Top 10 Apps to Help You Write Better

Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea, but millions of people worldwide have to engage in writing for some reason every day. Be it a student, a researcher, or a business analyst—they all have to produce some kinds of essays, papers, reports, and statements to communicate their ideas and fulfill academic and professional requirements. From early school grades to postgraduate studies and work, all life stages are connected with writing tasks in specific ways.

So, should the inevitability of writing make the process dull and discomforting? Not at all! Expert writers from WriteEssayForMe and Assignment Partner are sharing their tips on making writing more exciting and involving. Here is the list of top 10 apps that can add colors and emotions to any writing project. With these handy tools, you’re guaranteed to love writing, even if you hate it.


It’s probably the best app to help people of any age make the writing process a fun game. The app has many versions suited to different ages and topics, allowing users to learn correct writing in an interactive, engaging way. You can create pictures and build sentences by dragging objects and words. What’s more, the tool gives you a chance to spot and correct your mistakes without looking stupid.


The most universal and deep-looking app for the improvement of any writing currently available online, Grammarly is the indisputable leader in the thoroughness of checks and a multitude of suggestions. This app covers multiple areas, including vocabulary choice, syntax, grammar and style, misspelled words, etc. You’ll never get into a linguistically awkward situation with such a trusted companion as it can be built into your browser, mailbox, and even smartphone. Besides, Grammarly provides plagiarism checks and whole-sentence rewrite suggestions for redundancy reduction, which is invaluable help for lazy writers.


Overall, Toontastic is not only about writing. It’s more about storytelling, which combines both visual and language components in a coherent whole. With this app, people of all ages can create exciting animated cartoons, repeat their narratives, use voice-over, etc. Thus, even if you hate writing, with Toontastic, you’ll take a completely different look at the process.

Sentence Builder

Specifically tailored for schoolchildren, Sentence Builder serves as a solid start for those struggling with English syntax. The app has been created with a simple, user-friendly interface to make the learning process fun. Besides, it was designed as a play with three complexity levels, adding the gamification element to learning. Users can opt for auto-correction as they compose sentences or choose the correction encouragement animation to independently work on their errors.


In case you need some space to organize your creative thoughts, there couldn’t be a better place than Drafts. This app allows you to record thoughts quickly and save those ideas for later development in the text form. Its appealing interface and a handful of useful features make it a preferred choice of many people working with writing in this or that way.


Most of us need some visual support in the process of writing, and that’s what Milanote can provide. It is a super-convenient app for the visual organization of ideas and research materials into neat visual boards. Once having such an appealing board at hand, you’ll never lose the critical points of your writing project, bringing it all down on paper.

Calmly Writer

Most writers are easily distracted and lose their ideas halfway because of a sudden pop-up ad or an email coming to their mailbox. To avoid such distractions and to concentrate on the writing process entirely, you can choose Calmly Writer. As the name of this app suggests, it was explicitly made for combating distractions in a way that boosts creativity and focus. Once you use Calmly Writer, you remain one on one with a serene blue interface having nothing redundant. What else would a writer need?


Writing is often hard without visualization as it’s too easy to get off-topic and deviate from your initial intention without a visual roadmap. That’s where Popplet comes in handy, saving you the trouble of revisiting your notes and research findings. The app is marketed as the simplest way to visualize ideas, and thousands of happy users confirm that slogan. Indeed, it’s much easier to work on a text having all the relationships and arguments organized tidily in a single colored map in front of you.


Once you fall in despair and none of the apps we mentioned above helps, it’s high time to turn to professionals for assistance. By hiring Academized helpers, you can rest assured that any text will be flawlessly researched, perfectly written, and rigorously checked. The company hires only seasoned experts with years of practical experience so that clients can rest assured of having their orders handled by real professionals.


Just like Ernest Hemingway, the Hemingway Editor app has become world-famous for its care for correct English. Here, you can identify your text’s readability and spot phrases that can be improved to make your content look better. The app shows long and too long sentences, indicating which of them are hard to read. Another level of check involves analyzing phrases, aiming to reduce the number of redundant or awkward phrases to simplify your point. You can also check for the use of passive voice constructions, minimizing them to boost the text’s readability. Hemingway Editor checks the proper use of adverbs as well. Spellcheck is included, together with some handy options for highlighting the text’s parts in bold and italics, as bullet-point lists or numbered lists, and as a variety of subheadings.

With these tools at hand, you can achieve unprecedented heights in terms of writing expertise and skill. The founder of SharpEssay always points out that writing is a unique combination of skill and talent, and the power to boost both is now in your hands. Start early, try several apps to choose the one to your liking, look at writing from several perspectives, and the task of writing piece completion will never be a dread for you anymore.


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