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3 Reasons to Make Cairo Your Next Stop for a Vacation

Egypt’s history has always been the major attraction to people visiting the capital – Cairo. The pyramids, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, are a sight to reckon and the multiple tombs are another attraction every student and expat wants to see at least once in their lifetime. Put together, these sites give us a brief history of early man and shed some light on the origins of civilization.

So, if you’re traveling to Egypt, these destinations would most likely be at the top of your list, which is by all mean a great idea.

However, did you know that there are dozens of other great spots and exhilarating sceneries to consider in the capital? Below, we look at three reasons to visit Cairo aside from the historical spots.

  1. Wildlife

Like most of the African countries, Egypt is home to a wide range of wildlife. One study says that the capital Cairo has approximately 100 mammal species. Some of the mammals you can expect to see include camels, Nubian ibex, giraffes, gazelles, ostriches, sand cats, and hedgehogs. Depending on the season, you might even be lucky to see a Fennec, the world’s smallest fox.

Besides these mammals, the capital is also home to dozens of marine animals including whales, dolphins, dugongs, seals, and manatees. Then, there is a range of reptiles also including cobras, horned vipers, and the Nile crocodiles.

Owing to the extreme weather conditions, some of these animals’ lives are in constant danger. Therefore, most of them can only be found in zoos and parks.

  1. Dip into the Arab culture

A visit to Cairo would put you in the heart of the Arab culture. It means you can explore everything about the culture from cuisines to arts and hospitality to lifestyles. What’s better, many tourists who’ve been there only have good things to say about the capital. Just about everyone in Cairo is excited to see tourists.

If you’re a music lover, you can also use the trip to learn about the local styles. Cairo is home to many different types of music, some of which aren’t globally heard. For instance, their traditional harps and flutes are rarely heard beyond the borders but are some of the most soothing musical instruments.

To complement the music, the locals are known to dance in bright colored, sequined designed bras and long flowing skirts. It’s majestic!

  1. The Nile River in all its glory

Being the longest river in the world at over 4,000 meters, the Nile is a must-see if you’re visiting Cairo. This north-flowing river runs right through the city and offers breathtaking views of the city’s skyline during the early mornings and late evenings.

You can also get the chance to tour the river if you’re staying at one of the nearby luxurious hotels like Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel. It takes approximately three days to cruise from Aswan to Luxor, and you’ll be more than amazed by the ever-changing scenery; from lush green bushes to forests and then camel-filled deserts. From the deck of the ship, you’ll also be able to see Egyptian women washing along the river and men plowing their fields.

By the end of your visit, rest assured that you’ll have seen enough to convince you to come back.

What Happens to All the Reviews and Stars You Give a Service Provider?

Getting together with friends, going out with family or your Friday date nights success depend on how well you’ll get serviced. These occasions may warrant you to getting a bite at Chef Kanida Chey restaurant and letting other people take care of you for awhile. Most establishments invest a lot on making sure their staff and ambiance make you want more. Ever wondered how they take the reviews and comments you leave at the end of your stay? This is what is usually supposed to happen.


Taking an example of the food industry, which is bound to deal with people everyday and get a whole lot of reviews. There is no way around this. It is assured that there will be lots of feedback from the customers. About various things including ; the food, the ambiance or even the staff serving them. In the food industry, every aspect deals with hospitality. How the customers are treated, how you get served and how clean the sitting area is.It is inevitable that there will be criticism and complaints. If the restaurant keeps the customers coming, then the compliments are an assurance. They are entitled to whatever opinion they want to have. So at the end of the day, the manager or whoever is in charge sits down and looks through all these reviews.

Accept or ignore the reviews

The managers are trained to know the fluff from the quality reviews. Some people just like to rave and rant and will complain about every little thing. Separating these reviews from those of well meaning gives the owners insight on what they really need to improve on. Sometimes whatever the review might be complaining about may be  complimented in another review. In this case the manager leaves it be for awhile to see what other clients might think then decide on what change to make. They also might consult the people who were working the floor, like waitresses or salespersons, to see why a certain review was given.

