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If you have some old, plain clothes that you don’t really wear but don’t want to throw away either, then here’s an idea for you! You can try using embroidery to help make your clothes more fashionable and make you want to wear them all the time. Embroidery is a versatile technique that can be used to spice up a clothing item and give it new life.

Embroidery has made a huge comeback into style and has been a steady trend for a while now. So find some items that could use a little something extra and enjoy being creative with embroidery!

Starting Out

You can begin by choosing a machine to start embroidery, or try a more simple method with an embroidery hoop and needle. Embroidery machines can digitize a design and embroidery it onto your clothing much quicker than if you do it by hand. There are many embroidery machines suitable for beginners so it won’t be too difficult for you to get the hang of it. If you’d prefer to try your hand at embroidery the old fashioned way, then stop by your nearest craft store and get the supplies you need.

With either method, you should practice on some scrap material before starting on your clothing. But don’t worry if you do make a mistake in your design, a stray stitch can easily be unpicked or covered up.

Patterns and Patches

There are endless amounts of free patterns you can find online. From a simple, red rose to intricate patterns and even emoji designs. You can start with the simple designs and maybe try embroider a simple flower onto a plain T-shirt. The simplest design can have a massive impact on the way a clothing items looks, just by adding a lovely little detail. Floral designs are very trendy right now and can turn a plain old item of clothing into an elegant, stylish piece that will turn heads.

You can even buy embroidered patches to sew or iron on to your clothes if you’d prefer not to do all the work yourself. Patches can have many meanings or symbolize specific places or things. Try adding them on a denim jacket for a very fashionable look.

Another idea is to embroider words onto your garments. You can make them more personal with your initials, or embroider a simple saying that you like. This can help you create more unique items of clothing and people will be sure to ask you where you bought them from!


It’s important think about what colour embroidery thread you should use on specific clothing items. Consider what colours will complement the colour of the fabric, and if you want your design to really stand out or if you want it to be more subtle. Using complementary colours is a great idea if you want your designs to be more eye-catching, and contrasting colours will definitely stand out more than similar shades.


Embellishments, like beads and sequins, can be used to make your embroidery really pop. Adding a little sparkle can really draw the eye to the design and make people notice the details of your clothes. If you’re embroidering a pattern, all you need to do is slip a small bead or sequin onto the thread every now and then to create an amazing effect. Embellishments could also be used in the centre of flower designs.


Embroidery can also help to link together different pieces of your outfit. You can layer an embroidered denim jacket over just about anything, whether it be a light, summer dress, or leggings and a T-shirt. Plat around with different clothing textures that will make your embroidery really stand out.

There are so many different types of stitches you can try out that will result in different textures within your embroidered design or pattern. From spaced out, simple lines to heavily layered patterns that add volume to your design, there are so many techniques to experiment with.


Your clothes aren’t the only things you can jazz up with embroidery. Accessories can help turn a boring outfit into a cute ensemble. Try embroidering some bright colours onto a scarf, or add some intricate patterns to your clutch bag and turn it into more of a statement piece. Embroidery can be used to make pretty much anything more fashionable, so be creative and have some fun with it!

Traveling with kids will get easier once they get bigger, right? In some cases, no. Bigger just means they are able to express themselves more. Tantrums won’t fully go away. And if you have more than one kid, prepare for those endless sibling spats that can make you want to pull your hair out and regret ever hauling your entire family for a vacation.

Try these tips to make traveling with big kids a lot easier:

Make a List of Everything the Entire Family Needs

A list helps you stay sane while packing for your vacation. A list also ensures that you won’t forget your child’s favorite cuddle toy or your emergency medical kit. Squelch the urge to bring everything but the kitchen sink. The last thing you would want to do is lug around your heavy luggage while herding the kids. Keep everything minimal and simple. You will stay sane that way.

Expert tip: Bring only your essentials and allot money to buy the rest of the stuff you need at your destination. Just make sure you do your research in advance to make sure your destination has stores where you can buy the things you need.

Arm Yourself with an Entertainment Kit

Vacations mean lots of time going from one place to another and spending a lot of time waiting for food to arrive when you eat at restaurants. Kids get easily bored and antsy when they get cooped up in contained places for a long time. Give something to distract them.

Make a travel entertainment kit and a restaurant kit. You don’t want the kids to get bored with their activities fast so make sure you have these two separate kits and give them only when they have to wait for a long time. You can visit the dollar store and buy art supplies and cheap toys to bring with you.

