Your family room is a special part of your home, a place where moms and pops really enjoy getting together with their kids to spend their leisure time together. While your family is growing up, it’s often the heart of your home, so it’s important to decorate it so that everyone feels at ease there.

Given that you have to accommodate adults as well as children of different ages, you might think that this could be difficult to achieve; however, there are some clever design tricks that can make it possible for you to create a family area that is welcoming, comfortable, and smart so that everyone feels right at home there. The best ideas are often the simplest, so here are a few hints and tips to help you achieve a fun, welcoming, and relaxing room for all the family in your home.

Color palette

Catering for everyone is best achieved by using neutral colors on the walls, floors, and ceilings in the room. Pale tones will make the space look bigger. Think of this as a backdrop for different accents that you can use in designated areas. When creating a play area, for instance, you can include brighter, primary colors on area rugs, scatter cushions, and storage units. A quieter corner for reading or storytelling can be more muted in tone, while a family viewing area for watching movies benefits from comfortable seating in modest, plain shades.

Doors and windows

When it comes to doors and windows, you can make your family room a little different from other parts of your home. Match the outside of your family room door with other doors in your hallway, but consider treating the inside a little differently. For example, if you want to minimize noise leakage, you can put a simple foam panel on the inside of the door. It’s an easy job to do, and the foam comes in a range of attractive colors, so you can choose a shade to match your décor. This is a brilliant solution if your kids love noisy play sessions or play loud video games. It’s also useful when you are watching a family movie as it reduces the amount of sound filling other parts of your home.

Windows in a family room don’t need swathes of drapes that trail on the floor or blinds with fiddly cords as these are more of a hazard in a space where kids will be active. Instead, choose elegant family room shutters that will produce a clean, streamlined outline of your window shapes and are also adjustable. This way, you can control the amount of daylight coming into the room and create a real movie theater atmosphere when you plan to watch something charming, exciting, or festive together.


Bearing in mind that your family room will get a fair bit of wear and tear, choose furniture, fabrics, and wall paint that are durable and washable, where possible. To cater for a range of uses, you’ll find that seating units with built-in storage are a great bonus so that toys can be cleared up easily before bedtime. Add wall-mounted shelves out of the reach of tiny hands to house books, speakers, iPod docks, and DVDs, as well as good old-fashioned CDs and vinyl.

Your viewing space may also be best positioned in a corner so that you can group couches and armchairs together cozily.


Good general lighting means that everyone can see clearly across your family room without any shadows. During daylight hours, your window shutters can be opened fully or the slats tilted slightly to avoid too much glare if this should be a problem. Artificial lighting in the evenings can be from a fixed overhead point with perhaps a few pockets of space where task lighting is installed.

For example, in a quiet corner you could add a floor reading lamp and some really comfortable chairs or floor cushions for rest periods in between noisy play. A foldable games table and stackable chairs are ideal if your kids enjoy playing real, as opposed to virtual, board games from time to time. Sometimes the best family fun happens around the games table, just as it often does at shared family meals, especially on festive occasions.

Fit for purpose

Perhaps the most important thing about decorating your family room is to start from the point of view of how it’s going to be used, building in how this might change over time so that your family room “grows up” as your family does.

Moving can be expensive, but when the time comes and you need to make it happen, it needs to happen. Whether you are looking to get more living space as your family expands, moving to take a job opportunity, or facing a change of life circumstances, you need to be able to get the funds you need to make the move quickly and easily. If you have been wondering how to receive funds to move with, here are three great options you can use to make it work.

  1. Residential Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are a great way to cover the cost of moving because they let you get some of the money out of your property even before you close on a sale. Use a bridge loan to pay off your mortgage and provide the moving funds you need to pack up and go. If you have enough equity in your home, you can even manage to get extra to cover a new down payment. Then, when you sell your home, you pay off the bridge loan in the process.

  1. Estate Loans

If you have to move because you shared a home with someone who has passed away and the property is to be divided among the heirs, estate loans can provide you with the funds you need. Borrow against your share of the inheritance to cover moving costs with ease.

  1. Signature Loans/Hard Money Loans

Unsecured loans allow you to borrow against your own income without risking a piece of property as collateral. This tends to give them slightly higher interest fees than other loan types, but it also makes them easy to get if you have the right credit rating, so you can easily cover short-term moving expenses.