Improve or Excuse the Situation

Some improvements or changes to a situation might take awhile to be cleared by the necessary protocols involved. This is where you find the managers or staff excusing whatever situation that might potentially make you uncomfortable. They’ll take a second or two to explain why the situation is still present and how they’re working to improve It in the next week or so. If most people don’t mind, then the excuse will be made a part of the establishments pitch just incase someone does mind. If the reviews were praising the good quality of the service then the establishment will aim to maintain the standards.

Wrap up

So as you go out and get serviced, keep in mind to give an honest review that will be a positive critic. People tend to ignore these reviews thinking that it won’t make a difference when in truth establishment owners take them very serious. If you wish to see something changed or improved don’t be afraid to say so. But also remember to give compliments where they’re due. You might just be the cause of someone getting a raise.

How To Get A Bang For Your Buck When It Comes To Family Money

The topic of family money management is one that comes with raised eyebrows. Apparently, everyone seems to have their own idea of money management, and in some cases, it makes it hard to progress. It is estimated that around 30% of couples clash over monies. This is because of priorities, tough choices and personal preferences for money management. Luckily, there are few things that can restore calm and ensure a good return for every dime spent.

Good Budgeting

There is no perfect budgeting criteria that can end all family clashes over finances. However, there are a number of things that can help a family with good budgeting.

First, you need to embrace the habit of creating one. Many people know about budgeting but rarely do it. All kinds of expenses emerge every day and you need a realistic and systematic way of ensuring efficient fund use.

Secondly, you need to set your priorities straight, which is the sole purpose of a budget. Good budgeting will focus on family priorities creating a win-win deal for everyone. Start good budgeting today and you will lessen family clashes.

Consulting and Support

Many hands make work light and two heads are better than one. It is not wrong to seek out advice and support from other people who have been in your situation before. This will really help you more than you can imagine.

You will not only gain great insight into successful family money management but also avoid certain mistakes that generally cut across most families. So, take an initiative to seek counsel and advice. You will be one step ahead.

Account Consolidation

Some people have multiple accounts. This may mean having multiple credit card balances over time if you are in need of money. Managing all these credit accounts can be very expensive. Consider taking out a loan to consolidate existing debts, thereby reducing the managing costs by settling everything all at once.

Time-savers for Money

Family comes with tons of responsibilities and you will never have enough time in your hands to do everything. So why not try out some options to save time.

A good example is checking with your bank to see what kind of services they offer to their customers. Do they have mobile banking? Can you automate bill payments? Is it possible to schedule savings? And can you have a system for email and text alerts concerning your finances? These are all awesome ways of saving time and creating room for other things.

Successful family money management can be achieved with discipline and effort. These tips are just a few reminders of what you need to do.

Could Subscription Based Cars Replace Car Ownership?

Subscriptions are a big deal in our lives – subscription TV, beauty boxes, even digital magazines.  But would you subscribe to a car rather than owning your own vehicle?  Motor giant Ford is betting that people will along with several other big-name automotive producers and are looking into offer subscription-based cars.

How the idea works

People still want to have a car but what they don’t want is the commitment – the cost of running, the cost of parts if there’s a breakdown, (at, for example,) all the other expenses of being a car owner.  The idea behind a car subscription is that everything is bundled into one monthly price – the warranty, maintenance and roadside assistance as well as the vehicle itself.

There are already examples out there – Book by Cadillac offers a monthly price of $1800 so customers can swap and change their vehicle as they want.  And for those with a bigger budget, you can choose any of the 22 models of Porsche on their Passport scheme for $3000 a month.

Ford are targeting a different audience – millennials and customers who work with a budget.  Their packages start from $400 a month depending on the vehicle and other options that you choose.  You can select the mileage plan like you would select a contract for your smartphone and unused miles can roll over from one month to another.  There’s no contract and you can just give seven days’ notice to stop altogether – obviously and return the vehicle.

Ford Canvas

The scheme is called Ford Canvas and is currently based on the idea of Fair, a vehicle subscription company out of Santa Monica, California.  Run by Scott Painter and backed by BMW another others, the company recently set up a deal with Uber’s Xchange to become the exclusive supplier for US drivers who need to access a car for more than 30 days.