Expert tip: When buying coloring supplies, choose those that won’t roll off easily. The last thing you would want to do is keep crouching under the chair to find crayons that your children keep on dropping. You can actually find uniquely-shaped coloring materials. If you are feeling extra creative, you can chop up old crayons into small pieces and then put them in Alphabet or star-shaped molds. Melt them in the oven and let them harden. You not only have new shape of crayons, you also saved money in buying new coloring materials.

Plan Your Travel Itinerary with Kids in Mind

Choose accommodations that are kid-friendly. Stay away from unsafe, noisy and overcrowded areas. You can actually save more money by avoiding the usual touristy accommodations. Find out if they have amenities ideal for kids so you can keep them occupied while you go and have a massage. Pick accommodations with the essentials like a bathtub, laundry, TV and Wi-Fi. Also make sure you pick destinations with plenty of activities that kids will love.

Expert tip: Stay longer and you have better chances of scoring bigger discounts. You can also opt to go during off-peak seasons to avoid hordes of vacationers and to take advantage of the amenities of the hotel better. Trust me, swimming in a jam-packed pool is not a good way to spend your vacation.

Bring Lots of Snacks

Bringing snacks can save you a lot of money. They will also keep your kids occupied and prevent your kids from getting hungry while traveling. You can buy small reusable containers and stash snacks in there. Choose snacks that won’t get mushy or won’t perish easily.

Expert Tip: Buy snacks in bulk and separate them in small packages so they are easier to bring. Choose snacks that are not messy and are satiating so your kids won’t feel hungry easily.

Don’t Forget Important Equipment

We’re talking about strollers. If you have kids who still take naps during the day, they will need a place to do so.

Expert Tip: You can also use the stroller to stash your luggage and shopping bags. Tandem strollers are also great, so you won’t have to bring more than one stroller. You can check out more options here.

With careful planning, you should be able to go on a stress-free vacation with your kids. Prepare in advance and choose destinations that your kids will love. Focus on creating wonderful memories with your kids.

It is not difficult to get your kids to take interest in gymnastics exercise, gymnastics program includes jump, roll, balance or coordination or any other difficult movement, this is what they love to do. If your kids participate in gymnastics class in school, the coach or trainer will assure they are safe and perform the news skill in a proper manner. However, if they want to practice at home, what they should to protect their body to keep away from being injured. Undoubtedly, air track mat is an affordable tool to keep you go on practicing gymnastics at home safely without fear of any danger may happen to you.

Airtrack home  is commonly used in gymnastics class, it is not strange to the kids if they have engaged in gym class at school, kids will love the mat if they have an opportunity to get such a cool mat home, they are aware of the mat covered with cushions providing protection to them during gymnastics exercise. Kids will get used to practicing on the airtracks once they got one at home, they will find the mat is not only used for gymnastics, on the other hand, it has multiple functions that can be used for different purposes. They play on it for fun, have a nice sleep on it for a rest, it even can be used in many other special exercises related to the body weight.

Sometimes, one single mat cannot satisfy kids demand anymore, as they need a larger place for their practice, in this case, you can get two or more mats to connect together to make more space to suit their needs and make sure their practice in safety.

Tumbling air track is an ideal equipment for kids to practice at home without trainer or coach’s supervision, which guarantee you to take part in kinds of floor activities safely and comfortably.

Getting air track prices means you can practice at home with safety and assurance, you don’t need to worry about getting hurt during your training. It is worthy of buying such a cool equipment.

Named as one of the most idyllic cities to live, Budapest offers more than just a locations for that unforgettable last night of freedom ( With architecture to rival the likes of Rome and Paris, and cultural hot-spots such as the Szechenyi Baths and the city park, it is easy to see why it is one of the top destinations for city breaks. Before you jet off to the Hungarian capital, get these best kept secrets on your itinerary and experience the best of Budapest.

For Sale Pub

A quirky favourite of travellers and locals alike, the For Sale Pub offers unique surroundings for their patrons. As the name suggests, customers can drink and place personal advertisements on the walls along with drawings, business cards and notes for others to read through and appreciate. But apart from leaving your mark in the pub you will be able to appreciate the fine cuisine and famous Hungarian hospitality.

KonyV Bar and Restaurant

One for the literary buffs out there, this restaurant has a truly distinctive way on dining and a way to change up what it has to offer. Each week the restaurant selects a novel, a classic or something new, and bases their entire menu on it, including drinks and deserts. For example, the restaurant previously based their menu on The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain. Dishes available were ‘royal pheasant broth’ and ‘rich and poor’ coffee chocolate cake. This truly ‘novel’ idea is something you have to experience first-hand.