For more information about your options for funding a move, talk to North Coast Financial representatives today.

If you are already struggling to balance a busy schedule, you may shudder at the thought of having anyone else to take care of. However, when you are part of a big family unit, you won’t always have a choice in the matter. In fact, it is extremely likely that you will have plenty of loved ones staying with you on a regular basis. They may visit for festive occasions, they may fancy a change of scenery, or perhaps they are eager to catch up with your little ones. The important thing is that they are in your home, and that they require your attention. If you are wondering how you can manage this situation, you will need to read on. Below are three tips for having your loved ones to stay.

Create a guest room

If you are going to manage your stress levels, you should definitely consider setting up a guest room. This is a fantastic way for you to separate your house into zones. Instead of worrying about having to prepare a room at the last minute, you should have a space that is always spotless. It could even be a room that your children are kept out of, as this will save you the hassle of tidying up their mess. When it comes to creating your guest room, don’t hold back. Invest in beautiful bedding and attractive decorations. You should also purchase useful items such as travel shampoos and spare towels. You could even treat your guest to a small travel kettle from VonShef, so they can make tea and coffee without waking up the whole house. What better way to make them feel welcome?

Get your kids involved

When you have guests to stay, it is important to remember that this effects your entire family. That is why you need to encourage your kids to get involved. Otherwise, they could end up feeling left out. Why not spend the weekend, before your guests arrive, enjoying fun and creative activities with your kids? This could be the perfect opportunity for you to make homemade gifts for your visitors. Then, your little ones will have something to show off when your guests arrive. You should also give all of your family members a special role. Perhaps your eldest child could be in charge of preparing drinks and your youngest child could be in charge of fetching the coasters. Whatever you decide, the most important thing is that everyone has a part to play.

Deep clean your home

Another important step to take, is deep cleaning your property. This is the best way for you to make sure that you don’t get caught out at the last minute. It will also give you the chance to be proud of your home, instead of cringing at the clutter and chaos. When you are conducting your deep clean, you should also rid yourself of any unnecessary items. You could hold a yard sale or donate to your local thrift store. Just make sure that you clear your home of as many items as possible. Not only will this improve your aesthetic, it will also give you more space for your guests and their things.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the fashion trends of the season because they are always fitted on women that are stick thin. The pressure to be so skinny can even cause anxiety. As a mom it’s almost impossible to be stick thin. Your body has changed over the course of your pregnancy and giving birth and priorities change. Obsessions with looking stick thin perfect and maintaining the perfect weight has been replaced with time looking after your little one and making sure they are healthy, happy and safe. They will always take priority but Research Verified reviews will also help you stay on top of your health!

Still, of course you want to look fabulous and it doesn’t mean you have to be tiny to look great. The following are the most lovely of fashionable dresses and how to incorporate it into your wardrobe:

Curve Beach Dress

Curve Beach Dresses are lovely, especially for fuller figures although they suit any type of physique. They cover the breast area well and give a young, fun look and are frayed at the bottom. They are perfect for any day at the beach or just walking around the city in flip flops or your favorite sandals. They’re also great because they’re easy to put on and remove and look lovely with summer hats. If you wear accessories with it choose delicate items like modest necklaces and earrings. Heavy bangles don’t go very well with this type of outfit.

Long Sleeve Wrap Dress

This is a gorgeous dress design for any type of figure. It’s dainty and lovely and screams tea with the ladies or afternoons spent having picnics under trees with the family. It wraps around your body beautifully and can be worn any day of the week. It can be worn with high heels or sandals.  Light accessories suit it best such as dainty hanging earrings and dainty gold or silver necklaces. Different colored rings also suit this dress well.

Crochet-Panelled Cotton-Gauze Dress

This beautiful dress is a winner as it works with everything. It is simple and plain and hides any sort of stomach weight you may carry. It looks lovely with a jacket or sweater and you can pair it with heels or any color boots you may choose. It even works well if you just want to walk around barefoot with your little one. It is a total winner with a sexy back detail making you feel ultra feminine.

