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5 Attractions in Costa Rica Every Visitor Should See

If you’re looking to experience the best tropical paradise the world has to offer, look no further than Costa Rica. With beautiful beaches, hiking locations, and highly sought-after tourist locations, Costa Rica is the perfect destination for every outdoor lover. With so many unique locations to explore, it can be hard to decide what to plan for your trip. To kickstart your trip planning, here are 5 must see Costa Rica attractions that every visitor should see.

1. Poás Volcano National Park

Poás Volcano National Park is one of the most visited and sought-after locations in the country by tourists. It’s in close proximity to the international airport and only a short trip from San Jose city, which makes it a perfect first stop on your vacation. It features one of the largest craters in the world. You can see this magnificent sight after just a one-day hike to the craters rim, or as a stop on the Doka Estate Coffee tour.

The temperatures around the crater stay mild enough all year round to support the life of gorgeous, green vegetation, which is sure to make the hike even more beautiful. For any outdoor lover this volcanic national park will offer an up close and personal look at one of the most historic volcanic craters still in existence and is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget.

2. Celeste River

This sight will take a bit more hiking to reach, but it’s sure to be worth it. if you haven’t heard of the river, you’ve surely seen pictures of it. the Celeste River is one of the most famous locations in Costa Rica. The river is known for its uniquely colored and breathtaking blue waters which  almost appear to be artificially colored.

The hike to the river will last around 3 hours and include a trek through a rainforest, but that 3-hour hike will transport you to a location that feels like a whole new world. Swimming in Tenorio Volcano National Park is prohibited. However, the blue waters of Rio Celeste continue for 14-kilometers, so that means there are sections just as stunning located outside of the park. It is important to note however, that the river does have high levels of Copper Sulfate which are known to irritate skin, so if you choose to swim in the waters of the Celeste, you do so at your own risk.

3. Papagayo Peninsula

This little piece of tropical paradise is one of the best locations for diving tours around Costa Rica that will allow you to experience the underwater world of the country in a very personal way. These tours are great for families, couples, groups, and everything in between. This peninsula is home to not only great diving spots, but also some of the best hotels in Costa Rica.

With sites like Expedia just a click away, you can book a stay at one of the many luxurious Costa Rica Hotels on or around the peninsula. Golf lovers will find numerous different golf courses to spend time on whenever they aren’t relaxing on the beach or going for a dive. It is a bit of a road trip from the international airport to reach this location, but it’s sure to be worth it once you take a look at the majestic views and endless activities.

4. Tamarindo

If you’re a pro surfer, or a beginner looking to learn more, this is the place for you. Tamarindo is a town that offers great nightlife and a surfing culture to rival those found in some of the most famous surf destinations. In Tamarindo there are a variety of hotels and accommodations to fit any budget or itinerary with ease. This location is a gorgeous three-hour drive from the San Jose International Airport and it’s easy to access many of the other must-see locations in Costa Rica that we’ve talked about above.

The cuisine found in Tamarindo is sure to win over any foodie’s heart in a single bite, but there’s tons of restaurants to explore for each night of your stay. The area is filled with shops and stores so you’re sure to find the perfect souvenir to remember your trip by. In Tamarindo, the possibilities are endless. Every day will feel like a new adventure and allow you to fall even deeper in love with Costa Rica while you’re here.

5. Montezuma

This little piece of paradise was once no more than a simple fishing town, but it quickly gained popularity after the 1980’s. A mellow vibe can be felt around Montezuma, from its residents and guests alike. Montezuma sits within high cliffs and running water, which create unforgettable waterfalls around the town that can be seen from just a short hike away. Transportation is no issue during your vacation to this spot, all hotels, restaurants, shops, and beaches are within walking distance of one another.