Canvas is still in its infancy with just 600 customers around the San Francisco and Los Angeles area so far.  But that’s the way Ford planned it, having bought a start-up called Breeze in 2016 and focusing on supplying vehicles to Uber and Lyft drivers.

Building on success

Ford intends to take this early success and offer it to a wider audience in 2018 with more customer needs to be catered for.  Month to month subscriptions is the start with greater customization coming along with the ability to cater for customers who want to use the product for the longer term at better deal prices.

Where To Go If You’re Planning a Trip To Minnesota

There are plenty of reasons to go to Minnesota, and if you’re planning a trip to the Midwestern state, it may be hard to narrow them all down.

It’s a diverse state with attractions ranging from world-class shopping to outdoor adventures.

You may be planning to rent an RV in St. Paul just as an example, and travel around the state, and if so below are some of the top things you should try to incorporate into your itinerary.

Mall of America

Located in Bloomington, there’s no way to mention a trip to Minnesota without talking about the Massive Mall of America.

This enormous mall in the suburbs of the Twin Cities is the largest mall in the U.S and the 12th largest in the world. It’s one of the most visited shopping destinations in the world, and in addition to the stores, there’s no lack of entertainment for the entire family here.

Kids will love Nickelodeon Universe, the Crayola Experience + Store, Rock Ages Blacklight Minigolf, and the Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium, just to name a few of the attractions outside of shopping.

Brainerd Lakes

The entire state of Minnesota is known for its lakes, and Brainerd Lakes is one of the favorite areas. This area is perfect if you love the outdoors because it’s known for fishing, adventure sports, golf, hunting, and biking.

In the summer there are plenty of opportunities for water sports, and in the winter it’s all about the snow sports.

Brainerd is only about 125 miles north of the Twin Cities, and there’s also shopping and dining in the area.

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

There is an area near Duluth that’s known as the North Shore of Lake Superior, and along this shore are amazing parks.

One of the favorites is Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.

There are hiking trails along the lake, you can fish for trout and salmon, and the rocky shoreline is picturesque.

There are also plenty of RV parks in the area.


Lanesboro is a small town in Southeastern Minnesota, and many people opt to visit it because of the Root River State Bike Trail. This is widely considered one of the best biking trails in Minnesota.

Also in this riverside town are opportunities for fishing, shopping and eating at the small town local restaurants the area is known for.

Winter Sports

There are so many areas throughout Minnesota where your family can enjoy a variety of winter sports.

Buck Hill is known for being where Lindsey Vonn first started her career, and they feature a freestyle airbag jump, as well as three chairlifts, night skiing, and private lessons.

Hyland Hill is in the Highland Lake Park Reserve in Bloomington, so you don’t even have to leave the urban area to enjoy it. It features a progressive terrain park and a newly constructed chalet.

Finally, there’s also Lutsen Mountain on the North Shore with high peaks and great views along with rental equipment for both children and adults.

Traveling Wisely with Wifi: A Guide to Staying Connected on the Move

Modern life is becoming increasingly fast-paced; in a globalized world, obligations drag individuals across countries and continents, often far from the people they love. Whether traveling for work or leisure, modern WiFi-fitted transportation means checking in with the office, checking out your cousin’s wedding snaps, or simply video chatting with far-off family is just a matter of choosing the most appropriate vehicle. Bearing in mind the various methods of transportation available, here’s a handy guide to remaining connected while the world passes by out of your window, cabin, carriage, or even cockpit!

In the Sky

Long-haul flights can range from dreams to living nightmares, and the ability to escape the wailing babies and snoring neighbors is only partially achieved through in-flight entertainment systems. While most airliners offer WiFi for a fairly large sum of money, it’s worth shopping around before booking your flight as the likes of Emirates and Norwegian offer complimentary WiFi on longer flights! Perhaps most important for businessmen with emails flying in and out at all times, choosing who you spend your time in the sky with will ensure you’re connected from take-off to touch-down.