Linen A-Line Dress

This dress works so well because it is so basic. It can be decorated with thick accessories and will look great with bare legs or tights fitted with boots. It’s simple and you can even wear it with a nice thick belt. and a comfortable bra.

No matter what, as a mom you can still dress up and look and feel great – even if you are not as slender as you were before. Dresses are so wonderful as they bring out the inner-feminine in you. Go ahead, put away the track suits and gym pants and opt for beautifully designed dresses that will make you feel more womanly. Enjoy all this fantastic fashion and be proud to look in the mirror any day of the week!

What better time to get the home ready for winter than in summer time? The kids are out of school during these sunny months, which makes the weekends ten times more relaxing. You and the family can make the most of the summer by engaging in these DIY home cleaning and repair projects.

Consider Painting the Deck

Your deck goes through a lot during the winter months. Why not take a summer weekend to repair and paint the outside structure? Having a paint day is just what the kids need to get away from the video games and into the center of nature in all of its splendor. You can even turn the chore into a complete day of fun by having a cookout, away from the fumes of course, after everyone has completed the task. Checking for damage while the kids are painting the deck is the best way to make the most of your time.

Clear Out the Garage

Platform shoes were in during your last garage overhaul. It is high time that you got rid of unwanted furniture and clothing that have taken up space in your garage for years. Consider selling items that are not too worn so that the kids can get a lesson on business this summer. You should also check the interior garage for obvious holes in the roof. Hire the best local roofing company if the sunshine radiates in places where darkness should dominate.

Thoroughly Clean the Showerheads

The shower gets brief cleanings throughout the year. Summer is your time, then, to address buildup that could lead to clogs and malfunctions. Remove every showerhead in the house and, with the kids’ help, clean every opening. You will notice the difference between a cluttered showerhead and clean device immediately upon bathing.

Clean the Refrigerator Coils

So many families use spring and summer to thoroughly clean every crevice and crack of the fridge’s interior. Few, however, remember the coils on the back of the appliance. Your refrigerator will thank you and the kids for purifying it through and through by preserving your foods for longer periods after a good coil cleaning.

Your family can take full advantage of the summer months by locating and filling open spaces in which rodents can enter. Making a game out of the chore is usually the best way to get kids interested in the activity. You deserve rejuvenation this summer, and so does your home. Cleaning and caulking for better home care are the way to go during sunny months.

When there’s a change of seasons in the air, you can always tell. Whether you feel the sweaty touch of summer, the chill grasp of winter, or the delightfully refreshing kiss of spring and fall, you should take care to celebrate each season. To make sure you’re ready, prepare your home for the changing weather, diet, and lifestyle that accompanies different times of the year.

Switch Up Your Home Décor

The seasons typically invoke certain colors or moods. Winter, for example, is a time of darkness, while summer is light and airy. By switching up your décor to match the time of year, you’ll feel more festive and ready to partake in that season’s events. Choose yellows and greens in the summer, burnt orange in the fall, rich and dark colors like purple or brown in the winter, and floral and rustic prints in the spring.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are a mixture of different natural substances designed to improve overall health and well-being. When placed in your home, they act as a natural aromatherapy that reduces tension and increases energy levels. For example, you might want to try a mix of cardamom, orange, and ginger oils in the fall to keep your immune system boosted and get rid of seasonal depression.

Perform Routine Maintenance Tasks

While it might be boring, there are certain things you have to do to physically prepare your home for the change of seasons. For example, when cold weather strikes, it’s time to roll up the outdoor hoses, close your pool, clean out your gutters, check your hot water tank, re-caulk your windows, and more.

One essential thing to check on regardless of the time of year is your HVAC system. You’ll want to make sure you have air conditioning when the hot days of summer make their appearance, as well as heat when the blistering days of winter arrive. Getting an HVAC tune-up from a service professional can ensure your system gets any repairs or maintenance it needs to function properly.

Stock Your Cabinets with Seasonal Food

Many fruits and vegetables only grow seasonally, meaning you can only get them at specific times. Don’t squander this opportunity. Instead of stocking up on processed foods, fill your refrigerator with fresh, locally grown produce. This will prevent you from overindulging on sugary, processed foods during the lull of winter or the excitement of summer.