If you’re a thrill seeker, there are perfect cliffs for diving located all around Montezuma that fall into the beautiful fresh waters below. Rain forests are endless if you’re looking for a hike to reconnect with nature. Try out local cuisine of the fishing town with locally owned restaurants and feel like a local as you explore the vibrant streets. With an open heart and a daring mind, the opportunities here are endless.

If you’re looking to plan a trip to Costa Rica to experience some of these one of a kind sights, search online for the best deals. Some travel agencies offer incentive pricing if you book your hotel and your trip together.

What destination would you be most excited to visit in Costa Rica? Leave us a comment with your thoughts in the section below.

Why Indigo Jamm Is One of the Best Toy Brands

Do you carry out some research before buying toys or randomly choose them when you visit a toy store?

Carefully choosing toys can benefit you in many ways. You should go for top brands such as Indigo Jamm to invest in top-quality toys. Refrain from buying low-quality toys that can be broken easily and aren’t safe for your kids.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Indigo Jamm toys:

They Last Forever

You may get low-quality toys at cheap rates, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are good for your kids. If your kids may throw them or step on them by mistake, these toys will break easily.

Toys by Indigo Jamm, on the other hand, last (almost) forever. You can pass on your toys to your kids and grandkids. They won’t get damaged easily and can last for decades.

So, if you want to avoid the hassle of buying toys every now and then, it’s best to invest in top-quality products. You can purchase them via

Nurture Learning and Imagination

Aside from providing entertainment to children, toys can also improve their learning process. Toys manufactured by Indigo Jamm not only last longer, they also foster imagination and learning in children. Toys such as emergency vehicles, bus, Toby Truck, Digger Dave, Freddie Fire Engine, and Rocket Ricky help them understand what purpose these machines serve in real life.

They are Safe for Kids

Your toddlers may try to take toys in their mouth or take meals without washing their hands after playing with the toys. What if the toys contain toxic chemicals that may hamper the health of your child?

It’s in your best interest to buy Indigo Jamm toys. These toys are free from hazardous substances and are safe for your kids.

They are Cost-Effective

Toys manufactured by Indigo Jamm are available at affordable rates. But what makes them the top choice of consumers is the fact that they last longer. So, they can help you save costs in the long run.

If you purchase cheap products, they are likely to get damaged within a short time. However, these high-quality toys stay intact for long. As a result, you won’t have to buy new toys for your kids too often. Not only do these toys help you save on initial costs but also benefit you in the long run.

They Help You keep the Playing Area Organized

A messy play area doesn’t look good to anyone. Moreover, it increases the risk of falls and injuries. Therefore, you should ask your kids to keep the toys at their place once they are done playing with them.

However, if there are too many toys, it won’t be easy for you to keep the space well-organized. Therefore, you should opt for a limited number of quality toys. They last longer so you need not too many toys for your kids.

To be precise, Indigo Jamm is one of the best toy brands that sell top-quality products at affordable rates.

Finding the Right Yoga Class for You

Despite what critics might say, yoga ISN’T any of the following; only for double-jointed people, a religion/cult, pointless exercises and only practised with the help of a guru; which are just a handful of the many myths surrounding this ancient theory and practice which should have been debunked a long time ago. In reality yoga is a hugely beneficial series of mindful exercises, stretches and relaxation techniques (which are all related to breathing) which when practiced regularly can reap significant rewards in terms of manifesting a unique sense of calm and subsequent clarity of thought in individuals.

Yoga Classes v Instructional DVDs

Of course, if you’re new to yoga the first thing you’ll need to do is find a suitable teacher and class. It’s always advisable to introduce yourself to yoga with the help of a qualified and experience teacher, who can guide you through the various exercises ensuring that you don’t injure yourself in the process. Despite there being a myriad of dedicated yoga instructional DVDs out there, a beginner should avoid these and instead sign up to a beginner’s class in their locality.

Where Do I Practice Yoga?