On the Seas

Cruises are a fabulous way to travel the world in comfort and style, hopping off in a new and unique destination each day. It’s proven to do wonders for your well-being! However, land time wasted hunting down phone signal, arm flailing wildly in the air, isn’t exactly how the brochure depicted your dream holiday! There’s now a healthy choice of luxury vessels that offer free onboard WiFi – operators such as Viking Ocean Cruises and Silversea, for instance. This means you’ll show your trip off on social media from the comfort of your plush cabin instead of from a WiFi zone on land!

On the Road

Burning data on road trips – using online maps, or hands-freeing online calls – can entail plenty of costs and the often laborious process of topping-up on the move. If you’ve got a full car with passengers racing through their data allowance, you’re looking at a real headache when the monthly bills come through! When there’s premium options like a sophisticated Audi A3 for sale that boasts built-in WiFi, these extra travel stresses are becoming a thing of the past, allowing for blissfully stress-free internet use on the go!

On the Rails

Often traveling by train can feel like a cramped and uncomfortable journey from A to B, but this needn’t be the case. Getting from city to city via the rails is now supplemented by WiFi either as an additional option on first-class, or occasionally for free on certain train operators. Again, comparing companies is key here! This isn’t to mention those luxury train journeys that feel like you’ve entered into a wonderful bygone era of dining carts – except on most there’s WiFi as standard!

WiFi connection is now so integral to modern life – whether in the context of business or pleasure – that traveling can feel a real inconvenience without it. Follow this guide by shopping around and considering cost-saving long-term options to ensure you’re never disconnected again!

Things To Consider Before Getting A Pet

The idea of getting a pet can be ever so tempting, especially when the kids keep asking, asking, asking. However, pet ownership is not to be taken lightly, and it’s not something that everyone can do well. So before committing to a pet in your home, there are a few things that you should definitely consider first.

Research The Idea

Don’t even begin searching for a pet until you have done all the research necessary. That means firstly researching which kind of pet will work best for your family, and then discovering everything you can about caring for them. Sit everyone down and have a serious meeting about all the things that will need to be done, and ensure that everyone understands they will all have to pitch in. From walking a dog to feeding your pet the right foods, to treating them for fleas and ticks with treatments from VetIQ, there is a lot to do. Some pets require less care than others. A dog, for example, needs a lot more looking after than a goldfish. However, that doesn’t mean that that care should fall to one person, or that just because you don’t want to take your dog for a walk or clean out your hamster’s cage you can leave it for another day. This talk will determine whether you’re actually ready for a pet at all; gauge your family’s reactions, and you’ll know what the answer should be, even if it’s not the one you, or they, were hoping for!

Be Honest

If you want to get a pet, you must be honest with yourself about your lifestyle. Are you at home enough to take care of it? Do you have the room? Could you afford the vet’s bills? The bedding? The food? If you can’t, or even if you’re not sure, it’s best not to get a pet. It should be easy to work out a budget and see if you have the spare money to care well for an animal. It should also be easy to determine how much space you have, and how much time you’re at home. Animals will need company, and they will need room not only to move around in but for all their equipment too. These observations could also help to determine which type of pet you get, and how big it could be, so it’s an important step to take. If your children are the ones pushing for a pet, it’s essential that they take part in this preparation stage too. If the answer is no, they will be able to understand why.

Choosing The Right Pet

There are pros and cons to every type of pet, so it’s important to think of them before deciding which one to choose. Dogs and cats may be popular choices, but they need a lot more attention and are harder work than many smaller animals. Guinea pigs can be an ideal first pet because they are social creatures, and are easy to handle. Gerbils and hamsters are lovely, but due to their small size they can be hard for children to hold properly, and that means they soon lose interest. Whatever you get, make sure that all of your family are happy with the choice, and that they will all want to get close and take care of the pet. There is no point in having a lizard, spider, or snake in the house, for example, if someone won’t go near. What would happen if it managed to get out of its cage or vivarium? What would happen if everyone was sick and just left the one person who couldn’t stand to be near the creature to feed and care for it? It wouldn’t be fair. If it is to be a family pet, it has to be one that everyone will love. Pets that aren’t going to be suitable for a family include rabbits. Rabbits bite and scratch, and although some will eventually get used to being held, many won’t. This can mean a lot of nasty nips for the kids, and the rabbit could potentially suffer from a broken back or limbs from being dropped. Chinchillas are cute and soft, but they are also high maintenance and need a lot of specialist equipment. They also like to take dust baths, so they make a lot of mess. Some dogs are just not happy being around children, so you’ll need to do your homework if you have your heart set on a pooch.