Retrieve Your Seasonal Clothing

There’s a good chance you have a bag of winter or summer clothes stuffed away in the attic. Don’t forget to go get it before you’re stuck wearing jeans and a sweater on a 90-degree day. Take the opportunity to go through some of your older clothing and donate it to a homeless shelter or other charity. Spring isn’t the only time for cleaning.

There’s no need to panic when the seasons change. By keeping your home updated for the appropriate time of year, you’ll always be prepared for what the world throws at you.

It is often hard to regulate which sites your children are visiting online. Whether it is on their mobile phones or desktops, there are dangers lurking all around the web. Your child may be getting tricked by a hacker and revealing a ton of your family’s personal information, without even knowing it. You may not have realized it but your smartphone is at risk of being hacked or attached with viruses and malware just as your home computer is. Did you know that your phone can be hacked while it’s in your purse or pocket without you being aware? The key to protecting your phone is to install an antivirus app such as the AVG Antivirus that can assist you in keeping those hackers  away. Do not leave yourself open to viruses, malware, or attacks from hackers who would use your confidential information to do you harm. Here are a few ways the AVG Antivirus App can assist in protecting your smartphone from cyber-attacks.

Dodge Dangerous Apps

With the mobile antivirus from AVG, you can protect yourself whenever you’re downloading apps to your smartphone. Unfortunately, apps that you download may contain malware, viruses, or spyware that could wreak havoc on your device. By having this installed before you download, you can prevent those dangerous apps from taking over your phone. The app works silently in the background to scan and protect your phone from dangerous apps and viruses.

Other Features Added

If you lose your phone you can track it down via Google Maps with the AVG app added to your phone. You can also lock your phone remotely and even wipe it clean if you feel it is lost for good. There are other features you’re sure to enjoy such as the ability to passcode lock your files and photos to keep prying eyes from gaining access. There’s also a great feature that allows the app to run silently in the background and help monitor your battery life and even data usage. It will kill tasks that are taking up your battery life and also scan Wi-Fi access to make sure you’re protected at all times.

Download Avg for android here.

Nobody wants to see a child get injured in the home. Fortunately, you can keep your kids safe in your house by following a few simple strategies.

Child Proof Accessible Areas

Make a child proofing checklist and hit the local hardware store. Start with parts of your home that your children can reach, such as power outlets, cabinet doors, drawers, table corners, and windows. Remove anything that dangles from a wall or other fixture, such as window blind cords or drapery holdbacks, and install doorstops to keep kids from pinching their fingers.

Remove Harmful Substances

Kids are naturally curious, so don’t give them a chance to sample cleaning fluid, medicines, or other products that could cause them harm. Consider storing medicine in a bathroom cabinet that your children cannot reach. For cleaning supplies and other chemicals, the top cabinets in your laundry room or pantry could work. Alternatively, store them in a child-proof box.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can lead to respiratory issues, skin problems, and other negative consequences. Kids and the elderly prove particularly susceptible to IAQ issues, so consider improving ventilation in your home. Focus on the wet areas, such as your kitchen and bathrooms, to start, but consult an HVAC expert to learn about other places that lack proper ventilation. Additionally, change your air filter regularly and use natural products when you can.

Install Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Did you know that you can’t see or smell carbon monoxide? It’s a dangerous gas that can cause serious illness and even death, so don’t settle for a simple smoke detector in your home. Instead, upgrade to units that detect both smoke and carbon monoxide. Install them in your kitchen and living area. You’ll also want one in each bedroom so the alarm will wake you up if the system detects danger. Check the batteries at least twice a year so the units remain operational.

Select Experienced Babysitters

Babysitters can give you a much-deserved night off from the kids, but you don’t want to leave your children with someone who doesn’t know how to properly take care of them. Look for babysitters via a referral from a friend or family member. If that doesn’t work, interview several candidates and ask for several references for each of them. Consider using a babysitter with First Aid and CPR certifications.

Block the Stairs

While a tumble down the stairs doesn’t always result in a serious injury, you still want to avoid it if possible. Baby gates can help keep your kids safe around the stairs. Don’t forget staircases that lead to a basement. Until you can get a baby gate, consider blocking the staircase with heavy boxes or furniture. Additionally, block both the top and the bottom to prevent all types of falls.