Just browsing the internet, reading the local newspapers or even looking at adverts in shop windows can point you in the direction of a group or class nearby, wherever you are geographically situated, as the popularity of yoga has gone from strength to strength in recent times. Arguably the most important factor for yoga newbies is to find a class and a teacher who they feel they can learn from and potentially relate to, in terms of learning the many practices and protocols keenly associated with the art of yoga.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

Naturally, beginning anything new can often feel overwhelming, however this will soon be countered and quickly diminished courtesy of the enormous sense of wellbeing you detract from practicing yoga, once you’re up and running so to speak. That’s why choosing the class which best fits into your own lifestyle and commitment should be your priority from the outset. The question is, just what constitutes the right yoga class from your personal perspective? The all-important where, who, when, which, why and how.

Essentially you need to get a feel for a yoga class when you visit one to see what’s on offer and talk to the teacher. Look around you and observe the interactions between the teacher and those attending the class if you get to sit in. First impressions count for a lot.

  • Do you think the classroom ambience conveys a sense of calm? The actual building which houses the yoga class (in a physical way) is vital. Yoga classes tend to be accommodated in a variety of different structures, all of which can set the tone. It might even be a steel building, like the ones pre-engineered steel building systems manufacturer, Armstrong Steel readily construct for a number of leisure and recreational sectors
  • What’s my gut feeling about the teacher? Have they received training from an accredited school or a well-respected master yoga teacher themselves? Do they inspire me to learn more? Have they got a good reputation locally?
  • Will my fitness level demands be satisfied by the volume or intensity of exercises covered in class?
  • Are the classes too big? In as much as do I have worries about not getting enough one-on-one attention from the teacher?
  • Would I look forward to attending this class on a regular basis?
  • Can I afford the class?
  • How do I feel after watching/participating in a class?

Wedding Shoes Everyone Want Right Now!

Considering your bridal shoe early in the decision-making process is vital. It is important to consider heel height, style, comfort will set up your dress in knowing how it will fall and look to complete the style. As Jessica, a designer from JJsHouse puts it: “In this modern age, the term – no pain, no gain – shouldn’t exist as there are plenty of options this year that can be comfy and classy.”

Block Heels

If you’ll be spending much time on your feet during your wedding day, then block heels are the way to go. Perfect for those that want a bit of heel but want to be comfortable and don’t want to sink into the grass. The block heel is simple and stylish and works great with most dresses. Laced, floral, jeweled or any other type of dress will fit perfectly with this style of shoe.

Fresh Color Twist

A new fun trend is popping some color into your white wedding by adding a colorful, playful heel. Don’t be afraid, go bold with your wedding shoes! While a fancy black lace might be the subtle, accenting heel you’re looking for, other exciting options could be a crazy pop of orange or red, or why not one of your wedding colors?

Subtle Nudes

Choosing the right color is crucial for any bride to be, but it is not always the easiest decision to make. This is where nude comes in. The color nude is becoming increasingly popular among wedding goers due to its versatility, look and compatibility. Combining comfort and elegance into a nude shoe creates a classy style ideal for any bride. This popular 2018 shoe is very trendy and a must have this year.

Iced out with Diamonds
Why not match your sparkling new piece of jewelry (you know which one we’re talking about) and a bit of glam to your feet. Let a new pair of diamond sparkling heels carry you down the aisle. The addition of sequins or jewels will complete your princess, sheer, or sexy look letting you shine bright like a diamond on your big day.

Happily Leather After

It’s no secret that leather shoes are incredibly comfortable, but they’re also incredibly lovely to look at! Choosing the right leather shoe will allow your foot to breathe while simultaneously molding to the shape of your foot, and obviously, will look great. Leather is becoming a popular trend in 2018 and it would be a shame if you missed it. Leather shoes are ones that will not only last throughout your wedding but will be wearable again and again from thereafter due to their flexibility and style. These wedding shoes offer a range of stylish as well as comfortable options for the bride.