Find A Way For Everyone To Contribute

If the only thing standing in the way of you saying yes to a pet is that you don’t think your younger family members can deal with the work involved, try coming up with ways to make it possible and to make it fun. If it’s fun, they’ll want to be more involved anyway, and making things into a game, or, better still, a competition, is a good way to ensure that no one’s chores are pushed to one side. A small child may not be able to clean out the fish tank successfully, and they may not be able to walk the dog. They certainly shouldn’t be cleaning out a cat’s litter box. But they can take part in some way. This ensures that they are having good values instilled in them, and by the time they are ready to carry out the work, they can do.

Be Prepared

Once the novelty of having the new pet wears off, some children may start to lose interest in helping out. Be prepared to get stuck in yourself. Someone has to do it, after all. Despite what your children may have promised (and some will promise the world to get their longed-for new pet), things change, and if no one is there to take responsibility then it is the pet that will suffer. How you handle your child’s change of heart is down to you and your own method of parenting, but the pet needs to be considered.

How To Wear A Vest And Look Stylish All Year Long

As style continues to revolve, the vest is making a huge comeback. For instance, the puff vest is extremely popular this winter. Many consumers find this vest more comfortable and stylish than a winter coat. Whatever the case may be, the vest is becoming extremely popular again and many retailers are having difficulty keeping up with demand. Vests complete a wardrobe, regardless if it is cropped, classic denim or fur. Below, you will discover several tips on how to wear a vest and look stylish all year long.

Cropped Vest

A cropped, fitted vest is perfect for individuals who want to show off their waistline. This vest is suitable for dress and casual attire. It can be worn with a pair of slacks or a mini skirt and still show off your toned arms and waistline. If you are looking for a piece to add to your work wardrobe, do not look any further than the cropped vest. Need something to add more style to your dull green dress? A cream, cropped, fitted vest is the answer and the transformation will be remarkable.

Printed Vest

When most people think of a printed vest, they automatically think of the 70s. The printed vest was extremely popular among both male and female “hippies.” Today, people from all walks of life are finding the printed vest to their liking. A colorful printed vest will add eye appeal to a pair of jeans and shirt or a dress of a single color.

Vest Outfit

A top brand vest outfit is perfect for events that call for casual attire. Regardless, if you choose to wear a pair of denim jeans, leggings or kakis, a fur vest will balance out your attire perfectly. The denim and faux fur vest is suitable for all seasons and will look great with a dress, skirt and slacks.

Just A Vest

If you are a fan of Hollywood styles, you will definitely be familiar with celebrities wearing a vest with nothing underneath. This style is extremely popular and works for all types of occasions. If you are planning on attending a casual celebration or corporate dinner, wearing a vest alone will look marvelous.

If you do not feel comfortable wearing the vest alone, you can always add a turtleneck swear or scarf to your attire. Whatever the case may be, you will look stylish and beautiful in a vest with nothing underneath. If you choose to go this route, be sure to stick with a vest that offers a snug fit show you can show off your slim waistline.

Oversized Vest

If you want to dress down for the day, but want to keep your stylish look, be sure to consider an oversized vest. Such a vest will go with just about anything you have stored in your closet. For instance, you can wear a white oversized vest with a slim tank top, or long sleeved dress shirt. This style will not take anything away from your slim figure. In fact, it will add eye appeal to ordinary attire and improve your appearance greatly.

What are the Top Wedding Trends for 2018?