Veli Bej

The ‘City of Baths’ are over-following with thermal pools including the popular Gellert spa, Szechenyi ( and Lukacs baths. But one that most don’t know about is off-the beaten track and you won’t find many tourists here. Veli Bej, unlike its counterparts, is a small, yet cosy baths which offer everything you would find at the better known baths and more. Despite being from the 16th century, the baths are a local favourite and somewhere you should try if you want to avoid those annoying tourists.

Red Ruin

Unlike other Soviet Bloc countries, Budapest certainly has a good sense of humour when it comes to poking fun at its rocky communist past. Nestled within an ancient looking façade, Red Ruin bar embodies this humour – with murals of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong on the wall, wearing birthday hats and having a super-fun “communist party.”

Vajdahinyad Castle

Humble beginnings for this Hungarian landmark, yet it isn’t well known to many tourists. Located on a manmade island, the castle was originally built using cardboard and wood before being built with stone in 1904. Apparently, the first draft was good enough.

Hospital in the Rock

Set up during the Second World War, the hospital helped to treat injured soldiers throughout its six-miles, natural tunnels. Fast forward to 1958, the tunnels would be extended into a nuclear/chemical war shelter, where people could seek escape before the nukes dropped. Now the tunnels are home to a museum that displays the tunnels history throughout the past century, including mannequins. Other than discovering the past, brave visitors can take part in a nuclear readiness test so see how you would fare when the bombs drop.

Labyrinth under Castle Hill

Not a one for the faint-hearted, explore the eerie history of the tunnels under the city. Home to some of the darkest history the city has to offer, visitors have the chance to explore the labyrinth with just their courage and a lantern. All manner of historical events have taken place in the catacombs including the imprisonment of Vlad the Impaler – otherwise known as Count Dracula. The tunnels are also haunted so keep an eye out for any ghostly presence.

Zwack Unicum Factory

Budapest is famous for many things: copious amounts of public baths, the river Danube and the Ruin District. But arguably one of the most well-known export is Zwack Unicum. The herbal liquor, which is similar to Jägermeister, is made up of 40 different herbs and spices and boasts a proof in the region of 80%. Fancy a tipple? Most bars in the city have it stocked. But if you want to visit where the famous spirit is made then head on down to the factory which pumps out the stuff by the bottle.

Flipper Muzeum

A pin-ball lover’s paradise, the Flipper Muzeum in Budapest is a definite. Situated under a residential building, you may be mistaken in thinking the place is home to one of the biggest collection of fully working pinball machines in Hungary. The assortment of games also includes the rare Mesovonat machine which is the only Hungary-made machine known to exist. And to top it all off, your entry price covers use of all the machines all day. A one to include on your itinerary for sure.

Istvantelek Train Yard

Located just outside of Budapest, this vast area of land contains a number of disused warehouses which are home to more than 100 locomotives and carriages. Known as the ‘Red Star Train Graveyard’, the vast collection of trains and cars includes some that were used to transport prisoners to Auschwitz and other concentration camps during the Holocaust. Unfortunately most of them are fighting a losing battle against the elements and won’t be around forever. Next time you are in the Hungarian capital, this is definitely a one to go and see.

Michael Jackson Memorial Tree

The ultimate king of pop is, arguably, the biggest name in music history. Since his death in 2009, Hungarian fans have transformed a seemingly nondescript tree in the capitals to a shrine to the creator of the moon-walk. Draped in all kinds of MJ memorabilia the nonchalant tree is now a tourist attraction. But the real secret to the tree, and why it is included on the list, is if you are around on the King of Pop’s birthday then you will be treated to the annual flash-mob celebration to Jackson’s life.

Szimpla Kert Farmer’s Market

If you come to Budapest and you don’t visit Szimpla Kert ruin bar – you’re doing it wrong. This is a huge, well known pub with quirky, mismatched furniture including sawn-off Trabant cars and even an open air cinema. But, less well known, Szimpla Kert hosts a traditional farmers’ market every Sunday morning, with locally produced, healthy, farm-fresh and home-grown salami, homemade syrup, jams and other delicacies on offer for bargain prices. Perfect for them hangover snacks if you’ve been out the night before.

Planning a stag or hen do to Budapest? Get in touch with Last Night of Freedom for that weekend to remember:

I will not lie – working at home is…amazing. I say this as someone who considers themselves an introvert. The office place is just an area that I have no desire to be in. The loud noises, the office dramas, the toxic co-workers and the boss from hell can be a frustrating experience to endure.