Regardless of which wedding shoe trend you choose this year, you are guaranteed to have the wedding of your dreams and look incredible throughout. Remember, when it comes to shoes, you don’t need to feel bad to look good. You can find comfortable shoes that will stand out and keep you standing all day.

How To Safeguard Your Family Keepsakes

If you are a sentimental person who cares deeply for your family keepsakes, it is essential that they are protected at all costs. Even if you have a small living space with limited storage options, it is still possible for you to achieve this goal. Simply work your way through the following five tips. They will help you to take control of your prized possessions and to find a place for them within your home. Why shove your favorite mementos to the back of a cupboard or the bottom of a draw, when they could be displayed in all their glory?

Put together personalized treasure boxes

The first tip is to put together personalized treasure boxes for each and every member of your family. Although it might seem like the perfect gift for your little ones, it could also be a great present for the older members of your brood. This is especially likely if you put a lot of effort into your decorations. You could even get your loved ones involved in the process. Then, you could all have fun filling up your treasure boxes with family keepsakes.

Take excellent care of your photographs

The next tip is to take excellent care of your photographs. You can do this by investing in high-quality photo albums and taking your images into a professional printers. If you are storing a lot of your images on your digital devices, you should also reach out to Secure Data Recovery for ways to secure your data; they will help you to safeguard your technology. They will also be able to recover your lost images, if you experience any unexpected data loss.

Display your favorite keepsakes around your home

Another great tip is to display your favorite keepsakes around your home. Not only is this a brilliant way for you to protect your possessions, it is also a fantastic opportunity for you to create sentimental talking points. Just think, whenever you have guests round to your home you will be able to direct them towards a montage of your birthday photos, a shadow box from your last vacation, or handmade coasters created by one of your children.

Create a detailed archive of everything you own

As the years go by, it is understandable that your number of family keepsakes will increase. In order to take control of your possessions, you will need to start a detailed archive. This is a brilliant way for you to take stock of everything you own. You will also be able to make a note of the location of each item and the history behind it.

Share any important stories with your family

Once you have created your archive, you should think about sharing it with your loved ones. While your youngest children will remember some of your family keepsakes, they might not understand the significance of your older items. This could result in them breaking an old keepsake or throwing it out on a whim. If you are going to prevent this from happening, you will need to pass on your stories immediately. Hopefully, this will encourage all of your loved ones to treat your family treasures with respect.

How to Design The Perfect Bedroom For Your Kids

Children spend an incredible amount of time in their bedroom, so surely it makes sense to develop a space that channels their unique personality and shows off their individual style. Getting your child involved in the design process will nurture their creativity and ensure they know their opinion is valued.  So read on to discover the stylish ways you can update our kid’s bedroom and character to this well-used space.


The Scandinavian style has never been more popular and this simple yet modern theme is incredibly easy to achieve. It’s all about a cosy and comfy space contrasted with clean and calm colours. Think white walls with neutral textured rugs and light airy spaces with large floating light fixtures. Why not turn the bed into a tent and add lots of pillow and cushions for a snug sleeping experience whilst allowing a smooth transition from cot to big-kid’s bed. This minimalistic-inspired bedroom is perfect for adding some “lagom” into your children’s life.     

Very Vintage

This theme is great for adding a bit of a quirky yet traditional feeling to your kid’s space. This is where upcycling can come in really handy, especially when you are working to a budget. Old cabinets and drawers can be repurposed cheaply, all you need is some sandpaper and paints. The job doesn’t need to be perfect as it all adds to the vintage charm. You can pick up an old glass chandelier from a local charity shop or look online for a plastic one; there are so many styles to choose from. Fairy lights are not just for Christmas, hang them around the headboard or fix them higher up on the wall if your child is still at a young age for safety.