Your wedding day is a very personal thing and should be all about the couple.  But trends can be very helpful in making those decisions – what colors will be in the shops?  What kind of venue will be offering great wedding deals?  So even if you don’t follow the trends, it can help you make your decisions by knowing what they are.  Here’s a look at some of the top trends for 2018 weddings.

Marble and copper

One big trend has travelled from home décor into wedding and is a great one to help you choose some finish touches.  From invites to table decoration to the style of dance floor, the trend of marble and copper is an inspiring one.  Marble dance floors are a great look and very classy while using copper cutlery and table accents look amazing next to muted shades and white colors.  You can even combine the two on the table and around the wedding venue.  And don’t forget rose gold – last year’s favorite is still very popular for this year too.

Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes also work very well with the marble and copper trend because these types of materials lend themselves naturally to these shapes.  But there are also lots of other ways to use the trend – patterns on the wedding cake, in your wedding jewelry and even for beautiful wedding invitation designs.


Donuts started as a big wedding trend last year and look set to continue this year.  And who doesn’t love a colorful, tasty donut to keep your sugar levels up during all that dancing at the reception?  Of course, donuts can be more than a tasty offering at the evening – you can even get wedding cakes decorated in them!

Wedding websites

Rather than constant updates on Facebook and loads of phone calls, the best way to keep everyone up to date with the wedding is through a wedding website.  And there are lots of new wedding websites out there for you to easy and inexpensively set up and run.  You can add info about a gift list, let people check in that they are coming or can’t make it and much more.  They can become the hub of the wedding organization and are also great fun.

Big colorful flowers

While whites and off-whites remain popular for wedding dresses, more brides are bringing some strong color into their outfit and a popular way to do this is with big colorful bouquets of flowers.  Oversized arrangements are popular for the bride to carry and are using strong, bold colors as well.  The same trend can be found in table centers and decorations around venues with real potted plants often used as well.

Touch of blue

If you want a subtle accent color, then a blue shade is a popular option for 2018.  It works well with the copper trend and can sit comfortably with some shades of bold flowers.  It is also a very clean and modern color that isn’t too feminine for the man of the wedding – it is a great color for men’s accessories for the big day as well.

Savings Accounts for Retirees – What to Consider

As a retiree, you know that you are looking for savings accounts that will yield the best interest rates in the shortest period of time, simply because that is the stage of your life you are now in. When you first began working and raising a family, you had decades to look forward to when saving larger sums and, so you could be complacent with accounts that grew slowly, over time.

However, as a retiree, you want to take advantage of your money now while also saving for any future eventualities which might require you to draw significantly from your accounts. Anything from medical bills to assisted living may require you to withdraw sizeable funds, so it’s time to look at the best savings account for a retiree.

Will Your Adult Children Be on Your Account?

One of the things you should seriously consider when choosing the right savings account for you as a retiree is whether or not you will be adding one or more adult children on your account. While it can be risky adding someone to a jointly owned account, many older adults like to have their children as co-owners in the event that they should need to make immediate financial decisions for their aging parents.

Sometimes ill health requires a sizable withdrawal and other times we put our children in charge of everything financial so that we can simply relax in our golden years. A savings account that can fund our living expenses is ideally suited for this purpose, but also, if you should suddenly pass, the portion of money belonging to co-owners of an account isn’t going to be subject to inheritance taxes if jointly owned. That is a huge consideration for retirees and why so many add their children to their accounts even if their children won’t be accessing the account during their lifetime.

Various Types of Savings Accounts to Choose Between

If you are looking for a savings accounts with the best rates, one thing to be aware of is that there are various kinds of savings accounts and not all banks offer the same types. You can choose between traditional savings accounts, Certificates of Deposit (CDs) or even Money Market savings accounts. Some banks offer all three while others have only one or two of those options.

The thing to realize is that with a traditional savings account you can draw as much or as little money as you want at any time that you want but Money Market and CDs operate in a different way. Some are set up in such a way as to incur a monetary penalty if funds are withdrawn before the account reaches maturity and others allow you to write checks against them periodically. This type of account may not penalize you for using your money if you stay within the pre-specified amount and number of withdrawals.