The glories of Liverpool lie in its past industrialization, urbanization and exquisite buildings that shape the city. While football and music have been its prime brand positioning in modern times, they also have several galleries, museums, waterfronts, historic architecture and many others that leave tourists in utter amazement when they move around the city.

Liverpool’s awe-inspiring, tourist destinations draw millions of tourists to catch a glimpse of the city. The city has a friendly environment and an affordable lifestyle, making it easy for people to tour and visit. The following are some of the notable places you can’t afford to miss when you are in Liverpool:

  1. The Beatles Story Experience

Liverpool is famous for the Beatles. To commemorate and celebrate the exploits of the Beatles, an award-winning exhibition center located at Albert Dock, on the UNESCO World Heritage waterfront was erected. This beautiful arena offers visitors the lifestyle, culture, and music of the Beatles Story.

  1. International Slavery Museum

The International Slavery Museum provides an exclusive exhibition into life before the slave trade, how the slave trade started, how slaves were handled and how the slaves suffered discrimination even after the abolishing of the trade. It provides rich insights into centuries of years ago. Locate the museum inside the Mersey Maritime Museum of the Albert Dock.

  1. Liverpool Cathedral

The Liverpool Cathedral is a world-class tourist attraction, providing one of the best tower experiences any tourist might desire in Britain. The tower is the largest in Britain and the fifth in Europe. It offers Bell Chamber, Great Space Film, two dining avenues, and classic music for visitors.

  1. Chester Zoo

If you’re a lover of animals, then you can’t get passed the Chester Zoo. It is a 125-acre zoological garden, situated in Cheshire, serving as a home for over 27,000 endangered and exotic animals. The zoo consists of dreaded animals such as giant snakes, elephants, crocodiles, and others.

  1. Lady Lever Art Gallery

This gallery was dedicated to Elizabeth, Lady Lever by the husband known as William Hesketh Lever. The gallery consists of mind-blowing collections such as Pre-Raphaelite painting and the artistic works of world-renowned men like Millais, Rossetti, Burne-Jones and Holman Hunt. Locate the gallery at Port Sunlight Village.

  1. The Sudley House

The Sudley House, located on the Mossley Hill Road encompasses the finest arts of great people such as Romney, Millais, Gainsborough, Landseer, Burne-Jones and much more. The art collection has been subscribed to the work of a Victorian merchant ship owner known as George Holt. When you move through these places, you will notice the beauty of Liverpool and why it has served as a leading tourism hub in Britain.


We have included this excellent infographic by Liverpool One which shows clearly how to get to some of its most social media friendly destinations, which also by definition means destintions where you can see some of the world-class art and culture Liverpool has to offer:

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