Nautically Naughty

A nautically-themed room can be a visual masterpiece if done correctly. If you have the time to invest, pull this off with crisp linens sheets in white and textured throws in a royal navy blue. Adding ropes gives an earthy contrast to the charcoal walls but be careful not to widen the colour palette too much as this can leave the room feeling cluttered. Instead, focus on having a couple of high-quality pieces of wall art to get the kid’s in the boating mood. The online marketplace is the perfect place to go for canvas and framed prints as well as a diverse range of posters and throw pillows including a great range of ocean-inspired artwork.


Having a gender-neutral bedroom can avoid many of the usual stereotypes, particularly when you have brothers and sisters sharing a room together. The focus here should be on functionality but that doesn’t mean that the room cannot be unique, showcasing both of their personalities. Grey is a great colour for walls and it doesn’t have to be drab, team it with black and white patterned curtains and throws for a monochrome twist and add a pop of colour with a textured rug in lemon yellow, perfect for playing on.

How You Can Reduce Food Wastage

Food wastage is perhaps one of the most overlooked crimes in society. With millions of people suffering around the world and in our own country – there should be no reason for food wastage.

There are many economic and environmentally-friendly ways of storing and then using old food for your own uses and purpose. If you are trying to reduce food wastage in your home or in your community then in this list we have taken the liberty to compile a list of four ways in which you can start the reduction of food wastage.

# 1 – Food Storage and Planning

When cooking too much food and not having a bit left over instead of throwing it away place it is a container and keep it for leftovers or use the leftovers in a new recipe. Leftover oven-heated pizza may not be as good as the freshly and pizza, but it is still delicious all the same.

# 2 – Compose For Garden

This is a great way to throw away your leftovers. Well not so much throw away the leftover but use the leftover food or food that is getting bit old and rotten for proper use. Let your garden absorb that nutrients for its own use.

# 3 – Shop With A Grocery List

This may sound like a no-brainer but like the old saying goes “never go shopping when you are hungry.” When you go shopping it would be a good idea to create a grocery list to make sure you aren’t getting food that you won’t be eating anytime soon.

Not only is this method a good way of keeping you from getting food that you won’t be eating but you will also be saving a bit more on the money. Reducing food wastage has many benefits.

# 4 – Know Your “Use By” Date

Taking the “Use By” date into consideration, you can get food that you know you will have a specific timeframe for. Scheduling your meals around this is a great way not to have any food becoming spoiled or rotten.

Reduce Food Waste

It is very possible to reduce food wastage in your home as well as your community. With this different ways, it is straightforward to stop food wastage. The less food we throw away, the better our community and the better we will feel about how we deal with the environment.

There is not a package of food but just a massive wastage of food.

Things to Do in Dharamshala

The city of Dharamshala holds great historical and cultural significance, mainly due to its connection with the Dalai Lama and the Central Tibetan Administration.

While the city is located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, the aforementioned fact serves as its main identifier and remains one of the primary reasons why people from all over the world flock to it every year in order to meet the revered and respectable spiritual personality.

However, while Dharamshala is known for that reason, it holds several other monuments and places which are unique to it and deserve a mention to anyone who is planning to visit the historical city.

If you find yourself making plans to land in Dharamshala anytime soon, then the following places should definitely be on your roster – that is, once you are done with your travel arrangements and the task of finding hotels in Dharamshala.

Dalai Lama Temple Complex

Starting with the obvious, McLeod Ganj is the place you want to go to in case you seek an audience with the Dalai Lama.

Home to the respectable figure, the suburb of McLeod Ganj is located just outside the main city of Dharamshala, less than 6 kilometers away.

Therefore, if you have accommodations in Dharamshala, then all you would need to have a comfortable visit in McLeod Ganj is transportation and maybe a local guide to help you through the journey to the Dalai Lama Temple Complex and the next destination on our list.

Tibet Museum

Also located in McLeod Ganj, the Tibet Museum tells the story of Tibetan culture as well as the struggles and hardships that were endured by their people – which they still experience in some form.

Every visit to Tibet Museum is full of insight and leaves you with an emotional impact that is hard to replicate in your life afterward, and leaves you with an experience that remains indelible within your memories.