For me, as an introvert, there is nothing better than to be able to make money at home by myself. But for stay at home moms, with kids I might add, the experience may very well not be too dissimilar.

In a hilarious and brilliant clip of a mother who once worked at an office and transitioned to stay at home and work, we discover that with children at home; work can be just as demanding if not MORE demanding.

The office desks from Furniture At Work clip was an excellent representation of the hassle that may come from working at home. And it is a bit disconcerting how the same mannerism that could be found in toddlers were also in grown adults.

However, what really stood out and what was so profound – and really emphasizes my point that working at home is great  – came down to the mother’s assertion that working at home and at an office is not too dissimilar, but what makes working at home better is that she was around much cuter workers; i.e. her children.

That was such a touching scene and illustrates that it may very well be a bit more trying to work at home as a stay at home mom with children – along with having to schedule your day and work with unruly kids – but you can’t put a price on being your own boss and being surrounded by people you love…even, if they are making work harder for you.

A Chance to Win

It is a well-established notion that our priorities change when we become a parent. Whether it is about putting our previously set-in-stone social engagements on hold or us putting a stop on luxury purchases, the small changes that become part of our personalities seem to be very profound when we take a moment to have a good look at ourselves.

However, being a parent does not mean that we should keep ourselves from enjoying those luxuries that we deem too self-centric after having a child. In fact, psychologists suggest that in order to be a better parent, we should take care of ourselves the same way we take care of our kids. While that is often not possible during this day and age of amounting expenses, sometimes, certain opportunities come along that make the idea of treating ourselves all the more real – thanks to popular luxury goods vendors such as My Gift Stop.

Apart from providing brand name products on unbelievably discounted prices, the gift shop runs promotions from time to time out of the idea of making its customers feel valued. One such offer that is currently on the table is its month-wide contest where a lucky participant could win $300. There are no hidden rules and you do not have to make a purchase to be in the running. Just enter the contest here and by September 4, 2018, you can find yourself to be $300 richer – or with a surefire 10% discount coupon to use on the store.

And while you wait on collecting that dough, you can benefit from some of the luxury products that are already on discount from the platform. While My Gift Stop is known for its reputation as being a reliable stop for last minute gifts for loved ones, for once, you can go ahead and treat yourself instead with the following picks (with more offers available on the website).

Guess SG634207CLD – Logo Cloud Faux Leather Cooper Satchel

A design that makes a statement without you having to say a word, the Guess SG634207CLD Logo Cloud is an elegant yet highly functional handbag for the mother who knows how to accessorize.

With ample space to keep all the essentials to take care of your kids – since we have all been the provider of emergency crayons – you can make sure to attend your next social gathering in style.

The best part is that it’s available at a reduced price of $69.99 instead of its usual $128, which makes it a bargain to fetch.

Movado 3600322 – Bold Gold Dial Diamond Watch

With a brand as timeless as Movado, you can be sure that this product could stay with you for ages even with a house full of kids.

The beautiful watch comes with a yellow gold plated stainless steel case and a diamond accented bezel. The dial is in line with Movado’s signature statement and it also comes packed with essential features such as scratch resistance and the ability to be waterproof.

At a reduced price of $372.05 instead of its usual $1,095, you will be saving $722.95. At such a discount, nabbing this watch seems like a no brainer.

Oakley OO9166-03 – Underspin Groupie Sunglasses

Oakley’s brand is synonymous with both luxury and comfort, which is exactly what a parent would need when it comes to sunglasses.

These sunglasses, in particular, go with almost any face shape and would keep you from squinting in the sunlight while you wait in the car for your kid to come out of the school or from their friend’s house. That, in summary, means that you could carpool in style without giving your eyes too much trouble.

With My Gift Stop’s reduced price, this chic pair is available at $87.01 instead of its standard $180. It means a more than 50% discount of $92.99; which translates to the idea that most of us won’t be waiting before getting it off the digital shelf.

My Gift Stop Also Gives Back to Society

The popular gift shop does not only deal in brand watches, shoes, sunglasses and many other items for men and women but also believes in giving back to society. 5% of every sale is donated to Direct Relief, a nonprofit that provides health services to those who are in need of them.

With deals that make one do a double take due to how good they are and with the company’s heart being in the right place, My Gift Stop sure sets itself apart as one of those vendors that you should try at least once for your shopping experience.

Increasingly, across the world, water shortages are becoming an issue. So, it makes sense to think about this before buying trees and shrubs for your garden.

Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from. Firms like The Tree Center are very much aware of the need to provide high-quality drought-resistant plants to their customers. There are dozens of different varieties to choose from, but here are some of our favourites.

Lemon trees

Most citrus trees do very well without much water, even in near desert conditions. In parts of Spain, oranges are still grown commercially in zones that are officially categorised as semi-desert.

Lemon trees are an especially good option because they continually produce fruit. They are also a bit hardier than orange, Satsuma and grapefruit trees.

Sugar maples

Maples are stunning looking trees. They come in a range of colours, shapes, and sizes. The variety that produces delicious maple syrup is particularly nice. In the autumn/fall, the foliage goes through several colour changes including yellow, gold, orange and red.


There are many varieties of juniper that do very well in dry conditions. One of the nicest is the Blue Rug Juniper. It is very richly coloured and stays green year round. If you need grown cover, this plant is a wonderful option.

American Elms

If you are looking for a large statement tree an American elm is a great option. As the name suggests, this tree is a native of North America, but, it is now possible to buy them in other countries. They make excellent shade trees.


A lot of people like to plant trees and shrubs that help wildlife. Hawthorns certainly tick that box. The colourful berries are a lifeline for wild birds because they are there during the winter months. These plants are really hardy, so can grow in virtually any garden.

Thornless Honeylocust

If you are looking for a shade tree, a honey locust is ideal. It grows to about 45 feet, but importantly the canopy can easily reach 35ft across. The shade that this tree produces is dappled, so, grass and other plants can easily grow underneath.

Just be sure to buy the thornless variety. In the wild the thorns of this tree are fierce.


Sumac shrubs can grow to around 6ft tall and wide. They are a great way to fill up space. If you buy something like the Rhus Tiger Eyes variety you can enjoy four different colours of foliage during a single year.

Do a little extra research before you buy

So, there you have it seven lovely trees and shrubs that can cope with going without water for fairly long periods of time. The above plants are a good option for most, but not all gardens. For example, some of them would not grow well here in Australia. So, before you buy, find out a little more about the plant. You need to work out whether you have the right soil type and check local rules and regulations. Some plants, trees, and shrubs cannot be planted in certain locations.

Every year there many seniors suffer from trips and falls. What’s even worse is that, of those who fall, less than 50% of them will talk about it. This is very sad as falls and resulting hip fractures cause different injuries in seniors and many of those injuries can prove fatal.

It’s not just hip injuries, but there are cuts, fractures and traumatic brain injuries that may cause permanently damaging mental conditions like dementia. Some seniors get so afraid of certain activities because they may develop a fear of falling.

Trip Hazards in the House for the Elderly

There are many trip hazards in the house. They could be anything from a slippery floor, a shaky flight of stairs, naked or protected electrical wires, cords and cables. It’s no surprise that many of these hazards can be found in the home where you think you are safe.

This is why you have to be very careful of falls and start creating a home you can call safe. It all starts with the small things. You don’t have to aim for a complete tear down and then remodel. There are some small things that you can do to make your home safer for seniors living there.

Removing Any Trip Hazards

There are some household fixtures, commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms that can be the reason for a fall. One can suffer from back pain and injuries that lead to back pain if they fall. It can be even worse if that someone is a senior.

Carry out a brief examination of the bathrooms, hallways, kitchen and other areas of the house. Keep an eye out for slippery rugs, floorboards and loose carpets. Repair these things and tape them up. can help you out with that, too. Prevent your beloved seniors from falling by doing your part.

Be Clutter-Free

Speaking of doing your part, you can start with spring cleaning and some tidying up, as well. It requires relatively little effort and makes your house free of any potential trip hazards. The stacks of old newspapers, antiques, out of place rugs, books, broken furniture and wood blocks lying around can become a serious hazard if you don’t clean it up.

So, do your part in cleaning up the house to make it safer for seniors as well as yourself.

Handrails and Grab Bars

If you know that your spirited seniors are free spirited, but don’t have the energy for it, it may prove to be a problem. If they can’t walk without support, then that’s what you need. Luckily, grab bars and hand rails, that are sturdily built, will solve this problem. Whether it’s a flight of stairs, a slippery bathroom or kitchen or even a hallway, installing this type of safety equipment can allow seniors the safety they need.

They can come down the stairs slowly and with support, get in and out of the bathtub, or even catch themselves if no one’s around when they’re about to fall. This is something really positive.