Taking care of your children can seem overwhelming, but you’ll keep your kids safe in the home if you follow the above strategies. Each will minimize risks and help you focus on the more rewarding parts of parenting.

Ok, you know it’s time to renovate that run-down old place you’ve been living in. Your family and you deserve better. You have been saving up and planning this for a long time. Are you ready to finally do it? Let’s give you some last minute pro tips to help your renovation experience go as smoothly and as predictably as possible, and to have it turn out as close to exactly as planned as possible.

The first thing you should do is to properly research your contractor(s). Vet them thoroughly, make sure you get more than one good solid reference for each of them. And don’t ask them to give you references; do something like ask for a list of previous clients and call them up on your own. Don’t allow them to cherry-pick references because almost anybody can drum up a pair of good references this way.

After that, you need to get your mental hygiene game on point. In regular English, this means making all your major decisions regarding the renovation BEFORE work is started. I recommend to buy modafinil, a ‘smart drug’ that increases alertness and your overall brain’s processing power for the best decisions at quick times. You should have it committed to paper, signed sealed and delivered to contractors. And you should commit to it one hundred if not one thousand percent, period. No going back. There is no surer way to self-sabotage a project than to start second-guessing yourself once work is under way. Don’t do it. And if you make that mistake, remember it’s your own fault if there are any problems because of such a decision, so don’t start blaming the contractors at that point! But better yet, just don’t do it in the first place. Make a plan and stick to it.

Consider longevity as a core principal when planning a renovation. Some people balk at the high cost of certain materials, but you have to take the long view on projects of this nature. This goes especially for things like floors and kitchen counters. Is it really worth it to save a couple thousand now only to have to rip it out and start all over a few years later because you were too cheap to use the proper materials?

Also, a big one is, don’t live in the place while they are renovating. Move out. Most people are too lazy to do this, but you have no idea how much you are getting in your own way by not letting the workers operate fully and do their work properly. A lot of times it can actually be cheaper to move out and back in, so once again take the long view and don’t be afraid of front-loaded costs that save you in the long run.

Finally, don’t neglect bathrooms. Upgrade them as much as you can afford. Don’t go for your standard boring little old shower. Get something like one of these nice Insignia Steam Showers. Get the best toilets you can possibly afford. Consider heated floors.

With these tips, your renovation should go much smoother than you could have expected.

There are lots of wonderful things about your children growing up but one of the downsides is that you need to be a little more careful around them.  For many people, sleeping in the nude is common place but as kids get a little older, sometimes this can be a bit awkward so parents turn to sleepwear.  But the good news is that sleepwear can be fun as well as practical when you look at sexy lingerie website 3Wishes.

Shalimar range

One of the ranges you can see on is called the Shalimar range and this includes items for both men and women.  All the items use a sexy, stylish black satin style material that looks great and is very easy to wear.  It is also ideal for all times of the year, allowing the skin to breath and to help you keep an even temperature, even if the kids join you.

The Shalimar Robe Lingerie Set includes a charmeuse short length kimono robe that comes to around upper thigh length and has a belt to keep it in place.  The robe has three quarter length sleeves and inside ties to make it easy to wear.  Also in the set is the matching babydoll with a low back and adjustable crisscross straps.  The set even comes with a padded lingerie hanger to keep it crease free while not being worn.

Playboy Bunny range

The Playboy Bunny range is perfect for both home and when you go on vacation as it is easy to wear and looks great.  The range features the Playboy rabbit head logo as well as a tiny heart pattern and comes in four different colors – pink/black, lavender/red, white/red and white/black so you can choose by what suits you or what you like.

The Cotton Cami has spaghetti straps and is easy to wear with a waist length and stretchy material.  You can pair it with the Playboy Bunny Dot Pajama Pants that offer comfort and style.  They have a drawstring waist and are made with stretch cotton material.  For those warmer nights, you can swap the pants for the Pajama Shorts, featuring the same Playboy pattern and available in four different sizes.  Finally, if you want something a little sexier for the nights when the kids are staying with friends, go for the Playboy Bunny Hot Pants.  These are hipster style with the pink bunny at the thigh and are made from stretchy soft cotton.