Triund Hill

Apart from its cultural significance, Dharamshala is also known for being a popular facilitating point between famous trekking sites, and Triund Hill tops the list of these places.

Perched at the elevation of approximately 9278 feet, Triund Hill is one of the most famous destinations in Dharamshala. The popular hill does not only provide a magnificent sight to those who visit it, but anyone with a love for trekking would enjoy travelling to it all by itself.

Norbulingka Institute

Founded in 1988, the Norbulingka Institute focuses on the preservation of Tibetan culture and thus houses magnificent creative works originating from teaching interested individuals.

Since it is located at the short distance of 8 kilometers from the main city of Dharamshala, the drive is as good as you travelling around a large city.

Kangra Valley

If you visit Dharamshala, then you absolutely have to take a trip to its neighboring Kangra Valley.

Filled with stunning sights and historical monuments, the valley would provide you with countless opportunities to take memorable pictures. In addition, since its average elevation is recorded at over 2000 feet, you might be able to catch a wisp of clouds floating by, if you are lucky.

That being said, since its over 20 kilometers away the main city of Dharamshala, don’t forget to pack some snacks, you might need to snack the way.  It’s important to stay energized while making your way through the picturesque valley.

Choosing the Perfect Scooter for Your Child

Whether they’re a first-time rider or have loads of experience, having fun on two or three wheels is a big deal for many kids. Getting your child a scooter is a great way for them to build confidence and get used to riding around before upgrading to a bicycle. Choosing a sturdy, well-designed scooter that’s suitable for your child’s age group will help to set them up for a lifetime of healthy activity. In fact, riding a scooter can have a wide range of health benefits for kids – not only is it great exercise, but they’ll also improve their balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. So, which scooter is the best choice for your child? Let’s take a look at some of the options.

#1. Classic Scooters:

The classic design is what most people will think of when they imagine a child’s scooter. They’re usually on two wheels, and many have additional features such as a rear brake for safer riding, and foldable handlebars that allow your little one to take it with them almost anywhere. The classic design is perfect for longer journeys, such as riding the scooter to school or for family weekend trips to the park. However, it may not be the best choice for younger children and toddlers, since the two-wheel design can make it difficult for younger riders to balance and steer at the same time.

#2. Fliker Scooters:

Suitable for older and more experienced kids, Fliker scooters are heaps of fun. Instead of using their foot to push off from the ground, the rider propels themselves forward by shifting their weight from one side to the other. These scooters also allow riders to ‘flick’ up onto two wheels, making them great for confident kids who enjoy doing stunts and tricks on their ride. It’s also great exercise but bear in mind that a Fliker scooter isn’t the best idea for longer journeys – they’re better for fun riding and shorter trips.

#3. Glider Scooters:

Glider scooters typically come with three wheels and are designed to help younger kids learn to balance whilst riding. They are suitable for kids of all ages, but most commonly designed for toddlers and very young children who are just starting out. There’s usually two wheels to the front of the scooter similar to a stabilizer on a bicycle, although these can also be located at the back. With a wider deck, they’re safer for smaller kids or beginners. They’re great for longer journeys, but not ideal for tricks or stunts. Check out these Scooters For Kids reviews to find the perfect glider for your little one.

#4. Age Requirements:

Now you know more about the different types of child’s scooters available, you’ll need to determine which one is best for your child’s age. Typically, gliders are the perfect choice for children aged 1-3, since they offer all the support needed for balance and co-ordination at this age. As your child gets older and improves their balance, you might want to move them to a classic design. Finally, Fliker scooters are the best choice for older kids with more riding experience.

Did you find this information helpful? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Has Your Child Developed Vision Issues? Here are 8 Warning Signs

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 11% of children in Australia under the age of 14 years wear glasses. Many, however, go undetected which can lead to bigger problems in future, both visually and developmentally.

