My Gift Stop Offers Brand Name Products at Reduced Prices With a Chance to Win $300

A Chance to Win

It is a well-established notion that our priorities change when we become a parent. Whether it is about putting our previously set-in-stone social engagements on hold or us putting a stop on luxury purchases, the small changes that become part of our personalities seem to be very profound when we take a moment to have a good look at ourselves.

However, being a parent does not mean that we should keep ourselves from enjoying those luxuries that we deem too self-centric after having a child. In fact, psychologists suggest that in order to be a better parent, we should take care of ourselves the same way we take care of our kids. While that is often not possible during this day and age of amounting expenses, sometimes, certain opportunities come along that make the idea of treating ourselves all the more real – thanks to popular luxury goods vendors such as My Gift Stop.

Apart from providing brand name products on unbelievably discounted prices, the gift shop runs promotions from time to time out of the idea of making its customers feel valued. One such offer that is currently on the table is its month-wide contest where a lucky participant could win $300. There are no hidden rules and you do not have to make a purchase to be in the running. Just enter the contest here and by September 4, 2018, you can find yourself to be $300 richer – or with a surefire 10% discount coupon to use on the store.

And while you wait on collecting that dough, you can benefit from some of the luxury products that are already on discount from the platform. While My Gift Stop is known for its reputation as being a reliable stop for last minute gifts for loved ones, for once, you can go ahead and treat yourself instead with the following picks (with more offers available on the website).

Guess SG634207CLD – Logo Cloud Faux Leather Cooper Satchel

A design that makes a statement without you having to say a word, the Guess SG634207CLD Logo Cloud is an elegant yet highly functional handbag for the mother who knows how to accessorize.

With ample space to keep all the essentials to take care of your kids – since we have all been the provider of emergency crayons – you can make sure to attend your next social gathering in style.

The best part is that it’s available at a reduced price of $69.99 instead of its usual $128, which makes it a bargain to fetch.

Movado 3600322 – Bold Gold Dial Diamond Watch

With a brand as timeless as Movado, you can be sure that this product could stay with you for ages even with a house full of kids.

The beautiful watch comes with a yellow gold plated stainless steel case and a diamond accented bezel. The dial is in line with Movado’s signature statement and it also comes packed with essential features such as scratch resistance and the ability to be waterproof.

At a reduced price of $372.05 instead of its usual $1,095, you will be saving $722.95. At such a discount, nabbing this watch seems like a no brainer.

Oakley OO9166-03 – Underspin Groupie Sunglasses

Oakley’s brand is synonymous with both luxury and comfort, which is exactly what a parent would need when it comes to sunglasses.

These sunglasses, in particular, go with almost any face shape and would keep you from squinting in the sunlight while you wait in the car for your kid to come out of the school or from their friend’s house. That, in summary, means that you could carpool in style without giving your eyes too much trouble.

With My Gift Stop’s reduced price, this chic pair is available at $87.01 instead of its standard $180. It means a more than 50% discount of $92.99; which translates to the idea that most of us won’t be waiting before getting it off the digital shelf.

My Gift Stop Also Gives Back to Society

The popular gift shop does not only deal in brand watches, shoes, sunglasses and many other items for men and women but also believes in giving back to society. 5% of every sale is donated to Direct Relief, a nonprofit that provides health services to those who are in need of them.

With deals that make one do a double take due to how good they are and with the company’s heart being in the right place, My Gift Stop sure sets itself apart as one of those vendors that you should try at least once for your shopping experience.

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