Lots of people like to collect things, and this can be anything from trading cards, ornaments, antique silver, or jewellery. Silver is very common to collect as this semi-precious metal is a lot cheaper than gold and can look visually stunning. If you are looking to start or already have a collection of silver items and want to expand on this, here are some tips to help you grow your collection without spending too much of your hard-earned money.

Knowing The Current Price Of Silver

The price of silver changes every day just the same as oil and gold, so to be able to work out an estimate of the value of a silver item, you will need to know what the current price is for scrap silver. You can get the latest silver prices on many websites such as, which are also regularly updated.

Know Where To Shop

There are many places where you can purchase antique silver, but you will pay more for certain types of establishments than others. For example, you will most likely end up paying a higher price in an antique store than you will on a market stall, although with some searching you can find some bargains.

An excellent place to pick up a bargain or two is a local antique fair, although you do need to be careful as some markets specialise in specific types of antiques so make sure that they offer what you want before visiting. Here you will find many full time and part time dealers that set up their stall and sell various antiques for sale. The beauty of purchasing at these types of places is that you can haggle over the price and bash out yourself a bargain.

Other excellent places to pick up bargains are car boot sales and flea markets. You will often find all sorts of bric-a-brac at these types of events, and there are usually some excellent bargains to be had. Just as with antique fairs, you can haggle over the price, and one of the benefits of purchasing from these types of places is that the sellers often do not know the real value of some of the items that they are selling. If you have a keen eye, you could end up getting a terrific bargain and walking away paying peanuts for something that is quite rare or valuable.

Shopping Online

You can also find many auction websites online that are good places for people to shop for antique silverware and other antique pieces. Sites such as eBay are a good place to start, and you also get to look at the seller’s reputation to help ensure that you are dealing with someone that is reputable. Many auction dealers also sell items on these types of websites, so sometimes the bargains are few and far between.

Be Careful When Making A Purchase

Before committing to a purchase, you should always know what it is that you are buying. If it is an antique you will want to try and find out the provenance of the item, and always ensure that you know whether it is sterling silver, or silver plated. If something seems to good to be true, it often is, so do not rush into any transaction, take your time and be prepared to walk away if the price is too high. With some digging around and travelling to various auctions and markets, you can find some excellent pieces to help grow your antique silver collection, without having to break the bank to do so.

Whatever choices you make on a daily basis impact the world around you and beyond either positively or negatively. Looking after the environment is a conscious decision that you have to make, and just like Glasdon UK, any efforts go a long way in making the world a better place to live in. The following are tips for looking after the environment:

Carry your own grocery bag

There is no need to waste plastic or paper bags every time you go to the store. By bringing your reusable bag with you whenever you go shopping, you conserve resources and protect the environment.

Cut down on meat consumption

Try introducing one day in a week where your household does not eat meat. This way, you will reduce the number of livestock needed thus minimizing the emission of nitrous oxide from livestock waste and consequently reduce the greenhouse effect that accompanies it. Wondering what to replace the meat with? Google some delicious and easy to make veggie recipes.


Reduce waste disposal by consciously choosing to recycle. Did you know that the average human generates wastes daily of up to 4.3 pounds? So, the next time you are tempted to throw out empty cans or damaged toys, ask yourself: are they recyclable? If you are not so sure, take some bit of time and research. It’s worth it. After all, you are on a mission to conserve the environment for the greater good.

Remember to switch off the lights

A lot of people forget to turn off the lights whenever they are not using them. Make it a habit to always remember to do so. This not only saves on the electricity bill but also conserves the environment.

Switch to reusable bottles

Make the shift from using plastic bottles and purchase reusable ones. This saves you money and at the same time, it saves on fossil fuels. It also reduces the number of plastics sent to the landfills.

Try as much as possible to repurpose and reuse

Just because you have replaced an old container with a new one, doesn’t mean that you have to throw the old one away. Awaken your creative side and use it for something else like growing some flowers or onions in it. Also, reuse your plastic bags as much as possible. Instead of rushing to throw out waste, find out if it can be repurposed or reused.

Walk or ride a bicycle to work.

Once or twice a week, purpose to walk or ride a bicycle to work if it’s not too far. If your workplace is a not at a close distance, find ways to carpool. This will help in reducing greenhouse effects as a result of gas emissions from your car.


Most of your home appliances use electricity even when they are turned off. Unplug your air-conditioning unit, disconnect your phone charger and any other electronic device when not in use. It saves on bills and the environment as well.

Check your water Usage.

It’s the little things that make all the difference. Don’t leave your tap running when brushing your teeth. If your toilet is leaking ensure that you have it fixed.