Depending on the age of your child, the warning signs that there are problems with their eyes might be a little harder to determine. For babies aged between 4 and 12 months, if they have trouble tracking or following an object as it moves in front of them, or if you can’t seem to get them to look you in the eye – get their eyes tested. If they are under 4 months, don’t worry too much. Most newborns have trouble focussing.

Once you child hits toddler or kindergarten age, the signs are more prominent. For children over 12 months, keep an eye out for these 8 warning signs that your kids have eye trouble:

  1. They tell you

This might seem an obvious one, but it could be a sign that you’re missing. Kids have fantastic imaginations which could get in the way of the symptoms. If your child repeatedly tells you that they have sore eyes, itchy eyes, that they feel sick or dizzy; you should take them seriously and head straight to the GP.

  1. They squint or sit too close to the TV

There is nothing more infuriating than walking into a room and you see your children sitting right on top of the TV. And while it can be habit, it could also be a sign that something is wrong. The best way to tell is to ask them to move back from the TV and watch to see if they squint. Sitting too close to the TV could be a simple sign of nearsightedness. Holding a book too close to their face is also a warning.

  1. They have sore eyes and rub them a lot

Young children tend to rub their eyes a lot when they are tired and this is only natural. But if you notice you child rubbing their eyes a lot when they have already had a big sleep, or if you notice they have redness in their eyes that doesn’t go away – you might consider an eye test. Other signs include pain and itchy eyes, pus or crust in either eye (could also be a sign of conjunctivitis but worth keeping a check on) and if they have water eyes.

  1. They have headaches

Headaches are an easy warning sign of eye troubles and a common complaint, particularly among school-age children. If your child is experiencing recurring headaches in a learning environment or while watching TV or reading – best to book an appointment to have their eyes tested.

  1. Their eyes don’t look right

The more obvious signs of eyesight problems are those you can see. This could include cross-eyes, if the eyes turn away from each other or don’t seem to focus well together. Check the colour of the pupil to make sure they are not white or grey, and look out for dropping eyelids. Eyes that flutter often could also be a sign, bulging eyes, a “lazy eye” or constant red rims around the eyes.

  1. Sensitive to light

Eyes that are sensitive to light are also worth testing and can be a sign of problems such as intraocular inflammation. If your child prefers to wear dark glasses, or they squint a lot when the sun comes up or a bright light is turned on, pay attention. If they do this continually, it’s best to have their eyes checked.

  1. They have trouble reading

If you have concerns about your child’s eyesight – watch them the next time they are reading. If they tilt their head to the side or forward, it could be a sign of imbalanced eye muscles. Other signs when reading could be that they blink more than usual, hold the book very close to their eyes or if they skip lines or words when reading sentences out loud. Most children love to read books, but if your child hates it and avoids reading at all costs, it could be their eyes.

  1. They find it hard to concentrate, easily distracted

Lack of concentration often leads to the child being seen as naughty, or rebellious, however there could be an underlying problem. If your child’s teacher finds it hard to keep their attention during class, book them in for an eye test to rule it out. This is actually a common early sign of eye problems – the child seems distracted, but really they just can’t see what they are doing and will become restless or frustrated.

What can you do about it?

Although some of the symptoms are easier to determine, children don’t always complain about sore eyes, or the dizziness they might feel. If you have any concerns about your child’s eyesight it’s imperative you take them for a screening. If their bad eyesight goes undetected, it will not only lead to health problems down the line, but will also lead to problems with schooling. Many schools around Australia offer free eye screens. However if yours doesn’t, it’s important you have their eyes checked regularly; particularly if you have any concerns.

Take your child to the local GP first and talk to them about getting your child tested. They will be able to give you information about the various eyesight problems they might face and recommendations on local optometrists you can take them to. Once you have a diagnosis it’s easy to take care of your child’s eyes either by purchasing glasses, or you might even buy contact lenses online, depending on their age and preferences.