The same trend can be found in table centers and decorations around venues with real potted plants often used as well.

Touch of blue

If you want a subtle accent color, then a blue shade is a popular option for 2018.  It works well with the copper trend and can sit comfortably with some shades of bold flowers.  It is also a very clean and modern color that isn’t too feminine for the man of the wedding – it is a great color for men’s accessories for the big day as well.

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