About Me

We are the Greenberg family. My high-school sweetheart and I married in 1998, and started our family a while afterwards.

I easily gave up my office job, and settled into the home routine of raising our two great kids. Finding a couple hours during nap times or in the evenings to escape to my craft room has been a wonderful treat. This blog has transformed into something new ever since.

I started sewing in high school and haven’t stopped since.  My daughters always have a list of what to make next, and enjoy picking out fabrics as much as I do.  A good friend introduced me to quilting a few years back, and my house has been filling up with quilts ever since!

The online blog and forum communities filled with crafters have kept me inspired, and I have enjoyed sharing and browsing projects.  It is such a great way to encourage one another and find new ideas for the next project!

There are also so many opportunities to share our talents with others – either through gift giving, joining charity bees, donating a project to a fundraiser, or making something special for someone in need or someone going through an illness.

Thank-you for stopping by my blog!